GEMINI NEW MOON - 30 May 2022

Exact at 12.30pm UK time (BST)

The chart for this New Moon is fairly simple and straightforward, with less aspects between planets than usual. Interestingly enough, the planet with the most amount of aspects is Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, which definitely puts the main focus on all things Gemini, such as communication, learning, sharing information, opinions and ideas, our thought processes, the media and our everyday interactions. The pace tends to pick up somewhat in Gemini season, often bringing about some kind of media frenzy and also bringing about increased interactions, communication and movement.

However, Mercury is currently retrograde in earthy Taurus, a sign that is well known for taking its own sweet time and doesn’t like being rushed into making decisions or changing its mind. As such, this particular Gemini New Moon may be somewhat less frenetic, along with more potential for misunderstandings and miscommunications. We could become much more aware than usual how well we listen, speak and take in information. Indeed, there could even be some communication breakdowns!

This Moon certainly does feel lighter than the previous couple of Moons, however, giving us time to process the Scorpio Full Moon and the Eclipse season that is now over and done with. Gemini is a sign that helps us to better understand ourselves and life, making the unconscious more conscious. During this Gemini New Moon we may receive some important information or a message that is significant in some way. It is so important to be aware of our thought processes, because energy follows thought and whatever we think and believe tends to manifest in reality. It is also helpful to be mindful of how we communicate and what we say to others, because our words have power to influence and plant seeds in people’s minds that can then manifest in reality. The power of suggestion is a powerful thing, and it is so very easy to plant negative or detrimental seeds if we are not careful, either in our own or other people’s minds.

This does not only apply to our personal lives, but we could also become more aware of the power that the media wields and its capacity for sensationalism, brainwashing and the manipulation of the truth. Gemini in its lower form is the sign of gossip, duplicity and lies. With both Pluto and Neptune forming aspects to Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, we have the potential for mind control, propaganda, brain-washing, hypnotism, slander and “spell-casting”. Media companies certainly do have the power to influence the minds of the masses, with sophisticated propaganda techniques and cleverly placed concepts and phrases that are repeated over and over again so that ideas or ideologies become implanted in the mind, much like neuro-linguistic programming or hypnotism.

However, while Pluto aspecting Mercury does hold the potential for mind control and hypnotism, it can also help us to gain some understanding of what might be lurking beneath the surface, hidden from view. During this Moon some information could come to light that is quite revealing, exposing the rot of governments and power structures. We could also find ourselves having some penetrating discussions and gaining some profound psychological insight into ourselves, life and each other. Pluto Mercury aspects bring the capacity for deep thinking and a willingness to take a trip into the underworld in order to find the information and understanding we need. This is a great aspect for anyone in therapy, as it could really help to get to the heart of the matter. With Mercury currently retrograde, we could find ourselves looking back into the past, dredging up old memories which could be very revealing and somewhat cathartic.

Saturn in Aquarius is also forming a dynamic, challenging square aspect to Mercury during this Moon. Saturn is the planet of reality, control, authority, suppression, discipline, boundaries, responsibility and commitment. This combination could really test our ability to communicate and to be understood!  Saturn in Aquarius in aspect to Mercury brings the potential for authoritarian control of information, mind control and increased censorship. With Saturn in Aquarius since March 2020 we have been experiencing an increase in the use of Saturnian control through technology, both from governments and Big Tech. We could receive information or a message that brings about some kind of reality check, forcing us to see things as they really are rather than how we would like them to be. Sometimes reality is not all that palatable, although it certainly is better to know than not.

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 25 or 26° of a sign will feel the impact of Saturn and Mercury most acutely, especially the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This can be quite a sobering influence, forcing us to see the bottom line of whatever we are thinking about. No rose-tinted spectacles allowed when Saturn is around! It is also possible that we will be forced to be more controlled and need better boundaries when we communicate. Saturn and Mercury can tend to say it how it is rather than using any flowery language or beating around the bush!

Mercury is also sitting right next to the North Node in Taurus, with Uranus on the other side of the Node. This brings the potential for some kind of important message, announcement, information, understanding or decision that has an impact on our personal and/or collective destiny. With Taurus being the sign emphasised here, this could pertain to survival issues and the economic situation. Uranus is working towards an exact conjunction with the North Node in July, which could signify some kind of shift, shock, realisation or revolution in terms of the economic situation, potentially bringing an increased use of technology in connection to the economy.

However, Uranus in Taurus also calls for us to rediscover our capacity to survive by developing a greater connection with the natural world, helping us to come up with some innovative and ingenious solutions to whatever situation we might find ourselves in. There is always another way - it’s simply a case of thinking outside of the box and seeing things from a different perspective. Indeed, we are being called to undo some of our ingrained programming and conditioning when it comes to “money” and survival. Uranus can help us re-member some natural skills and reconnect with our true nature and connection to the natural world. We all have it in our DNA, the capacity to live in a very simple way - the way it was before industry and technology came about.

Jupiter and Mars are joining forces in brave, enthusiastic, pioneering and forthright Aries during this New Moon, which on the one hand brings the potential for a boost of confidence and courage, while on the other hand could bring about a magnification or escalation of aggression and war-like tendencies. Wherever this conjunction occurs in our chart we might find ourselves better able to take a risk, bravely stepping into uncharted territory. This combination could help us to step into our superhero outfits! However, it is important to note that Mars is the warrior planet and Aries is the sign of war, while Jupiter is the biggest planet and so it could magnify and expand the energy of Aries and Mars. At the very least we could find that people don’t hold back from expressing their beliefs and opinions during this Moon. However, we could also find the war escalating and getting “bigger”.

Those of us with personal planets or angles around 4° of a sign, especially the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, will feel the brave, expansive, confidence boosting energy of this conjunction most acutely. Will it bring out our more aggressive, opinionated, forceful or arrogant side or help us to enthusiastically expand our horizons and take a much needed risk? There certainly is the potential for being able to make a leap of faith, much like the Fool in the tarot. However, we may forget to look before we leap!

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon, at 10° Gemini, is “An airplane performing a nose dive” which Dane Rudyar describes as “ A superior ability to challenge nature and play with danger. Through the controlled use of mental powers man is able to challenge the most basic force in nature: gravitation. He enjoys playing with it as a lion tamer with his violent animals. But what he challenges is within himself, as well as outside. Gravitation is the universal binding force of the material world. By challenging it man prepares himself to pierce beyond the physical and to reach higher realms of existence.  He may lose the struggle, but that prospect makes the effort more exciting. He might gain “immortality.” This symbol has a strong sense of finality. No possibility of half measures exists. Man is committed irrevocably to success or failure – at least as a conscious and self-reliant mind. The alternatives are clear-cut. One may describe it as MIND vs MATTER, or as Man’s will against the fate that gravitation so aptly symbolises.”

This symbol certainly contains hints of the risk-taking Jupiter Mars conjunction, combined with the potential for mind-control inherent in the Saturn square Mercury aspect. It is quite an extreme image that has an unknown outcome, as it could either end in disaster or exhilaration and relief! It certainly seems to call for strength of mind and full concentration on the matter at hand. This does definitely feel like a moment in time when courage is needed, as well as keeping an eye on what might happen next, as everyone may need to bail out to safety. Having a metaphorical “safety device”, such as a parachute or a safe landing-pad, could be a good thing, as this symbol certainly does hold the potential for a crash and burn situation to occur! However, we can only hope that the person in charge of the plane doesn’t experience a loss of judgement or concentration.

This certainly is an interesting Moon which definitely puts a huge amount of focus on the way we think and communicate. The potential for mind-control is rife, but so is the pressure for us to exercise control over our own minds. Which takes us back to the concept of mind over matter and the need to be fully aware of the power of our thoughts and words to influence reality. It seems as if we are being asked to be extremely mindful of our interactions and thought processes during this Moon, as they will have more impact than usual. It will certainly be interesting to see what information comes to light during this Gemini season. We might just need to be aware of the potential for misinformation, misunderstandings, overactive minds and information overload! However, this is a perfect opportunity to become more aware of the power of our mind and how it can influence our reality.

Much Love



Painting: Mind over Matter by Jan Kasparek


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