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This is an incredibly potent Full Moon, in the very last degree of the zodiac and closer to earth than any other Moon this year! As such, it has the potential to have a greater impact on our mind, body, spirit and emotions. Pisces is the culmination of all the other signs and can help us to melt away anything that might be preventing us from developing a deeper connection to the divine, trusting that we are being guided where we need to go. It is important to pay attention to our dreams this week, as they could bring healing and greater understanding. While this Full Moon can bring some overwhelming emotions, it can also help us to connect with one another in the spirit of compassion, kindness, acceptance and unconditional love. More importantly, it can help us to find compassion and acceptance for ourselves.

The Sun is now in Virgo, which can help us to contemplate what we might need to tweak in order to improve ourselves and our situations. Virgo season has that “Back to School” feeling, when we often feel the urge to develop new healthy routines so that we can feel better about ourselves. It is an ideal time to break unhealthy, sabotaging habits and replace them with healthy ones. Virgo is the part of us that can be quite critical of ourselves and others, so it is important not to beat ourselves up about our shortcomings and inadequacies, but rather to take the necessary practical steps to improve the situation. This Pisces Moon can help us to find compassion and a greater sense of acceptance for any shortcomings, reminding us that we are perfect in our imperfection, or imperfectly perfect!

This Full Moon certainly has the potential to bring to boiling point anything that has been building and simmering beneath the surface since the Leo New moon on 16 August, especially as it’s a Supermoon. The Sun and Moon are now in the healing axis, so this Moon could bring things up to be healed with tenderness, forgiveness and compassion. Virgo does like to pick things apart and analyse them, while this Pisces Moon could help us to find true acceptance of ourselves and anyone we may be having issues with at the moment. It is important to be aware that we can be our own worst enemy at times, beating ourselves up for things that we could easily forgive in someone else.

This Moon could be a good opportunity to resolve situations that may seem unresolvable and to find true understanding of where we may be at fault, as well as recognising the other person’s part in matters and recognising their flawed humanity with love and a greater sense of acceptance. None of us are perfect and we are all just doing the best we can with the tools we have been given in life!

Saturn is sitting right next to the Moon and opposite the Sun, helping us to see things as they really are, rather than as we would like them to be. The Sun and Saturn directly opposed each other on Sunday 27 August, which had the potential to make things feel a bit heavy and very “real”. Saturn is still a player in this Moon, but at least the energy is on the wane. However, Saturn does call for us to be a grown-up and to take responsibility for our part in whatever we are experiencing at the moment, and can bring some serious, realistic, sombre reflection on whatever we are facing.

It is important, however, to be kind to ourselves and not allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed by fear, guilt or anxiety, which are the more challenging manifestations of Saturn in Pisces. However, ultimately Saturn in the last sign of the zodiac can help us to clear karma and move forward with a lighter step. We are in a process of clearing the skeletons out of the proverbial closet, sifting away anything that isn’t serving us so that we can allow something more appropriate to take its place. Saturn in Pisces can bring endings, and endings can of course bring up sorrow and grief. However, the path is merely being cleared for a new chapter. When one door closes another opens.

Mercury is now well and truly retrograde in analytical, modest, humble, helpful and critical Virgo. Whenever Mercury goes backwards, we have a chance to go back over old ground and gain more understanding, or tweak things, or contemplate how we might have done things differently. This is a time for reflection, retrospection, reviewing, refining and revisiting. The important thing to be aware of with Mercury in Virgo is that we can easily analyse it all to death, picking it apart and leaving no stone unturned! It is also very easy to beat ourselves up about how we could have done better, focusing on our faults, inadequacies and imperfections. This can be helpful, to a degree, because it is important to do the inner work and self-enquiry, and to recognise the part we have played in whatever situation we now find ourselves in, so long as it doesn’t tip over into self-flagellation!

However, there are some very helpful aspects to Mercury, during this Moon, from Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter trine Mercury can help us to see the bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff, which is very useful indeed during Virgo season! It also helps us to see things in a positive light, igniting our faith and optimism, enabling us to connect to our gut instinct and intuition. This aspect is exact on 4 September. The trine between Uranus and Mercury can help bring insight, giving us a chance to step back a bit and see things more objectively, from a different perspective. Uranus can bring epiphanies, “ah” moments, realisations and the capacity to come up with ingenious solutions. Sometimes it helps to detach, or step back a little so that we can gain clarity. This aspect was closest to exact on 23 August but is still very much in effect during this Moon.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is forming a more challenging inconjunct aspect to Mercury, which is exact at the time of the Full Moon. We could feel the urge to have some important conversations during this time that are honest, forthright, helpful and healing. We may be told some things, possibly going back over old ground, that are hard to hear, although ultimately it will all be for our greatest good. Indeed, we may be the one who is saying things that it is uncomfortable for the other person to hear. However, with the Moon in sensitive, compassionate Pisces, we have a chance to bring some thorny issues up in a gentle, loving, empathetic way, so that we are aware of each other’s feelings and are able to truly connect and see past one another’s walls.

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 19° of a sign will feel the effect of Chiron and Mercury most acutely, especially those in Aries and Virgo, as Chiron is in Aries and Mercury is in Virgo.  

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 8° Pisces, is: “A girl blowing a bugle”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “A call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolutionary crisis approaches. This symbolic picture presents another aspect of the emotional relationship between the individual and the collectivity of human beings. It can also be related to the old feminist movement or the present women’s liberation. In traditional symbolism the woman refers more specifically to the biological and psychic aspect of human life; she is seen primarily as the mother, and /or the intuitive or “psychic” type of person. A new race of human beings may well be slowly unfolding some of its potential of consciousness and fulfilment. The individual who envisions this evolutionary development “sounds the call.” He or she is both seer-herald and mutant. In that sense such a human being is both an individual true to his original nature and a dedicated person – dedicated to the future he or she holds in latency as does a seed in mutation. Tomorrow acts through today; it SUMMONS men to the rebirth”.

This is a powerful symbol! We are certainly moving into a new world, and this Moon could bring about some kind of clearing that helps us to move forward with a cleaner slate. Maybe some remaining debris still needs to be cleared away, talked about, dealt with and somehow purified. We are called to do the inner work necessary, clearing the chi and recognising what is good for us and what is simply no longer serving us. Virgo is very good at the art of discernment, which is so very useful! The Virgo Sun and Mercury could certainly help us to gain some clarity on what we need moving forward and what we need to let go of. And this Pisces Moon can certainly help us to actually let go, surrendering to a force larger than ourselves and allowing the flow of the river to take us wherever we need to go. It’s time to dive in and trust the current of life!

Much Love



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Picture: Flow by Yevgeniya Nyrkova Kizilkaya


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