VIRGO FULL MOON - 27 August 2022

Exact at 9.17am UK time (BST)

This is a potent New Moon that could have a profound effect on our relationships. New Moons are a time of new beginnings, when something is left behind in the dark of the Moon and something new is planted to help us to move forward. This New Moon is in Virgo, a sign that seeks to tweak and improve things so that we become a better version of ourselves. Virgo can bring the potential for crisis, which helps us to become more aware of what is out of alignment and to do whatever we can to make things better. Virgo is the part of us that has the capacity to analyse ourselves and our situation in order to improve things. It is the sign that cleanses, perfects and purifies. As such, we could experience some kind of purification process during this Moon, whereby something in our lives needs to be adjusted or reset in order to work smoothly again.

A Virgo New Moon can help us to understand what is wrong and fix it. Virgo is a very humble sign that encourages us to put our ego aside and accept constructive criticism or advice without taking it personally. However, the Virgo part of us can also be very sensitive to criticism and can also take the blame when maybe we shouldn’t. As such, we are encouraged to use one of Virgo’s greatest superpowers and to practice the art of discernment and discrimination. Amazing healing is possible during a Virgo New Moon if we are willing to do the inner work and to have the humility and willingness to accept whatever teaching is being offered to us. Sometimes a crisis can be incredibly useful because it forces us to confront things that we may have been ignoring and hoping will go away!

Our relationships and finances are very much in focus during this New Moon, with Saturn, Uranus and Chiron all forming strong aspects to Venus. Saturn opposite Venus can really test our relationships and financial situation, giving us a heavy dose of reality and forcing us to take responsibility for our part in whatever might be out of alignment. Saturn in Aquarius encourages us to take a step back and to see things for what they really are, rather than how we would like them to be. We are also encouraged to be objective and to see ourselves from a less subjective viewpoint, which sometimes isn’t easy, as it is hard to see ourselves clearly. It also asks us to find the emotional maturity to face whatever comes up with dignity, wisdom and integrity. It may not be an easy time for our relationships, but it can also teach us some valuable lessons, so long as we are willing and able to take a long hard look at ourselves and face up to our part in things. This aspect will be building during this Moon, exact on Sunday 28 August.

Uranus, which is very strong during this Moon having just gone retrograde, is also forming an exact dynamic, challenging square to Venus, which could bring a shock of some kind that challenges the status quo within our relationships and/or the economy, breathing fresh air into the situation. Uranus can upset the apple cart and threaten our sense of stability, but it can also bring amazing shifts and liberate us from relationship dynamics that are stifling, restrictive, unhealthy or heavy. And this could feel quite unsettling and unnerving! Sometimes, however, things need to break down in order to have a breakthrough. Uranus helps us to come up with unique solutions and can help us to release ourselves from old patterns that simply no longer help us within our relationships. We have a chance to let go of old programs that have outlived their usefulness and reprogram new, healthier ways of being in relationship. There is the potential here for a reset and recalibration around the way we relate. This aspect will be exact on the day of the New Moon.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is also forming a helpful, supportive trine to Venus, bringing the potential for profound healing to occur within our relationships. With Chiron currently in brave, forthright and honest Aries, we have the potential to be very honest with each other and bring some painful material out into the open so that it can be healed. We may have to be brave but it will definitely be worth it. This aspect is exact on Wednesday 24 August, but will still be very prevalent during this Moon.

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 19° of a sign will feel the energy of these Venus aspects most acutely, especially in the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Mars has recently moved into Gemini and is a very big part of this Moon, forming an exact challenging square to the Sun and Moon. Mars, the warrior planet, moved into the sign of communication on Saturday 20 August and can certainly help us to find our voice and bring anything out into the open that may have been festering beneath the surface. However, it can also bring heated discussions and it is important that we don’t allow our egos to run the show. Mars can help us to find the courage to say what we need to say but we might also find it hard to back down and find a place of compromise.

Interestingly enough, Mercury, the ruler of this Moon and also the ruler of Gemini, is also forming a supportive, helpful trine to Mars, which compounds the potential for honest, open, candid, forthright discussions. Mercury moves into Libra, the sign of balance and equality on Friday 26 August, which should help us to compromise and find the common ground after a couple of weeks of analysing everything while Mercury has been in Virgo. When the planet of the mind and communication aligns with the planet of courage we could find that we are better able to be direct and to confront thorny issues without causing offence. This energy is so helpful for finding the courage to bring things out into the open and say what needs to be said. This aspect will be building in strength during this Moon, coming close to exact on 3 September.

Jupiter in Aries is also forming a nagging inconjunct to the Sun and Moon, which does bring the potential for conflict and escalation of anger but could also help us to stand up for what we believe. It may also force us to believe in ourselves and to find the confidence in self that is needed to face whatever Virgo crisis we are facing.

Anybody with personal planets around 4° of a sign, especially the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, will feel the energy of this Virgo New Moon and the direct, forthright and potentially angry energy of Mars most acutely. We certainly could be prompted to be brave enough to face some uncomfortable material during this Moon and to not be afraid to talk about it!

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 5° Virgo, is a very encouraging one: “A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies.” Which Dane Rudyar describes as “The opening of new levels of consciousness. The consciousness is gradually reaching beyond physical characteristics and becoming aware of energy processes, i.e. of the dynamism of forces which externalise themselves as life forms. The mind in its objectivising and analytical character always tends to give “name and form” to that which it contacts as energy process. It “images forth” energy or feeling, relating it to more or less familiar sense experience. We call this IMAGINATION”. This symbol certainly brings the promise of altered perception that can bring greater insight and awareness of higher forces, and this is beautiful.

This surely does seem like a powerful New Moon and if we harness its energy wisely it has the potential to help us to move through and past some heavy material. The planets do seem to be aligned to help us to face some thorny issues within our relationships, which may not be easy but could be so rewarding if we are willing and able to look at ourselves honestly and do the inner work. Some courage may be needed, as well as the capacity to let our ego take a back seat so that we can truly accept whatever lessons we are being presented with. There is the potential for amazing healing to occur as well as a rewiring of old, outworn programming and patterns of relating. Virgo may ask us to use the art of discernment to choose what is good for us and what is not serving us anymore. This Moon could certainly involve some kind of reset that helps us to move forward as we mean to go on, a new and improved version of ourselves!

Much Love



Picture: Mural by zachnolinart


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