GEMINI NEW MOON – Saturday 8 June 2013

Exact 3.55pm BST, 10.55am EDT

This New Moon involves two powerful aspect patterns which seems quite appropriate considering the dualistic nature of Gemini! On the one hand there is a lovely grand trine in the feminine, emotional, water signs, while on the other hand there is a tense T-square involving Mercury, the ruler of the New Moon, Pluto and Uranus. New Moons are a powerful time for planting seeds which will later manifest and none more so than this one as Gemini in the planet of the mind and our thoughts have more power to manifest during a New Moon. We must be very careful of what we think and say at this time because the narrative we tell ourselves and others can easily become our reality. We really do get what we believe so we must be very aware of what we are telling ourselves! This Spring has involved a fair amount of tension and turbulence, with three eclipses in a row stirring things up for us and the Pluto Uranus square bringing tornadoes, floods, fires, explosions, protests and unrest both personally and globally, but the next couple of months hold the promise of calmer times, with some more soothing, calming planetary aspects to look forward to. During this Moon it is important to honour our feelings instead of getting caught up in our heads and to make sure that whatever we are asking for truly comes from the heart. The New Moon may be in mind-oriented Gemini but the Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in the emotional water sign Cancer and is asking us to listen to our hearts and practice emotional intelligence.

Gemini season is upon us and the pace is always faster when the Sun is in this lively, curious and sociable sign! During this time we may feel more of an urge to go out into the world and be around people, sharing our ideas and making new connections. Gemini is the sign of the mind and communication which brings with it possibility of much chatter, both within our own heads and with the outside world. Gemini represents the energy of the city, fast paced, lots of information being shared, a hive of activity. This month certainly does have a lively, sociable feeling to it, that's for sure! This Gemini New Moon brings an opportunity for a mental spring clean; a time to clear out any thoughts of beliefs that no longer serve us. We all have a story or narrative that we have been telling ourselves for years, consciously or unconsciously, but it simply no longer holds true and it is time to throw it out into the rubbish! This Moon will help us recognise the thought patterns that are holding us back from moving forward in the way we want to. Thoughts are energy, so if we change them we change everything. Self-limiting thoughts have to go, making way for a new way of thinking which allows us to move forward and bring everything to us that we deserve!

Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, is in the emotional, sensitive and nurturing sign of Cancer, which means that we are being asked to practice emotional intelligence. Our hearts know better than our minds as they impart the wisdom of our souls, so it is far more important to listen to them than to be distracted by the incessant chatter of our brains! It is important to honour whatever emotion comes up whether it be anger, fear, longing, grief, disappointment, jealousy or resentment, recognising it and thinking about where it might be originating from but not allowing it to rule or define us. Our feelings can provide us with tremendous insight and wisdom if we are only open to their messages. They can help us guide us through life as long as we allow them to flow through us rather than over identifying with them. It is better to contemplate where the emotions are coming from, recognising that they will pass and thinking about what might need to change in order for us not to feel this way again. If we feel fear, recognise that it is an emotion that will pass, and move through it. The more we move through fears rather than letting them define us the easier it gets. “Oh, I am feeling fear. I have been here before. What's causing it this time?”. Of course any time we experience feelings of joy and bliss we should recognise what caused them too and make sure we do much, much more of whatever that may be!

Mercury is involved in a tense T-square with the infamous Pluto and Uranus during this New Moon, which could have a profound effect on the way we think. We may experience a shift in perception, a moment of truth which may leave us a little shaken up but which will ultimately transform a belief or a narrative that is holding us back. Ways of thinking that simply no longer work for us will be broken down (Pluto) in order for us to experience a breakthrough (Uranus) and reach a new level of understanding. We may experience an “Aha!” moment that will come from the realisation of a somewhat painful truth, or suddenly realise that an old pattern or way of thinking simply isn't relevant any more because we have moved on. We may also experience worry, nervous tension and/or obsessive thoughts as a not so pleasant by-product of the square. The energy of the square could make us become acutely aware of deeply ingrained and destructive thought patterns which keep repeating themselves through our lives, but which must now be let go of if we are to move forward and stand in our truth with integrity.

Venus is also involved in this T-square, loosely at the New Moon but gaining in strength towards Tuesday and Wednesday. Venus is the planet of love, relating and attracting, and what we value in life. This will bring up issues of self-worth and self-esteem and remind us that the way we feel about ourselves has a direct bearing on what and who we bring into our lives. We may experience a shift in the area of love and attraction and possibly an awakening based on the realisation of a painful truth. Old patterns of relating that no longer work for us must be let go of because the they simply aren't part of who we are becoming! The value we place on ourselves has a direct bearing on what we attract into our lives, and this T-square may make us all too aware of how we hold ourselves back from giving and receiving love. Whatever we think about ourselves is mirrored by the outside world, so if we believe that we are worthy of love and abundance then that is just what we will get, while if we harbour a deep-seated belief that there is something wrong with us then we will find that what we truly want somehow always eludes us. We may well come to a realisation of just how our energy affects who and what we bring into our lives, and how our old, outworn patterns are holding us back from getting what we really truly yearn for. This realisation may shake us up a bit but ultimately it will help us move closer towards whatever it is we are truly longing for.

Venus is also forming a harmonious and flowing trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn is Scorpio, which is tremendously uplifting and inspiring, although we will still have to work for it! The good news is that the trine between Neptune and Saturn will grace us with its presence for the rest of the summer. This harmonious connection between the two will help us ground our dreams and aspirations (Neptune) in reality (Saturn). My sense is that while this trine does hold the promise of our dreams coming true, it won't happen without us doing the necessary emotional work on ourselves. Saturn in Scorpio wants us to dig deep and work on emotional honesty, taking a long, hard look at ourselves and dredging up some stuff which is quite painful to face and Neptune is there to soothe and heal with her all encompassing compassion and empathy. This combination may also cause us to redefine our dreams so that they are more realistic and in keeping with who we actually are. Sometime what we want doesn't come in the package we were expecting it to come in, and this may well be the case when these two planets are involved. With Venus involved in this Grand Trine during there is a sense of us being able to attract exactly what we need into our lives, and we are definitely being encouraged to go after what we want. After the intensity of the past couple of months such uplifting and inspiring energy is definitely a welcome relief!

The energy of this Moon is most interesting, and I am curious as to how it will play out! There is a sense of things shifting and our perception changing, which is very exciting. It is an ideal time to go out into the world and socialise, bouncing ideas off people and forming contacts. It is most important to stay in touch with our feelings and let them guide us because our heart has so much to teach if we are only willing to listen. If you write any intentions for this Moon, make sure that they come from your heart not your head. Now is a great time to form a vision of how we would like our lives to be and focus on it. It seems that we are likely to experience some kind of a shake-up which opens us up to a new awareness and allows us to shed old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. This could be a little jarring but will bring us much closer to the truth of who we are rather than the story we have always told ourselves. The grand water trine brings the promise that whatever we can imagine for ourselves is indeed possible but we must be willing to do some deep inner work, choosing to overcome the emotions which hold us back from attracting what we want into our lives. Our attitude and beliefs have an enormous effect on what we bring into our lives and this New Moon will highlight just how much. In order to manifest what we desire we have to truly believe that we deserve it and are worthy of it. Once we make that switch amazing things can happen!

Much love



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