Friday 17 August, exact at 4.54pm BST, 11.54am EDT!

This New Moon brings with it amazing potential for manifesting dreams! The New Moon represents a very powerful moment in the lunar cycle when the Sun and Moon unite in the same sign, giving birth to the emotional tone of the month ahead. We are given the opportunity to look within and take stock of our lives, and contemplate what we really want for ourselves. It is a time for planting seeds and setting intentions which allow us to leave old patterns in the dark of the moon and create new ones in their place. As the sign of Leo is the ruler of creation, this is a particularly potent New Moon for creating and recreating ourselves! What are our hopes, dreams and passions, and how can we actually bring them into reality? What unique and special gifts do we have to offer? What is the true and authentic expression of who we are? What were we born to be?

The sign of Leo represents creativity, romance, warmth, loyalty, self-expression and confidence, and asks us to consider what makes us special and unique. Leo is the king or queen of the sandbox and encourages us to play and express ourselves, connecting with the innocence of our inner child and discovering what truly brings us joy. Leo’s ruler is the Sun which represents our spirit and is one of the most important parts of our birth charts, showing the central theme of our lives, where we are likely to shine brightest. This sign rules the “self” – self- expression, self-love, self-actualisation, self-confidence, self-consciousness and in the extreme, selfishness! As Leo also rules the heart, this Moon offers a perfect opportunity to really listen to our hearts, for whatever intentions we set must truly be heartfelt or there is no chance of them actually manifesting.

Over the past year or so many of our lives have changed so much as we have been forced to let go of old patterns, eliminating anything which isn’t serving our highest good whether that be relationships, jobs, living situations or unhealthy habits. Many of us have continually had to step out of our comfort zones in order to recreate ourselves and form lives which are a true reflection who we actually are. It has been intense couple of years, and at times very uncomfortable and painful, for while the old way of being may have been wrong for us it was at least familiar! By now most of us have some idea about the lessons we have been learning and some understanding of what we are striving for. This New Moon offers us an opportunity to have some fun, relax and play a little so that we have a chance to remember what truly makes us tick. It truly is a time to follow our bliss and see where it takes us, for if we do what brings us joy (Leo) and ignites our passion then we are closer to achieving our true potential as human beings.

This week has included a Mars/Saturn conjunction bringing the stuff lurking in the shadows of our psyches to the surface, and as the conjunction is in Libra it is likely to be our relationships which have borne the brunt of whatever has been suppressed. Venus in emotional Cancer has also been forming a tense T-square with soulful and intense Pluto and erratic and unpredictable Uranus, creating yet more tension and disruption in our intimate relationships.  It is quite likely that anything we may have been suppressing has been forced out into the open whether we like it or not! As Saturn is getting to the end of his stay in Libra where he has been testing the validity of our relationships, I can’t help thinking that this might be the final push to resolve relationship issues and make sure they are truly meeting our needs before he moves into intense and transformative Scorpio in October. Phew…. interesting times ahead, that’s for sure, as the Uranus and Pluto are also gearing up for their second exact square in September! What joy! All the more reason to take advantage of the playful nature of this New Moon!

The Sabian symbol for last month’s New Moon in Cancer was “A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes”, whereas this one is “As the light breaks through the clouds, a perfect rainbow forms.” Yeah! It does seem to follow on nicely, and provides some respite from the emotional turbulence of last month’s Moon! As Leo rules gold, maybe this New Moon is an opportunity to find the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Relax, play, sing, dance, cavort and frolic over the next couple of days, and reconnect with your passion and joy! Bask in the sun like a lazy lion or meditate on a bonfire or candle flame, and imagine the Sun’s energy entering your heart and radiating outwards. Make an effort to push your shoulders back and open your heart centre and to communicate in a heartfelt way. This is the true essence of the Leo New Moon….getting in touch with the innocent honesty of our inner child for that is who we really are.


Much love



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