TAURUS NEW MOON - 19 May 2023


Exact at 4.53pm UK time (BST)

This is a potent New Moon, as it certainly does have some powerful planetary energy surrounding it! We are now on the other end of Eclipse season, and Mercury Retrograde is also finished, as Mercury has now turned direct. However, Pluto continues to square the Nodes and Mars, the warrior planet, is also joining in the party as it is sitting opposite Pluto for this New Moon. Mars and Pluto aspects can bring up strong emotions such as anger and even rage, but they can also help us to find the courage and motivation to face some difficult material and to overcome any fears and limitations that might be preventing soul growth. When I contemplate Mars in connection with Pluto, “superhuman force” comes to mind!

We are coming to the end of Taurus season now, as the Sun is getting ready to move into curious and communicative Gemini on 21 May. Before it does, we have a New Moon in loyal, stable, practical, self-sufficient and sensual Taurus, the sign that represents self-worth, survival, money, values, mother nature and the economy. As such, this is an ideal time to set some practical intentions, planting seeds in fertile ground so that they can blossom and grow over the coming weeks. A good thing to focus on during this Moon is abundance, in every sense of the word. It may be good to remind ourselves of the ways we are already abundant, whether it be financially, emotionally and/or spiritually. Taurus represents the Law of Attraction, helping us to ask for what we need and reminding us that we are always held and supported, even when things may feel a bit wobbly.

Taurus represents our relationship with ourselves, helping us to nurture feelings of self-reliance, self-empowerment, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and a healthy sense of self-worth. It helps us to take care of our own needs so that we don’t have an unhealthy reliance on others. It reminds us that if we truly learn to value and love ourselves then we will attract goodness into our lives, whether that be in the form of people, money, resources or situations. Like attracts like! If we don’t feel like we deserve it, then it probably won’t come! If we focus on what is lacking in our lives, we invite more of the same. This is a very good Moon foster a feeling of gratitude for what we already have so that we can bring in more of the same.  

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node all in Taurus for this New Moon, the focus is most definitely on all things Tuarus, which includes Mother Nature and the economy! Jupiter has just moved into Taurus, on 16 May, and is now sitting on top of the North Node, exact on 2 June, which is a beneficial energy to have around, as it is expansive, optimistic, forward thinking and growth oriented. Any time a planet sits on the North Node it tends to pull us forward towards growth. Possibly Jupiter could call for us to reassess our beliefs around money and survival, shifting our mindset and helping us to strengthen our faith in abundance. The Taurus North Node has been calling us to strip back, simplify our lives and decide what is truly of value in recent times. It has also been calling us to find ways to be more self-sufficient and pare back our debts as much as we can, so that we are less reliant on the power structures.

Jupiter could help us on this quest and can also remind us of how much we have to be grateful for. Abundance comes in many forms. It can also help us to keep that faith that we are safe, we are held and we are supported. However, as it is the biggest planet and tends to have a “magnifying” or “exaggerating” effect, it could bring things like inflation and rising costs, or could mean that either collectively or personally we somehow overextend ourselves financially. However, with bountiful and beneficial Jupiter sitting on the North Node, this does feel quite hopeful, helping us to look forward and see the bigger picture, stepping out of the comfort zone and embracing growth. It will be interesting to see whether the big, booming, expansive energy of Jupiter will help or hinder the economic and ecological situation in the coming year, as it travels through Taurus. We could have a bumper crop this year!

For this New Moon we also have the Mars/Pluto opposition forming a tense T-square with Jupiter and the Nodes. We could find that something comes out into the open that was hitherto hidden, which could potentially bring up some strong emotions, both on a personal and collective level. It does feel like the economy is the focus of this T-square, so it will be interesting to see what comes up in the next few days. With Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, coming up against Mars, the planet of drive, motivation, anger and aggression, there certainly is the potential for powerful emotions to surge up and for people to act out their shadows. There is the potential for a lot of passion, but with Jupiter involved in the mix it could get a bit out of control!

The T-square between Pluto, Mars and Jupiter will peak on 20 May, when Mars pops into Leo. Those of us with personal planets or angles in the very first degree of a sign, especially the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, will feel the powerful energy of the T-square most acutely. It certainly brings the potential for extremist behaviour with these three powerful planets being involved, and even rage, anger and brute force are possible. We may also find that some of our more deeply held beliefs about ourselves and life are challenged, not to mention people being rather forceful about their beliefs and opinions. However, this does bring the potential for getting some uncomfortable material out into the open and could force us to face our fears and take a big step forward and grow. Soul growth isn’t necessarily easy, and this does feel like one of those moments when we might need to face the music!

The good news for this particular Moon is that Pluto, Neptune and Mars are all supporting the Sun and Moon. There is a beautiful connection between the Sun, Moon, Mars and Neptune which brings the potential for some inspired, compassionate action and could temper the strong urges that the Pluto Mars opposition could bring. Neptune is a sensitive, compassionate energy that helps us to connect to the divine, and when it is supporting Mars, the warrior, it can help us to act and react from a place of love and connectedness. Indeed, Neptune can help us to know when it is the right time to act, as if we are somehow guided, following the flow rather than forcing things. It is good that Neptune is involved in this Moon, because it certainly brings an element of kindness, gentleness and empathy to the picture.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 29° Taurus, is: “Two cobblers working at a table”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The two-fold character of man’s mature understanding. In symbolism the feet are the symbol of understanding. Understanding differs from mere knowledge because it implies at least some degree of identification in depth with what is being understood. Moreover it is impossible fully to understand anything except when its opposite is taken into consideration. The mental process of understanding – and therefore of appreciation – implies confrontation between two points of view. Thus the mind gains a sense of perspective. The way to dispel a shadow is to have the object illumined (on its own two-dimensional level) by two sources of light. True understanding dissipates any intellectual shadow. The “two cobblers” symbolise two contrasting ways of approaching the understanding of an experience – especially a new experience – and they provide concrete forms which may clothe and protect the understanding. This symbol reveals symbolically the way in which a mature individual mind works in an attempt to gain PERSPECTIVE; a true perspective becomes the foundation upon which to build a new approach to life.”

It is so easy to see our differences and fight over which perspective is the right one, and the T-square certainly brings the potential for conflict. However, this symbol invites us to make the differences and contrasting perspectives work for us and allow them to complement each other instead of competing. There is no doubt that this Moon has the potential for bringing out the worst in us, but it doesn’t have to. We can use it to help us confront anything we have been avoiding, and we can also harness the sensitive, unifying, compassionate energy of Neptune to make sure that we don’t act and react from a place of ego. This certainly is a powerful Moon for planting seeds and intentions and watching them grow! As always, it is important to be mindful of what we ask for, because the universe tends to take things very literally, and a Taurus New Moon is an especially fertile one! This certainly is an ideal time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

Much Love



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Painting: Abundance Mindset – Cedar Lee


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