VIRGO FULL MOON Monday February 25 2013

Exact at 8.26pm GMT, 3.26 EST.

This Full Moon lights up the healing axis of Virgo and Pisces and brings great potential for healing old wounds and understanding our fears. There is a massive amount of Pisces energy around at the moment, with Mercury retrograde in Pisces amongst others, so we may very well experience some quite overwhelming emotions as the Full Moon reaches its climax. Full Moons make the tides swell, and as our bodies are predominantly made up of water it makes sense that our emotions would swell too! As things come to a head this month it is quite possible that we will experience some chaotic feelings; anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, confusion, worry are all possibilities as well as very strong feelings of love, compassion and connection to others combined with a desire to be of service to our fellow man. These are all possible manifestations of a Virgo and Pisces Full Moon! We may have become more aware than usual of the way our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies, as Virgo and Pisces highlights the connection between body (Virgo) and spirit (Pisces). This Moon is a perfect time for giving ourselves a good dose of self-care and get some rest and relaxation in before we “spring” into action after the Spring Equinox.

The energy of Virgo and Pisces are being illuminated during this Moon and we are being asked to find a balance between the energy of the two signs. As the Sun and a few of his friends are in Pisces at the moment we are being encouraged to tap into the more feminine, intuitive, receptive part of ourselves and go with the flow, finding more time for turning in, tuning in and exploring our inner landscape. Now is the time to connect to spirit; to meditate, create, relax and simply be. It is not the time to charge full steam ahead; we can do that when Aries season starts! With all of this Pisces energy we are likely to be off with the fairies somewhat and not so interested in the concerns of the real world! With Mercury also retrograde in Pisces this is the time to take a step back and look at things from a less rational, more soul-based perspective and see how everything is connected. This is dream-time; a time to reflect, recharge and heal ourselves and others with compassion and forgiveness.

The Moon is in Virgo on the other side of the axis, showing us how to take the understanding and awareness of Pisces and make it work in the real world. While Pisces represents the connection to spirit, Virgo represents our physical body and what we need to become whole. Virgo is known for striving for perfection and purity and can be quite self-critical, so while the Moon grows so could our anxieties, as the worrying side of Virgo is amplified by the emotional nature of the Moon. Being too self-critical and worrying too much can easily lead to dis-ease of the body. A good thing to remember about Virgo is that she actually just wants us to be whole; we don't have to be perfect. She is the sign of discernment, helping us decide what is right for us and what is doing us no good. Taken too far this can lead to nit-picking, but in it's highest form can help us be the best that we can be. This Virgo Full Moon is a good time to become more in tune with our bodies and more pro-active with our self-care, in the form of diet, rest, exercise etc. If we are willing to listen, our bodies can teach us a great deal about how we might be unbalanced emotionally and spiritually. So much has been changing within us recently and our bodies are bearing the brunt of what is going on internally. For instance, as Saturn in Scorpio has been bringing buried emotional trauma to the surface recently he may well have caused some physical problems to the surface too as an outer manifestation of the problem within. This Moon is very likely to bring to light the connection between body and spirit in some way.

Jupiter in Gemini is forming a T-square aspect to both the Sun and the Moon and Jupiter, being the the biggest planet, tends to expand or exaggerate the energy of the planets he comes into contact with. He is currently in mentally active Gemini so it is quite likely that our thoughts might run away with us and create mountains out of molehills during this Full Moon! As Pisces stimulates our imaginations and Virgo makes us more self-critical than usual, if you add Jupiter in Gemini to the mix then any fears or anxieties may end up being blown out of all proportion as the chattering monkeys overload our minds and nervous systems thus causing strain on our bodies. Just to add fuel to the fire, Mercury is conjunct Mars in Pisces, also causing our minds to race and jump to conclusions as Pisces makes things appear real which are in fact only illusions. It is very important to remain positive and not succumb to fear; to take a step back from our emotions and not allow ourselves to get too overwhelmed, but instead use Virgos' powers of discernment to figure out where the fears come from.

On a brighter note, mutually receptive Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are forming positive aspects to both the Sun and the Moon, bringing the potential to face our fears and gain greater understanding of whatever is stopping us fulfilling our true potential. The two planets have been digging deep in recent times and dredging up some old buried emotional gunk; trauma long buried but very much holding us back from becoming who we really are. As they are positively connected to the Sun, Moon and also Chiron, the wounded healer, it could mean that we will have the opportunity confront our demons which may at other times be hard to face and to bring old wounds out into the light and heal them in the spirit of compassion and understanding. The ghosts in the closet may not seem quite so mean and scary by the time this Moon is over, and our deepest darkest fears may well lose their power once we have shone a torch on them! Chiron sitting right next to the Pisces Sun is very encouraging, as it helps us understand and heal wounds from the past and truly forgive ourselves and others. The Pisces attributes of compassion, love and understanding will help us move away from feeling angry or sorry for ourselves, or from feeling like a victim of circumstance, and make us feel more connected and at peace.

Our fears and anxieties and the toll they take on our bodies may well be the prevalent themes during this Full Moon, but ultimately we are being given an opportunity to look at the monster under the bed and realise that it is nothing but a ball of fluff. Our emotions may well blow things out of all proportion during this Moon and with Pisces involved our imaginations may well run riot, but it is up to us whether we allow fear (False Energies Appearing Real) to sit in the driving seat or let love take the reins, having faith in the ultimate benevolence of the universe. It is important to remember that we are creators of our own reality so we have the power to conjure up a happy ending. All we have to do is ask. In the meantime we must get into the spirit of Virgo / Pisces and be kind to ourselves and others in the next couple of weeks. I have heard various people talking about acts of service recently, and that really sums up the essence of a Virgo Full Moon. Nothing makes us happier in actual fact than doing something nice for someone, whether it be a friend, relative, acquaintance or a complete stranger. The path to true happiness is though service to others. What a thought!

Much love



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