LIBRA FULL MOON - 6 April 2023

Exact at 5.34am UK time (BST)

Well, there certainly is some powerful planetary energy swirling around during this Full Moon, as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming Eclipses on 20 April and 5 May. Full Moons do tend to bring things to a head, as whatever has been building since the New Moon comes to fruition. Emotions can run high, and this Moon is no exception, as Chiron the Wounded Healer is in on the act! The theme of this Moon is our relationships, as Libra seeks to find justice, fairness, peace, balance and equality, especially within relationship, while the Aries Sun encourages us to take care of our own needs and focus on our own path. Somewhere in the middle of Aries and Libra lies the balance that the Libran part of us so dearly desires.

Chiron is sitting right next to the Aries Sun during this Full Moon, opposing the Libra Moon. This could be a healing time for our relationships, but also has the potential to bring up some pain or discomfort and expose our vulnerabilities. Indeed, we could find ourselves better able to express our pain than at other times, as this does hold the potential for some raw, open honesty.  It is possible that those closest to us could help to activate our sore spots, which could be healing, but could also trigger defensiveness, anger or hurt feelings. Aries is a very direct, honest, candid and forthright sign that likes to get the cards out onto the table, so we may find that our woundedness is somehow brought out into the open, which could be both painful and healing at the same time. It certainly helps to know where we stand, even if it does hurt a little. However, Chiron in Aries can also encourage us to align with our higher self and have the courage to express our true purpose in this world.

In the build-up to this Moon, we could become more aware of how we sacrifice our needs for the sake of being in relationship, or, conversely, how we have been too focused on ourselves. In an ideal world we would have a nice balance between Aries and Libra, so that we are able to truly listen to the needs of our loved ones, tending to the relationship while also recognising, acknowledging and expressing our own needs and desires. So often relationships involve one partner being dominant, while the other person loses themselves somewhat as they bend to the other’s will. This could be a good time to recognise how we might need to take something back for ourselves and assert our own needs and individuality, or, conversely, how we might benefit from developing more awareness of what our nearest and dearest need from us.   

The Libra part of us seeks peace and may avoid confrontation, shying away from ugly or harsh expressions of emotion, while the Aries part of us isn’t afraid of bringing up thorny subjects, even if it means having an argument. Aries can be quite brusque and trigger an angry response, while Libra is more adept at the art of diplomacy and reasoning. Somewhere in the middle is the answer! With Chiron involved in this Moon it might be hard to find the balance, as emotions could ride high, especially for those of us with personal planets or angles around 15/16° of a sign. The Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel the energy of Chiron and this Moon most acutely. This certainly could be a good Moon for getting things out into the open to be healed, and Libra can hopefully help us to find the middle ground.

Venus, the ruler of this Moon is in Taurus, as well as Mercury, Uranus and the North Node. We may be in Aries season, but there is also a lot of emphasis on Taurus, the sign that represents survival, money, self-worth, the economy, the senses and Mother Nature. With the North Node currently in Taurus and Pluto squaring the Nodes, the spotlight is on the economy, the banking system, cryptocurrency and survival. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks, as there does seem to be a lot going on in terms of technology, AI and the banking system. It is interesting to see how much AI has been in the news since Pluto, the planet of power, went into Aquarius, the sign of science and technology!

One of Pluto’s tasks, as it moves through Aquarius, is to expose the rot within the technocracies and highlight the potential pitfalls of this technological age that we seem to be hurtling towards with great speed. It is important to be very aware of how technology, with all its conveniences, could also work against us in the wrong hands. As Pluto squares the Nodes during the next few weeks, we could experience some fateful events around finance and could also see alternative solutions and innovations around the economy revealing themselves, especially since Uranus, the Revolutionary, is also in Taurus. There is also the potential for a shake-up of the power structures, revolutions and uprisings, especially closer to the middle of April as Jupiter, the Sun and Eris, the goddess of discord and strife all join together in Aries. People could be a bit hot around the collar from mid-April into May, as Eris is the part of us that is not afraid to stand up for what is right and shake up the status quo.

During this Full Moon, Mercury is sitting right next to the North Node, with Pluto forming a square to it. We could receive a message or information that is very revealing, both personally and collectively. We might also have some very deep and penetrating conversations that could expose some hitherto buried material. Pluto strips away self-deceit and helps us to gain psychological insight into our subconscious patterns and complexes, which could be both uncomfortable and very helpful! It will be interesting to see what comes to light during this time, both personally and on the world stage.

Pluto does seem to be prompting us to look at our shadow, both personally and collectively, and to recognise how we might be resisting the growth needed to step up to the next level. This is helped by Saturn in Pisces, forcing us to take responsibility for whatever we may have been avoiding or denying in recent times, burying our head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist! It does seem like a time to face ourselves and step up to the plate, so it is important to watch where we feel the greatest resistance, because that is probably exactly where the growth lies! What makes us squirm, because that is where we will find the buried treasure! Those of us with personal planets or angles in the first degrees of a sign, especially the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be feeling the transforming power of Pluto the most acutely, as it forces us to look into our shadows and confront ourselves so that we can evolve and grow.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 17° Libra, is: “A retired sea-captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbour”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The capacity to gain an objective and calm understanding of human experiences in which one was once deeply involved. Old age may or may not bring to man this objective and calm understanding as one remembers the crises overcome and the quiet enjoyment of great life vistas or “peak experiences,” but wisdom and inner serenity can hardly develop save on the basis of the overcoming of struggles and conflicts. The “sea captain” sailed his ship through storms and still waters of consciousness, his mind perhaps battered by gales, his ego-crew perhaps in revolt. Now there is peace and quietude. Another generation is sailing seas better charted perhaps, yet inherently nonrational and at times savage in their fury. He watches. He knows. Others are learning. At any age the ego-will may “retire” and contemplate, and be at peace before a greater voyage over even more poorly charted seas”.

Libra is the part of us that seeks peace, harmony and justice. Perhaps this Full Moon will bring a moment of quiet, calm, objective perspective in the midst of the potential upheaval and unrest that the presence of Pluto in Aquarius and Eris in Aries can bring. With Venus, Libran’s planetary ruler being in earthy, stable Taurus, we are certainly encouraged to delight in life’s simple pleasures, taking time out to “smell the roses”! However, Chiron’s presence during this Moon certainly does have the potential to make us feel somewhat vulnerable as we may need to confront any unhelpful sabotaging patterns, although it could also help us to have the courage to express our vulnerability in a way that could be incredibly healing. It will be interesting to see what comes up during this Moon, especially in the realm of our relationships. May we find the balance that Libra seeks!

Much Love



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