CAPRICORN FULL MOON – Sunday 23 June 2013

Exact at 12.32pm BST, 7.32am EDT!

This is the second Perigee Super Moon this year, when the Moon will be closest to the earth and perfectly aligned with the Sun. This will amplify and intensify the effect the Full Moon has on our minds, bodies and spirits. It will also have extra power because it is so close to Friday's Summer Solstice. The Moon isn't at her most comfortable in the serious, realistic sign of Capricorn, who has a tendency to suppress emotions and be a bit hard on himself, but the overall chart for this Full Moon is very supportive and feminine in nature so that should make up for it. As Full Moons bring that which is unconscious into the light, shining light on our shadows, it is possible that we might be in for a bit of a reality check this weekend. It is very important that we pay attention to our feelings because they act as a guide and let us know what is working for us and what we should avoid or let go of. It is possible that this Moon may bring up some emotions that were hitherto stuck or suppressed so that we can let go of them in the spirit of forgiveness and compassion.

This Full Moon is in the serious, pragmatic and responsible sign of Capricorn and is sitting directly opposite the Sun in the emotional, sensitive and nurturing sign of Cancer. Cancer represents our inner world and emotional foundation while Capricorn represents outer accomplishment and worldly success. The focus of the Full Moon is to find a balance between the energy of the two signs. On the Summer Solstice the Sun moves into Cancer so the next month will involve the themes of home, family, roots, our deepest feelings and inner emotional landscape. It is a good time to think about what kind of core foundation we require in order to feel emotionally secure and nurtured. Cancer rules our childhood and our past so we may find ourselves looking back in order to make sense of the childish patterns which may still rule our lives. To add to the sensitive, feeling nature of this Full Moon we also have Mercury (mind and communication) and Venus (love, relating and attraction) sitting right next to each other in Cancer. This will help us to talk about our innermost feelings and express our emotional needs and what we might require from our closest relationships in order to feel fulfilled. The combination of the two planets favours expressing our emotions easily and in a way that can be understood by those close to us.

The energy of Capricorn is quite different to Cancer! While Cancer is ruled by the Moon and represents our feeling nature and inner life, Capricorn is all about discipline, responsibility, achievement and outer success. He is the mountain goat who sets his sights on his goals and makes his way slowly but surely to the top of the mountain through sheer hard work and determination. This is the sign of commitment, endurance, structure and boundaries and with the Moon here it is likely that we will be focusing on serious matters such as our long term plans and and what we really want for ourselves. If the Moon is our emotions, Capricorn may make them a bit heavy and serious and may make us very aware of any that we may have been holding back or suppressing so they can't flow properly. It is quite possible that this Moon may involve some kind of reality check. The Moon in Capricorn can create angst and tension so it is important not to be too hard on ourselves, but rather focus on what kind of emotional foundation we need in order to create the life we want. Capricorn may hold back initially, but when he commits he's in for the long haul. It is best to make sure that it is what we really want before jumping in!

Saturn in Scorpio is the ruler of the Capricorn Full Moon, and since November he has been challenging us to face our deepest darkest fears, dredging up anything that may be preventing us from connecting with others on a deep emotional level and experiencing true intimacy. He is the wise old man who is currently testing us in the areas of emotional commitment, trust, power and powerlessness, sexuality, shared resources, vulnerability and emotional truth. During this Moon he is not only forming a positive aspect to the Moon herself but is also part of the lovely, flowing Grand Water Trine that is gracing us with her presence for most of the summer! This Trine in the emotional, sensitive water signs is going to help us get more in touch with our unconscious feelings and become more attuned to the subtle energies at work in our lives. It has the potential to help us face our fears with compassion and forgiveness, allowing us to connect with each other on a deeper, more intuitive level. We have the chance to dissolve some of what is holding us back from experiencing true intimacy and fulfilment of our emotional needs and move towards more joyful, loving, supportive relationships with ourselves and others. This Full Moon illuminates the Grand Trine beautifully, but we must remember that the benefits won't necessarily happen automatically, but rather we must be open and willing to truly listen to our feelings because they are our guide. Our body gives us very clear clues as to how we are feeling about something but we must listen and be open to its message.

Jupiter is adding his expansive energy to this Moon through a conjunction to the Sun, although he is in Gemini rather than Cancer so it is not a strong aspect. His presence is powerful however because he is sitting in the very last degree of busy, curious and communicative Gemini, waiting to make the shift into emotional, nurturing and home loving Cancer on Wednesday. He will be in Cancer for the next year. He is also part of the Grand Water Trine which will be building in intensity until the 17th of July when it will be exact. He will be helping us deeply connect with others on an emotional level and tap into what truly nurtures us at our core. Jupiter tends to expand and exaggerate the qualities of the sign he is in, so we are about to experience a shift from the busy, mentally active Gemini into the emotionally nourishing and family oriented sign of Cancer. I feel that this might bode well for us all, as Jupiter does very much like being in Cancer! We will be more concerned about what we need on an emotional level, focusing more on our inner, emotional world and what we need to feel protected, nurtured and loved. Jupiter will bring the potential for growth, expansion, joy and good fortune within our family and home lives. That sounds lovely to me!

This super moon is a powerful one indeed, with quite a serious tone, and brings the potential for us to experience a hard dose of reality but is also a great opportunity to shed some light on what we really want for ourselves in the long term. There is a great deal of supportive energy between the planets and a strong emphasis on honouring our feelings and sharing them with others. Capricorn energy is cautious, committed and enduring so there is a sense that we may have to hold back initially in order to make sure that the emotional foundation is solid before we proceed. Capricorn wants to make sure things are valid and viable before he commits! Ultimately we would all have lives and relationships that are a true reflection of who we are, with a supportive, loving home life to help us grow and flourish in the outer world. This Moon may bring to light any imbalance between the two signs energies – our inner emotional landscape and our outer, public life. It may also bring up emotions that we have hitherto ignored or invalidated which may be blocking us from truly opening up and experiencing emotional intimacy and commitment. We have all been guilty of suppressing feelings or distracting ourselves from dealing with our emotions - through work, eating, shopping, drug, alcohol, or even by simply trying to be the good guy – there are any number of ways we can avoid confronting our true feelings! This Moon will very likely shine a rather harsh light on our lives and emotions so that we can unblock some of the energy which may be holding us back from connecting more deeply with people and our own authenticity. The Grand Trine holds the promise of our dreams coming true but first Capricorn must make sure that they are valid and viable!. Only then can we can move forward with full integrity, in the knowledge that we are on the right path.

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  1. This makes sense of the recent emotional outburts then?!


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