AQUARIUS NEW MOON – Sunday 10 February 2013

Exact at 7.20 am GMT, 2.20 am EST.

This New Moon marks the beginning of the Year of the Water Snake, a year that holds the promise of spiritual renewal and gentle yet profound transformation; a good time for quiet contemplation and peaceful meditation. Ah, that sounds lovely! New Moons are not as emotional as Full Moons, as the tides as well as our emotions don’t swell up as much, but rather they are a time when we get a chance to look at our lives objectively and decide what is worth bringing forward and what should be left behind in the dark of the moon. Any seeds we plant during the New Moon eventually grow into something much bigger, though we must remember that while we often do get what we ask for it may not necessarily take the form we expect! This particular New Moon involves us stepping outside of ourselves and looking at our lives from a different perspective so that we can see things more clearly. Aquarius likes to think outside the box and is concerned with personal truth, so now is an ideal time to contemplate what that truth really is. We are being given an opportunity to rise above any petty concerns and see the bigger picture which could be quite enlightening! There is also a fateful quality to this moon as an aspect to the Nodes of the Moon gives us the opportunity to release old habits and patterns and move forward, renewed, towards the truth of who  and what we are. The theme of this Moon seems to be clarity and insight, which is truly wonderful! In order to step into our truth it helps to understand what our truth is!  

This month the Sun and Moon form their cosmic union in the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer. Aquarius represents our hopes and dreams, our vision of the future, and is concerned with how we can join together with like-minded people to achieve that vision. An air sign, he rises above the emotions and sees things from a detached, objective, birds-eye perspective, allowing us greater understanding and clarity. He is the ultimate humanitarian, truly believing in the brotherhood of man, and stands for liberty, equality, freedom and truth. Aquarius thinks outside of the box and is known for flashes of inspiration which can suddenly make everything very clear. With the Sun, Moon and Venus in this sign we are being asked to step back from attachment and look at things from a broader perspective so that we can form a vision of what we truly want for ourselves.  The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the Great Awakener, who is currently in Aries asking us to dare to step into the truth of who we are, releasing ourselves from limitation and stagnation, honouring our own uniqueness and experiencing a greater sense of freedom than we ever have before. This New Moon asks us to take a step back, look at our lives objectively and with that perspective gain a clearer sense of where we are coming from and where we are going.

While the Sun, Moon and Venus are in detached and freedom loving air sign Aquarius, there are four planets huddled together in the emotional, intuitive, and compassionate water sign of Pisces, which creates a nice balance between the mental (air) and emotional (water) and a wonderful opportunity for healing old wounds with compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Mercury (mind and communication), Mars (motivation, drive and passion) and Chiron (healer of old wounds and insecurities) are blended together in Pisces, which is an interesting mix indeed! Pisces is very creative and imaginative, and Mercury and Mars there could bring lots of sudden passions, intuitions, hunches and creative ideas bubbling to the surface combined with Mars’s ability to act on them. Pisces can be quite evasive and confusing at times however, so there is also the possibility that we could find ourselves skirting around any issues that come up, getting lost in a fog of confusion and not knowing what to do about any of it! A challenging aspect to Jupiter could mean that our thoughts and imaginations might run a little wild and communication could go a bit overboard, as Jupiter is the planet of excess. Chiron, the wounded healer, involved in the picture could mean that we are better able to access and communicate about old wounds and insecurities, leading to understanding and forgiveness. We may have no choice in the matter anyway, as Mars and Mercury and Chiron do bring the possibility of blurting things out which may be a little hurtful  or painful but which ultimately need to be said.

In the meantime our friend Saturn in Scorpio is forming a challenging aspect to Venus, the planet of love and how we relate. This means that we might well have to plunge into the emotional depths within our relationships and dig out some rather unpleasant truths.  Saturn is the planet of limitation and lack, and when he aspects Venus he can make us very aware of where we are experiencing lack, whether that be a lack of intimacy, sex, connection, physical contact or closeness. This in turn can create a sense of loneliness, angst and depression, and could possibly cause relationships to actually break up. Saturn in Scorpio digs deep and finds the rot, testing our relationships to make sure that they are based on solid footing and helping release us from an unhealthy or destructive habits or tendencies we may have. Ultimately Saturn wants the best for us but the process can sometimes be painful! This aspect should bring to light any problems we might be having and help us gain greater understanding of ourselves and our loved ones. Combine this with the Mars, Mercury and Chiron mixture and we have the potential for some pretty profound healing this weekend. It is important to let go of any guilt or blame and approach any issues that come up with compassion and forgiveness. Also remember that that all falls under the umbrella of Aquarian detachment, objectivity and insight. Keep an eye on the bigger picture.

As I mentioned before, the Sun and Moon are forming an exact square aspect to the Lunar Nodes, so there is something very fateful about this New Moon. The Sun and Moon are sitting smack bang in the middle of the South Node (where we are coming from on a soul level/the past/old habits and patterns) and the North Node (where we are headed/our souls’ intention/the future/our potential), meaning that at this point we could be poised between where we have been and where we are going; stuck because we are unsure of which path we are supposed to take. Possibly this New Moon will sow some seeds of and bring the clarity and objective understanding needed to push us in the right direction.  There is certainly a lot of healing potential during this New Moon and, while relationships may be tested and we may be very aware of any limitation or lack, there is also the chance to release old, buried, toxic gunk which will lighten the load considerably. I certainly get the impression that we will be able to speak our minds and get to the heart of anything that may arise, provided we are direct in our communication and avoid circling around the subject! Above all this Aquarius Moon should allow us to see things from a different perspective; to think outside our usual limitations and gain a much needed sense of clarity. Aquarius could be seen to represent enlightenment, which is quite an interesting and evocative word! I think of a light bulb going on; a moment of clarity and understanding when things suddenly become clear. May this New Moon allow us to “see the light” and gain the insight and clarity needed to move forward on our journeys!

Happy Year of the Yin Water Snake!  Shed those skins!

Much love


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