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This certainly is a noteworthy Full Moon, not least because Saturn moves from Aquarius into Pisces less than an hour after the Moon reaches its peak. When a heavyweight planet such as Saturn moves signs it can bring about a shift of energy as the focus moves from one sign to another. Full Moons are also highly energetic by nature, as things tend to come to a head as the Moon reaches its fullest expression, bringing the unconscious out into the light of the conscious. There is a great deal of healing energy around during this Moon, as Virgo and Pisces represent the healing axis, not to mention that expansive Jupiter and Chiron the Wounded Healer are moving towards each other to form an exact conjunction that will peak on 12 March. This could be a very beneficial time to be doing some healing work!

We are right in the middle of Pisces season, with the Sun moving through this sensitive, dreamy, fluid, imaginative, receptive, compassionate and empathetic sign. This is a good time for turning inward and spending time in quiet contemplation, communing with nature, meditating and finding a way to connect with the divine. We could feel more sensitive and porous than usual, as we soak up other people’s energy like sponges. As such, time spent alone to regroup and recentre is essential.

And then we have this Virgo Moon, sitting directly opposite the Sun, calling for us to find some balance between the energy of Pisces and Virgo. Virgo is the part of us that seeks to be of service and loves to help others. We might tend to be too hard on ourselves at times, however, criticising ourselves and others and seeking impossible perfection, which is where Pisces comes in, to remind us that we are perfect in our imperfection and to accept ourselves and others as we are. However, the Pisces part of us can easily put the rose-tinted spectacles on and only see what we want to see, blinding us to some pretty big flaws! Virgo, on the other hand, offers us the gift of discernment and discrimination, helping us to separate the wheat from the chaff. Both signs naturally want to help others, and so this Moon could bring to the fore the themes of devotion, service, empathy, healing and helping.

It is interesting, contemplating the interplay between these two signs and how they spark off each other. Virgo is the sign of work, health and daily routines – the part of us that seeks to improve ourselves and “do better”. It is often when we are presented with a crisis, health or otherwise, that we are forced to confront ourselves and do the necessary inner and outer work to improve our situation. Sometimes a crisis literally has the capacity to bring us to our knees, so that we reach out to the divine in desperation to ask for help, guidance and some kind of sign that we are not alone. This is Pisces domain – connection to all that is, unity, faith, spirit and oneness. Virgo crises can offer us an amazing spiritual gift, a gateway, if we are open to it. At the very least, they can force us to turn inward and spend more time alone, helping to connect to our inner Pisces.

A Virgo Moon can bring about inner analysis that can help us to recognise where and how we might be out of balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is a good opportunity for some beautiful healing to occur. This Moon is also helped by a supportive trine from Uranus, the Great Awakener and harbinger of change. Uranus can help jolt us into a greater awareness of what needs to change, bringing profound insights that can really help us to shift out of unhealthy mindsets, beliefs, habits and routines. Uranus has the potential to liberate us from any conditioning and programming that simply no longer serves us. As such, this Moon could really help us to make some positive changes that put us onto a healthier trajectory.

Jupiter is also moving towards Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries, as I mentioned before. This feels like a very beneficial time for recognising and looking at our core wounds, as Jupiter enables us to see the bigger picture and to grow significantly, as long as we are willing to do the inner work. We may find that we receive some higher wisdom and guidance that helps us to confront the painful bits that we might usually prefer not to look at. Someone or something could help us to gain a broader perspective on old issues that have followed us through our life, connecting the dots in a way that might not have been possible before now. Jupiter can also expand or magnify our wounded nature, making them seem bigger somehow, although this can of course be beneficial. Sometimes our sore spots need to be triggered for true understanding and healing to occur.

Anyone with personal planets or angles close to 14° of a sign will feel the energy of this conjunction most acutely, especially the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Chiron doesn’t only represent our wounds – it also represents our highest potential, linking our earthly self with our higher self. This conjunction brings the potential for significant healing and spiritual growth to occur, as we are given the gift of understanding, as if something that has hitherto been missing somehow clicks into place and we are given a glimpse of our place in the grand scheme of things.

Meanwhile, Saturn, the lord of Karma, moves into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, where he will remain until 2026. Saturn teaches us that we reap what we sow, and so this could be a very karmic time; a time of reckoning, whereby we atone for any past discrepancies and mistakes, tying up any loose ends and facing any skeletons in the closet so that we can start fresh and do things the right way. It is very interesting that Saturn moves into Pisces on the day of the Virgo Full Moon, a sign known for cleansing and purifying! We could be called to become more accountable, while Saturn moves through the final sign, taking our spiritual path more seriously and becoming more disciplined around our spiritual practice, helping us to live up to our true potential. On the other hand, Saturn can block, control and restrict the Pisces flow, which could feel quite repressive.

Pisces is the part of us that dreams, imagines and feels inspired, so Saturn has the capacity to turn our dreams and fantasies into something concrete. Pisces also represents the collective unconscious – that invisible thread that connects us all. It knows nothing of boundaries. Saturn is the planet of fear, caution, limitation, control, structure, restrictions and boundaries. These are two very different energies! It is possible that fear could spread through the collective unconscious, or there could be attempts to control through subtle means and to create more and more boundaries that make us feel separate from one another. However, Pisces could potentially soften Saturn’s hard edges, and the power of a unified collective could wear away at any control that those in authority may seek to exert.

One thing that is very important is to watch ourselves when it comes to fear. We all feel fear, from time to time, but it is important not to dwell in it or allow it to overwhelm us. When we are in fear we are more easily controlled.  Pisces is our faith and trust that we are being guided in the right direction. Saturn could easily put a dampener on that, although it can also help us to see things as they are rather than dwelling in our fantasy of how things could be. Saturn in Pisces can also help us to truly take responsibility for those in need, in the spirit of compassionate service.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is a very powerful one, at 17° Virgo: “A volcanic eruption”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious. We are dealing here with the dramatic release of energies which have been kept in check by the outer shell of the ego-controlled consciousness. It may be a spectacular catharsis, but it often takes paths of destruction. Yet unless some form of purification by fire is experienced, the inner pressure of the karmic past, or of more recent frustrations would shake up perhaps even more destructively the very foundations of the personality. Everything must be released from the psyche seeking to attain the transfigured state. The soul must become empty, the mind translucent. The Keyword is EXPLOSION.”

Well, that is quite a symbol! It also has some resonance with the energy of Saturn in Pisces. What might have been building within us that needs to be released? What have we been trying to control or keep a lid on? This Moon could blow the lid off, by the sounds of it! Mars is forming a wide challenging square to the Sun and Moon, which could force things out into the open or cause anger to erupt. We also have Uranus playing such a big part in the Moon, helping to liberate and release stuck energy and bringing the potential for some kind of shake-up. It is possible that we have been holding onto something that needs to be brought out rather than being suppressed so that it becomes insidiously destructive. There is also the potential for something coming out in the world stage that causes shock waves. This is one powerful Moon, that is for sure! There seems to be the potential for cleansing, purifying, releasing, understanding, healing, expanding and exploding!

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Picture: Vesuvius by Andy Warhol

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