CANCER NEW MOON - 17 July 2023

Exact at 7.31pm UK time (BST)

This is an incredibly potent New Moon at a very important time in our evolution, both personally and collectively. New Moons are powerfully energetic times of the month, as they are a chance to shed the old and birth the new. This Moon is especially so because the Sun and Moon are tapping into the energy of Pluto squaring the Nodes, which is coming to a peak now. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of this time, as it gives us an opportunity to take a step forward in our soul growth if we are willing to delve into some uncomfortable areas within our psyche and have a good look at what we find there. It’s not fun, looking at old, buried material, but we can gain so much at this time from owning our gnarly bits instead of projecting them out onto others and putting the blame outside of ourselves.

This Moon can help us in this process, especially as the Sun and Moon are in the emotional, sensitive and nurturing sign of Cancer. This is a sign that can really help us to get in touch with our emotions and recognise how they play out in our lives. Indeed, during Cancer season, which started on the Solstice, we are encouraged to connect to our feelings and allow our emotions to be our guidance system. This is a very good time indeed to listen to and tend to our inner child and to recognise what that part of us needs for us to function in a healthy and balanced way within our adult relationships. We all have the little child within us that rears up occasionally, often as an emotional overreaction when something or someone triggers old wounds and sensitivities. We are all human and we all have our sensitive areas!

With Pluto and the Nodes currently helping to bring the darkness out into the light, exposing our shadows, this could certainly be a time when our sore spots are triggered, and the hurt inner child gets activated. However, it is important to recognise the gift that we are being given when this happens, because it does bring such an opportunity to see ourselves more clearly, to nurture the child within and to hopefully lay some demons to rest. If we are willing to let our emotions show us the way and really listen to them and do the inner work, we have a profound opportunity for amazing shifts and tremendous growth.

This is the very last moment of the Nodes being in Taurus and Scorpio, which is poignant for this Moon, as the Taurus North Node has been urging us towards a greater sense of peace and simplicity, letting go of the emotional intensity and drama of the Scorpio South Node. The Nodes switch signs at 9pm UK time, not long after the Moon is exact. Once the Nodes move into Aries and Libra the energy of Pluto squaring the Nodes could increase in intensity because they will all be in cardinal signs, as will the Sun and Moon. Indeed, we will have a Grand Cardinal Cross that has the potential to bring quite an energetic shift on a personal and collective level. This Moon certainly packs a punch, that’s for sure!

Between 17 July and 23 July, the energy of Pluto square the Nodes will be at its strongest, which could bring the darkness out into the light, both personally and collectively. It will be interesting to see what is revealed or exposed during this time within the power structures and systems that govern us, not to mention the financial system. With Pluto back in Capricorn we have the potential for the death of the old order to continue, as the antiquated patriarchal system continues to crumble away, making way for a new world. However, sometimes we must peer into the darkness in order to find the light. And the brighter we shine our light, the larger the shadows can appear! It is important to remember that it is always darkest just before dawn.

On a personal level, this is a profound moment for us, especially those of us with personal planets or angles around 29° Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and 0° of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. We could be well and truly pushed out of our comfort zone and forced to confront the deepest, darkest, most compulsive parts of our psyche. A Cancer Moon calls for us to really feel the feelings, no matter how uncomfortable we may feel! This could be a time of considerable psychological insight, when we are better able to access and understand those ingrained patterns, compulsions, resistance and emotions that sometimes come rising up from the depths of our subconscious and take over.

This is the time to make the unconscious conscious and to take a proper look at the not so pretty parts of us, as uncomfortable as it may feel. It is so easy to project our shadows outward and to blame others. It is much harder, but also much more rewarding, to take a long, hard look in the ugly mirror and take responsibility for whatever we find there. We have an opportunity for an almighty purge right now, and for us to take a leap forward in soul growth. The choice is ours. We can leave the gnarly stuff under the carpet or we can bring it out into the light of day so that it can lose its power. We may have to be brave, but it is worth it. We have the chance to bring some dark, dense material into the light and transmute it.

We do have support from Uranus and Neptune, which is a blessing indeed. Uranus brings the potential for shifting out of stagnant patterns and can help us to wake up and see ourselves from a higher, more detached perspective.  It can help jolt us into a greater awareness and to free ourselves from old, heavy conditioning.  Neptune helps to dissolve our ego and bring a greater sense of acceptance, so that we feel less fear and can surrender to flow instead of resisting it. It can also help us to find compassion for ourselves and others, as well as the faith and trust that we are being guided and protected through whatever process we are going through.

Pluto and Neptune are forming a Yod, or Finger of God formation with Venus in Leo, with the finger pointing towards Venus! The focus is on our relationships, our values, our feelings of self-worth, or lack of it, our finances and the economy in general. We may have to face some uncomfortable material around our relationships, as we are forced to dig deep and be very honest about ourselves, our loved ones and the relationships themselves. It is quite possible that some uncomfortable truths could be revealed, but this could bring a greater level of intimacy and trust within our relationships and more transparency within the economy. However, with Neptune involved things could get confusing, but we are called to find a greater level of acceptance and connection within our relationships.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 25° Cancer, is interesting, in the light of Pluto square the Nodes: “A will-full man is overshadowed by a descent of superior power”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive, will-full endeavours. We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing his life problems. To him comes a Pentecostal descent of power. He receives the “mantle of power,” the grace (Baraka in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture. In this symbol we see a transcendent expression of “success.” It is not merely external success (as is given by society to its prima donnas), but a spiritual response, a sign of inner strength and uncommon ENDOWMENT.”

This certainly is one powerful Moon, with the potential to help us shift and grow considerably on a soul level. We could have been given opportunities in recent times to recognise how our inner child operates within our lives and to do some inner work that brings tremendous insight and soul growth. It is time to face the shadows, both personally and collectively! A Cancer New Moon truly is a gift because it allows us to get in touch with our emotions and can also help us to release and express them, which can be such a relief! Another theme of Cancer is belonging. Where and with whom do we feel most at home? Who is in our tribe? Who is our family? Where do we belong? This Moon can hopefully help us to answer these questions. We are not alone.

Much Love



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Picture: Loving your inner child by Gioia Albano 


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