CANCER NEW MOON - 29 June 2022

Exact at 2.51am UK time (BST)

This Moon brings into focus all things related to Cancer, such as home, family, childhood, ancestral roots, parenthood, the land we live on, real-estate, our sense of emotional security and a feeling of belonging. Whenever Cancer is involved we are invited to get in touch with our emotions and let them out in a healthy way, if we can. Better out than in! Cancer represents the vulnerable little child that still resides within all of us. It is the part of us that sometimes finds it hard to be a grown-up and deal with the responsibilities that come with being a mature adult. We are all shaped by our childhoods, which have a tendency to influence our actions and reactions in our adult relationships, as we project any displaced needs from childhood onto those closest to us from time to time. We all have moments when we revert to our childhood patterns that might have served us back then but might not be so appropriate now.

A Cancer New Moon could help us to get in touch with that child part of us, encouraging us to honour our feelings and let them out somehow. Maybe we are feeling scared, or overwhelmed, or sad, or fearful, or angry, and while we may usually push the feelings into the background and just “get on with it”, Cancer could help us to acknowledge them and allow them to just be. We don’t have to dwell on them, but pushing them away or suppressing them isn’t helpful either. It is better to bring them out into the open, allowing, honouring and acknowledging them and as we do so they lose their power.

New Moons are an incredibly potent time, when we sow energetic seeds for the month ahead, either consciously or unconsciously. This particular Moon could have us contemplating what, where and who is “home” to us. Is it a physical place or a feeling within? Are we at home in our own skin? Where and with whom do we feel a true sense of belonging? Who is our tribe, our soul family? Who, when it comes down to it, can we count on to help us in our hour of need? What land do we feel most connected to? What emotional patterns from childhood keep popping up that we might wish to leave behind in the dark of the Moon? Where might we like to put down roots? How can we parent and nurture our inner child? What makes us feel insecure and needy? What ancestral traits and tendencies do we have that might be a help or hindrance? Do we need to drop any unhelpful walls and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable and maybe admit when we are scared or can’t cope? These are all good questions for a Cancer New Moon!

Jupiter In Aries is a big part of this Moon, as it is forming an exact square with the Sun and Moon. This could bring up some rather “big” emotions that we may find it hard to avoid! Enthusiastic Jupiter in Aries could help us to be very brave and to step outside of our comfort zones in search of what it is we really want, need and desire. However, this could be a bit difficult for our scared little child that would prefer to hide behind the protection of mummy’s skirts! This Moon could force us to take the initiative, take a risk and move past our fears, while at the same time honouring them in true Cancer style. Life is scary sometimes, but we don’t get anywhere if we allow fear to paralyse us. Jupiter in Aries could help us to believe in ourselves and take a leap of faith, because even if we get burned then at least we have tried! We could receive a burst of energy, optimism and drive that can help us to go after our heart’s desires.

This square from Jupiter in Aries could also lead to rash decisions, as we act first and think later. However, sometimes this can be a good thing! Jupiter in Aries reminds me of the Fool in the Tarot, jumping off the cliff with the wisdom of the gods. This combination does also bring the potential for over-reactions, over-extending ourselves, being impatient and even insensitive when it comes to other people’s feelings. With Jupiter expanding and exaggerating the energy of Aries, angry outbursts are a possibility, as is being overzealous or too self-focused. However, we may also receive a nice dose of enthusiasm, courage and faith to actually make the changes we seek. Anyone with personal planets or angles around 7° of a sign will feel the energy of this Jupiter square most acutely, especially the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Speaking of anger and drive, Pluto and Mars are also squaring off against one another during this Moon, an aspect that will be exact in the early hours of 2 July UK time. This is a powerful combination of the planet of soul, power and transformation and the planet of drive, energy, action and desire. It has the potential to help us to face parts of ourselves that we might usually shy away from, taking a trip into the underworld and coming up with some buried treasure. It could also incite rage and anger that may usually remain buried, which could be very helpful or very destructive! We may find ourselves acting or reacting compulsively from a very subconscious place, but could also find the energy and motivation to overcome massive obstacles. Those in power could use force or underhanded tactics to gain more power.

Anyone with personal planets or angles within a couple of degrees of 27° of a sign, especially the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, will feel the energy of this powerful combination most acutely. It is important to bear in mind that Mars is in its own sign of Aries, which can be quite forceful and energetic, and combined with Pluto could cause us to act impulsively and compulsively,  bringing things out into the open that are very revealing and even exposing. Actions speak louder than words!         

There are some easy, supportive, pleasant aspects between planets during this Moon to balance out the squares, including a lovely supportive sextile aspect between Jupiter and Venus. This can help us to express our feelings to one another, being openly affectionate and honest. Venus is currently in Gemini, which is quite sociable, communicative and playful place for the planet of love and relationship to be! Jupiter and Venus can also help us to find the courage to take a risk financially, keeping the faith that it will all work out in the end. Saturn and Mars are also in good relation to one another, helping us to apply discipline to our actions and to be sensible, realistic and not act too impulsively.

Uranus is currently working its way towards a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Taurus, which feels very significant indeed. The energy is building now, exact on 1 August. This could be a very important time for the economy, as Taurus is the sign of money, survival and values and whenever the Nodes are activated it can have a profound impact on our collective and personal destiny. Uranus can bring a sense of liberation and release from the chains of the past, helping us to find new and innovative ways of approaching the concept of money, self-worth and survival. It also has the potential to bring some kind of breakdown in terms of the economy that could then lead to a breakthrough. The Sabian symbol for this conjunction is very evocative indeed: “A new continent rising out of the ocean” which Rudyar describes as “The surge of new potentiality after the crisis”.

Uranus brings sudden, shocking events that have the potential to bring about radical change. It invites us to think outside of the box and approach things from a different perspective and in the case of Taurus we are invited to completely undo our conditioning and programming around money and survival. There is some real growth potential here, if we are open and willing. Uranus represents our long term memory from this and all other lifetimes, which of course could include experiences of trauma such as war and famine but could also help us to remember our innate connection to the natural world and to reconnect with our roots. It is not so long ago that many of us lived off the land and hunted for food, and we all have the memory of this in our cells.

The Taurus North Node encourages us to strip back and live a simpler existence. Uranus can help us to find creative and innovative ways to be self-sufficient that can benefit the whole rather than merely  being self-serving. However, Uranus also represents computers and technology, and we do certainly seem to be moving towards a greater use of tech within the economy, with the possibility of digital currency looming large. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks as Uranus moves towards the North Node. It certainly has the potential to bring some curve balls, but could also bring profound insight, epiphanies and a sense of release and liberation. This conjunction occurs at 18° Taurus, so the fixed signs will feel it most acutely.

Neptune is also very much present during this Moon as it is standing still, getting ready to turn retrograde. This can bring the potential for overwhelm, imagination running wild, lack of boundaries, a longing to escape reality, strange spiritual experiences, sensitivity and confusion, but also enhances our compassion, empathy and connection to each other and spirit. This could certainly help us to find acceptance for what is and to open our hearts, honour our feelings and have more understanding of the feelings of others. Neptune can also help us to open up to the flow and to dream a new reality into being, with Jupiter in Aries there to give us the motivation, confidence and faith to follow our dreams!

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is an interesting one, at 8° Cancer: “A group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “ The tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth. This rather strange symbol points to what is essential in all first attempts at developing consciousness and furthering one’s growth through association with those who have already reached a superior evolutionary or mental level. Every seeker looks for an “Exemplar.” The religious mystic speaks of “the Imitation of Christ.” In Japan the music student sits in front of his teacher playing an instrument, and carefully imitates his every gesture. At this third stage of the five-fold sequences we see at work the basic features at the start of all LEARNING PROCESSES.” We all have so much to learn from other countries and people who know more than we do or who are more advanced in some way.

There is something else that comes to mind with this symbol, which is that the rabbits are pretending to be something that they are not. Which brings us back to the Cancerian lessons around showing our vulnerability and admitting when we need help instead of soldiering on alone. This Moon calls us to honour our feelings and to reach out if we are in need and also be there to nurture others if they are stuck, lost, lonely or scared. We all have an inner child that sometimes just needs to be held. Neptune encourages us to turn within and connect to the divine in whatever way feels right for cultivating the faith and trust that ultimately we are being guided in the right direction. Cancer invites us to truly get in touch with our emotions and allow them to be our teacher and our guide.

Much Love



Picture: Loving Your Inner Child - Gioia Albano




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