LEO NEW MOON - Tuesday 6 August 2013

Exact at 10.51pm BST, 5.51 EDT!

This New Moon is a lively one which will give us the opportunity to approach our lives from a new perspective, stepping outside of our comfort zones and trying something new on for size. New Moons are a perfect time to set intentions for ourselves and plant seeds so that they can grow over the course of the month, coming to fruition under the light of the Full Moon. They are not emotionally charged, as Full Moons tend to be, but are more objective in nature. During this time we get a chance to review our lives and contemplate what we would like to keep, what needs changing and what must be left behind in the dark of the Moon. It is the time in the month when the Sun (our conscious self) merges with the Moon (our unconscious, instinctual nature) so we get an opportunity to understand our unconscious urges on a conscious level. This Moon has the potential for us to give birth to a new self who is closer to the original spark that we were born with. Cancer season has involved a lot of looking back into the past, revisiting our childhoods and gaining more understanding of childish behaviour patterns. Now it is time to leave the watery depths of the womb and express ourselves, allowing our true self to shine. There is no point dwelling in the past and all the emotions it brings up; we have learned what we needed and now it's time to do something about it!

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in dynamic, creative and expressive Leo, a fixed Fire sign who is very passionate and active and truly lives life to the fullest. Leo is a masculine sign and tends to be a doer who is quite proud and courageous and who is not afraid to take risks. Here we find our inner child who is always open to trying new things even if he might fail first time and who is heard crying out “Look what I did Daddy!”. We must take a leaf out of Leo's book during this New Moon and find our childlike wonder and excitement, letting go of our adult fear of failure and all of our “What if?”s. Leo is ruled by the Sun and wants us to shine; to truly express who we are and reveal our special talents that are unique to us alone. Leo is the star of the show, the ray of sunshine, and urges us to allow our light to shine during this Moon. Instead of looking backwards and drowning in a sea of emotion we are now being given the opportunity to create a new version of ourselves, free of the childish emotional patterns which no longer serve us. Leo simply asks us to follow our bliss and do what brings us joy! I can handle that! This is an ideal time to contemplate what our best qualities are, what makes us truly feel alive and happy, what special gifts we have to share with the world and what new things we might want to try. Leo lives life from the heart and reminds us that we shine the brightest when we follow our heart's wisdom. When we radiate warmth and positivity we attract the same in return as people are drawn to the light like moths to a flame.

Uranus, the Awakener, is providing an electrical charge to this New Moon, creating a frisson of excitement and daring us to step outside of our comfort zones and into uncharted territory. Uranus is in Aries, demanding in no uncertain terms that we be true to ourselves and live our lives the way we want to and not the way we think we should. During this Moon he invites us to do something we have never done before, to step outside the box and express a part of ourselves we never knew existed. He gives us a fresh perspective, clearing away the cobwebs of our past and helping us to make the positive changes needed to bring us closer to who we really are. It is possible that we will have some amazing epiphanies, new ideas, sudden opportunities and spectacular breakthroughs, all of which we must make sure we are open to! It is important to embrace anything that comes our way at this time and seize any opportunity to try something different and new. Uranus abhors stagnation and urges us to shake things up so that the emotional cobwebs can fall away and our inner lights can shine honest and true!

Uranus is also part of a tense T-square with Jupiter and Pluto which is not so comfortable but will give us the impetus to make big changes in our lives so that we can move forward and grow. Jupiter expands and amplifies the energy of any planet he comes into contact with and in this case he is exaggerating the infamous Pluto Uranus square which has been urging us to make profound changes to the structure of our lives so that we can stand in our true power with integrity. This T-square could well be quite challenging, making us aware of any thoughts, beliefs or opinions that are holding us back while pushing us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and our lives. Pluto and Jupiter will be almost directly opposite each other for this New Moon, which could bring up some pretty deep emotions, so the best thing to do is to dive into the depths consciously so that we can find the root cause of whatever is bothering us. Whatever needs to change in our lives may well become glaringly obvious and we might feel a very strong urge to make profound changes at this time. This may well involve stepping out of the familiar, tried and true way of doing things and trying something radically different. We may feel an intense build up of energy which demands to be released, forcing us to make changes in our lives in order to find some relief. Sometimes things have to break down so we can experience breakthroughs.

The Sun and Moon are also forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon, indicating that we are somehow at a crossroads on our soul's journey. There is a sense that we are stuck between that which is old and familiar and the new, uncharted territory which will help us grow and evolve on a soul level. As the North Node is in Scorpio we are being asked to determine what we need to hold onto (Taurus) and what we need to strip away and let go of (Scorpio) in order to move forward and fulfil our soul's potential. Scorpio wants us to shed some skin and it is important that we are honest about what we want to keep and what is simply holding us back, whether that be values, beliefs, possessions, relationships, living situations or jobs. This aspect to the Nodes seems to represent a turning point: a choice that must be made in order for us to move forward and fulfil our true potential. Chiron, the wounded healer, is also forming a challenging aspect to The Sun and Moon indicating that we may have to face up to some old wounds or insecurities in order to make the changes necessary to grow and evolve.

Well this Moon definitely gives the impression that we are going to be asked to be brave and try out something new that we have never done before, or to bring to light an aspect of ourselves that we have hitherto not expressed. This is not a time to be a cowardly lion, that's for sure! It doesn't have to be scary at all if we take the Leo approach and see it as a grand adventure and a chance for our inner child to have some fun! Certainly it is very important that we listen to our hearts and do what brings us the most joy because then we allow the magic to happen. Leo wants to play and create so this New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to have fun and create a new self who is actually who we have always been except stripped away of all the fears of adulthood and the armour that has built up over time. Leo season brings to light the essence of who we are, allowing it to flicker and glow, radiating a warmth and joy that enriches all who come into contact with it. It is time to approach life from a different perspective, opening ourselves to new experiences and releasing our inner child so she is free to explore any possibilities which may come her way. Let's follow our bliss and see where it might take us!

Much love



  1. Thank you! Lots of love and light for you too. Valuable insights.

    1. My pleasure Miriam. Always good to know they are appreciated!



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