New Moons always represent new beginnings and none more so than this one as it is in the first sign of the zodiac! We are currently being called to be very brave and step outside of our comfort zones, moving away from so called safety and security and stepping further into the truth of who we are. This is a time of re-birthing and starting fresh, so we must take the plunge and trust that we are on the right path even though it is like nowhere else we have been before. The Fool, the first card of the Tarot deck, springs to mind when I think about this Moon. Trying new things and taking risks can be scary but we must move beyond our fears and dare to follow our dreams and passions, for we will never know if we don't at least try! Compared to the Libra Full Moon which just passed, this Moon is quite simple and straightforward and is largely unaspected by other planets, except for a powerful conjunction of Venus (feminine) and Mars (masculine) sitting right next to the Sun (Yang) and Moon (Yin) in Aries. This brings our relationships into focus, with a sense of new beginnings combined with the forthright, trusting and daring energy of Aries. This is a really good time to be really truthful about who we are and what we want and to find the courage to go after it.

The Sun and Moon are united in Aries, the warrior and pioneer, so this is the energy we need to connect with over the next few days. Aries is passionate and enthusiastic and boldly goes where others fear to tread! Like the shoot coming up out of the hard ground to meet the sun after the long, cold winter, Aries represents the birth of the self and an instinctual awareness of who we are at a core level. The Aries slogan is “I AM”, so this is an ideal time to ask the question “So who am I exactly?”. We have all changed so much in recent times that it is an important question to ask! Aries tends to act first and think later and isn't afraid to take risks, so this is an ideal time to try something new and take risks, as uncomfortable as that may make us! Even if we fail we at least know that we have tried it and we won't be left wondering what might have been if only we had had the guts to go for it. The more we face our fears and move past them the easier it gets because they lose their power over us once we realise that it is only our naughty ego creating blocks and trying to keep us small There is an assertive energy to Aries which we must emulate at this time, and we shouldn't just sit around waiting for things to happen to us but rather we must take the plunge and follow our passions and desires! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I truly believe that the universe rewards us for trying something we haven't done before and stepping away from the safety and security of our past experience. That is what we call beginner's luck!

Aries is forthright and honest, and as the first sign of the Zodiac hasn't learned the art of lying he is truly without guile! As so many of the personal planets are in this sign right now it is the perfect time to be completely truthful, both with ourselves and others. Aries doesn't know how to hold back what he is thinking and is great at laying the cards on the table so everything is out in the open and nothing is left to fester below the surface. This is a great time to practice the art of being completely open and candid, speaking our absolute truth, and we will probably find that it is better received than we might imagine. As the Lovers, Mars and Venus, are involved so heavily with this New Moon it is an ideal time to use the honest, brave, forthright and assertive energy of Aries in the realm of our relationships. It could be that we simply have to be completely honest about what we want. If we have a clear picture of what we want from our relationships then we can send the message out to the universe in the form of our intentions. We do tend to get what we ask for, so it is important for it to be a truthful request! There is definitely a sense of new beginnings - a chance to start fresh, trusting that we are being guided in the right direction.

This New Moon is remarkably uncluttered, with hardly any aspects from other planets. It is as straightforward at the sign it is in! The underlying energy of the times however is Pluto and Uranus building up to their next exact square on May 21, which is the third in a series of seven squares which have been shaking up our reality for the past year or so. This powerful combo has been forcing us to dig deep and change the structure of our lives so that it is more in line with the truth of who we are becoming. We are being asked to step into our true power – the power that comes from within, not the false power which is gained from outside of ourselves. On a global level the square has been digging up the rot when it comes to our societal structures, exposing corruption and abuse of power within our governments and big organisations and corporations. On a personal level we have been doing the same, owning up to what doesn't stand true for us any more, becoming more authentic and changing ourselves at a core level. With the help of Saturn in Scorpio we have also been facing up to old, buried trauma which has been holding us back and keeping us small. The process can be quite painful as we let go of the old, familiar version of ourselves which provided us with a sense of security, but it will be so worth it in the long run! Growing pains can be quite unpleasant, but ultimately the process will enable us to move forward with integrity, both personally and collectively.

This New Moon is basically asking us to be brave and own our truth. Now is the time to truly come to terms with who we are because we have been through so many shifts and changes in recent times that who we are now may be a far cry from the person we were a couple of years ago. I know that is true for myself....I even look different! My sense is that this New Moon is about being completely honest about who we are and what we want, and then going for it! It is certainly not the time to sit back and wait for things to come to us, but rather we should trust our instincts, follow our passions and make the leap with the trust and faith of the Fool that somehow our bravery will be rewarded. We certainly mustn't let fear hold us back, whether that be fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of getting it wrong or fear of the responsibility and commitment that come from actually getting it right! It is completely natural to feel a bit scared when we step outside of our comfort zones, but we mustn't let that fear paralyse us and stop us moving forward or we will only live with regret. True courage involves acknowledging our fears and then moving past them, for only then can we grow. We have no idea what lies ahead of us and the chances are that it is more amazing than we can even imagine, involving this new version of ourselves that we are just starting to fully own. We must now stand, in all our truth and power, and be brave enough to reveal ourselves to the world.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” The Alchemist, Paulo Coelo.

“Truth. It feels like water washing over my sticky-hot body” The Help, Kathryn Stockett

Much love



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