VIRGO NEW MOON - Thursday 5 September 2013

Exact at 12.36pm BST, 7.36am EDT!

This New Moon falls in the humble and healing sign of Virgo and provides an excellent opportunity for restructuring our lives and healing old wounds. It is Harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere and we are now being encouraged to separate the wheat from the chaff!  It is a wonderful time to leave anything that no longer serves our highest good behind in the dark of the Moon and walk towards the light with some healthy intentions and a desire to better ourselves somehow. It is back to school time so it is a perfect time to start as we mean to go on with a new set of routines and a clear plan of how to clear any unwanted debris from our lives. Virgo doesn’t like chaos or clutter so we should take a leaf out of her book and clear the chi so that we are better able to perform in our everyday lives. There are a few significant aspects from other planets to the Moon that will help us do just that, encouraging us to make some deep rooted changes and let go of any unhealthy habits, relationships or attitudes that might be dragging us down. We are being provided with amazing opportunities to bring up old pain and wounds and heal them in the spirit of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. We may have no choice but to face them and it could be very uncomfortable, but ultimately we must recognise that they are a gift; allowing us to see what we are still carrying around that we still need to heal. This is a very significant and karmic time and ultimately we are being guided (or pushed!) further forward on our paths, so we should take advantage of this moon to look at ourselves realistically and pare down and simplify our lives.

 The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in discerning and humble Virgo, a mutable Earth sign who is not afraid of change and always seeks to better herself.  Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and forms the bridge between our inner and outer world. The pace has certainly picked up recently which has been quite overwhelming at times as we struggle to shift gears and deal with all that is being thrown at us! Virgo does like to keep busy, that’s for sure! She prefers things to be organised and in order and may get quite upset and unsettled if they are not. Virgo is concerned with work, health and daily routines and likes to pay attention to the finer details which make up the whole. As such, this is a great time to fine tune our systems; to establish some healthy routines in our lives, change our diet, make to do lists and look for positive and realistic solutions to any challenges we face. Virgo likes to create order out of chaos and has a very realistic, no nonsense approach to life.  She is also incredibly modest and humble and genuinely wants to be helpful, useful and of service to others. She likes to take things apart so that she can examine the pieces and put them back together in a more efficient manner, so this is the attitude we should take during New Moon. What do we need to improve on or let go of in order for our soul engines to run more smoothly? What can we do to simplify our lives?

Directly opposite the Sun and Moon we find Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces which gives us an amazing opportunity to bring old wounds to the surface in order to heal them with compassion and forgiveness. As this is an opposition it is quite likely that the opportunity to heal will come from an external source; someone else may serve as a mirror and press our buttons, triggering old trauma and opening up old wounds. While this may not be very comfortable at all it is actually an amazing gift because it helps us to realise what we are still carrying around and what still needs to be healed. It is important to recognise that the other person is only a trigger and not react too defensively, although that is easier said than done when someone is inadvertently pouring salt in our wounds! Instead we must realise that maybe we are merely being given an opportunity to revisit and replay a certain scenario in order to release the old pain. Maybe we will handle it differently this time because we have been here before, thus allowing healing to occur. This aspect can help us understand the root of our pain so that we can then let go with forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others. Acceptance Is the key to healing rather than trying to “fix” things, for we can’t change what has happened but we can learn to accept and embrace our flaws, shadows and insecurities. Blame and shame just cause more pain and suffering while forgiveness, compassion and acceptance allow us to move forward with a lighter step. We are the sum of all that has happened in our lives and while Virgo is quick to point out our flaws and imperfections and wants to figure everything out, Chiron in Pisces reminds us that everything that happens is part of a much larger plan which will reveal itself in due time.

Also involved in this New Moon is the T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer. All three planets are forming aspects to the Sun and Moon, inciting change, prompting us to let go of anything that doesn’t ultimately serve us and forcing us to stand in our truth and power. We alone know what our personal truth is and what needs to change in our lives in order for us to move forward with integrity. Venus recently joined up with the T-square to form a Grand Square and this may well have churned up some old, buried and incredibly deep emotions within the realm of our relationships. This, combined with Chiron, provides us with an opportunity to recognise where we still hold pain and what needs healing. It is time to let go of this burden and it is probably ready to be released; that is why it has come up now. Sometimes you have to confront the darkness in order to let the light in and as painful as it may be we simply can’t grow without stepping into some uncomfortable places! This is an incredibly karmic time and the combination of energies involved in this New Moon will help us decide what to keep and what has to go. Pluto is encouraging change and transformation and helping us unearth old crap while Uranus is prodding us to stand in our truth and Jupiter wants us to expand and grow on an emotional level. We may well have to step outside of our comfort zones but the rewards will be great!

Saturn and the North Node are inching closer and closer to each other in the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio and will form an exact conjunction on the 26th of September. These two are definitely forming the energetic backdrop to the recent Moons and there is a sense of the karmic past (Saturn) meeting the future (North Node). Saturn, otherwise known as Cronus, Father Time, represents our karma and shows us how we reap what we sow, while the North Node represents where we are going on a soul level; our highest potential. This could be seen as a time of reckoning where past and future collide and we are forced to let go of some people, relationships and things, but may also meet people with whom we have karmic connections who will guide us forward somehow. Letting go may be painful but is also very necessary. We are moving closer to our true potential and release anything that may be holding us back from becoming all that we can be. Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio are asking us to surrender and allow ourselves to trust in the process. It is quite likely that we will make some significant connections at this time, meeting people and having experiences which hold the key to both our present and our past. We are being asked to be brave and take the plunge, venturing into unchartered territory, and only when we do will we understand why we are there.

Overall this New Moon offers us a tremendous opportunity for healing and while that may not be very comfortable, sometimes the only way to truly let the light in is to face the darkness! The best way to handle this New Moon is to embrace the energy of Virgo and practice some discernment, deciding what we need to keep and what simply isn’t appropriate anymore. This could be relationships, behaviour patterns, habits, jobs, routines; anything which is holding us back from being the best that we can be. All of the planetary energy during this Moon is encouraging change and growth and bringing old wounds to the surface to be examined and released. Virgo strives to be the best she can be, seeking to purify and perfect in order to improve the self so we should use this time to go through some kind of purification process. We should cleanse and de-clutter, maybe by reorganising our homes, changing our diet, taking up a new form of exercise or adjusting our daily routine. Perfectionistic Virgo may make us more critical of ourselves than usual, but instead of dwelling on it and creating crisis it is far better to think of some realistic, practical ways of changing things. New Moons are the perfect time for setting new intentions and planting seeds! This is a busy time of year when the pace picks up dramatically and it is important that we tend to ourselves so that we can perform at an optimal level! It is also important to remember that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and that all will be revealed in due time.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi

Much love




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