Exact at 4.28am BST, Thursday 2 August, exact at 11.28pm EDT, Wednesday 1 August!

Finally, a truly positive Full Moon! I am very happy to write about this Moon as it has so much positive, flowing energy connected to it, which is a welcome relief after the intensity of the past couple of months’ Moon cycles! Don’t get me wrong, the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square is still very present in the atmosphere, but this Moon does provide us with a little break from the emotional turbulence of the past couple of months. Full Moons represent a climax of emotional energy and are the most intense part of the Moon’s monthly cycle. Whatever intentions we set during the New Moon slowly blossom and grow throughout the month until the Full Moon, when they should begin to bear fruit. This past New Moon was particularly emotional as it was in the sign of Cancer which represents family and our emotional roots, and it certainly feels like since then things have got progressively lighter as the Moon has got brighter and brighter.

This Full Moon illuminates the opposing signs of Leo and Aquarius and asks us to find a good balance between the energy of each sign. The Sun is very happy in his own sign of Leo at the moment, helping us to connect with our hearts and the more playful side of ourselves and encouraging us to express who we truly are with courage and enthusiasm. Leo season is the time for playful creativity; a time to shine and cavort with our inner child, enjoying heartfelt interactions with our fellow men. I am sure that it is no coincidence that the Olympics has fallen during this time, as London certainly feels like one giant playground right now, not to mention the Olympians striving to achieve their hearts’ desires and be the very best that they can be. The tears that flow when they win or lose are testament to how much of their hearts and souls they have invested, and they are of course an inspiration to the whole world as we look on with awe and respect.

Aquarius on the other hand represents the essence of brotherly love and global vision, which of course is another aspect of the Olympics. It represents the spirit of camaraderie and friendship, and our need to belong to something larger than ourselves, whether it be a group of friends, a social network (Facebook and Twitter come to mind, especially as Aquarius also rules computers), a humanitarian cause, or the global community. Aquarius is the sign that comes up with a vision of how to make the world a better place. While Leo encourages us to find our own unique gifts and express them, Aquarius urges us not to keep them to ourselves but to spread the love and share them with the world.

As the overall astrological atmosphere recently has been asking/forcing us to step into our true power and align with our higher selves, with this Moon we are now being asked to connect with what we really feel passionate about and what truly brings us joy (Leo) and be brave enough live in a more heartfelt way. Now is not the time to do what we think we should do, it is the time to be authentic and do what means something to us.  Leo asks us to contemplate what natural and unique gifts we have while Aquarius wants us to share those gifts and help make the world a better place. Whatever our special gifts or talents are they always been an innate part of us, so if we were look back at ourselves at five years old we would see them very clearly. It seems like such a simple concept, the idea of following one’s bliss, but it makes perfect sense really because it should be easy and joyful to do what comes most naturally to us. A while ago I asked my beautiful and wise Reiki Master “How do I know whether I am on the right path?”, and she said “Well, a good start is to make sure you do what brings you joy”. Simple! I am in the process of actually putting it into practice, and it is harder than one would think!

The other planetary energies connected to this Full Moon will bring a good dose of optimism, passion and confidence, combined with the motivation and drive to help us follow our heart’s desires. Jovial Jupiter is playing a big part in the overall picture, bringing the opportunity for growth and expanding our horizons so that we can glimpse the bigger picture. Uranus’s influence brings the possibility of us stepping outside of our usual routines and thought patterns, making us more open to new and exciting and unexpected opportunities and experiences. Mercury is still retrograde in Leo, causing his usual communication and travel hiccups, but his overall message is to look within and speak from the heart, because when we do it resonates so much more. All but three of the planets are in fire and air signs for this Moon so there is communicative and dynamic energy abound! The lack of earth means that we might not feel very grounded however!

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 11 degrees Aquarius is “During a silent hour, a man receives new inspiration which may change his life”.  The symbol for the Sun at 11 degrees Leo is “Children on a Swing in the Safety of a Huge Oak Tree” Both of these symbols are equally evocative and very hopeful indeed!  This Moon brings with it so much childlike joy and inspiration, allowing us to step outside of our normal roles or routines and have a glimpse of the way we would actually like our lives to be. This is an ideal time to move past any fears which are holding us back and keeping us stuck and small and bring in some joy and the light. I am so happy about this Moon! This might be a good time to contemplate and consider “What might I actually do if I knew I couldn’t fail?”. Take some inspiration from the Olympians as they fearlessly seek to fulfil their dreams!  Now is the time to bravely work towards achieving our hearts desires, because if everyone on earth were following their bliss and doing what comes most naturally to them, think what a wonderful world we would be living in!

Much love



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