SCORPIO NEW MOON - 4 November 2021


Exact at 9.15pm, UK time (GMT).

 Scorpio season is now upon us, which is always an opportunity to do some purging! Much like the leaves falling from the trees in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year, we are invited to allow anything that isn’t serving us to fall away. There is a sense of being stripped bare, like a leafless tree or a snake shedding its skin. Scorpio forces us to face our shadows, recognising the parts of us that we might deny in ourselves but tend to project out onto others. As we move toward the dark of the Moon we are invited to turn inward and do the inner work to release old, unhealthy patterns, behaviour and habits that are no longer appropriate for us as we move forward. We have a lot of help during this Moon to let go, purge all the crap and move forward with a lighter step!


Scorpio forces us to see the bare naked truth, even if we don’t like what we see! It helps us to dig deep beneath the surface and bring out whatever might be lurking there, exposing our deepest, darkest secrets, fears and desires. This is an incredibly transforming, catalytic energy, helping us to recognise what is rotten and decaying so that we can release and purify it, rising out of the ashes of its destruction. Scorpio doesn’t hold any punches; it is incredibly perceptive, astute and even suspicious and can see through the façade to the heart of the matter, pinpointing anything we might be trying to hide. This Moon is an ideal time to be utterly honest with ourselves and own up to our compulsions, obsessions, psychological complexes and triggers, and as we do so they will start to lose their power.


So often the traits that really bother us in someone else are aspects of ourselves that we simply cannot see - we have relegated them to the shadows so that we are irrationally triggered by the same quality in someone else. This Moon can help us to bring the darkness out into the light. With Pluto, the planetary ruler of this Moon in Capricorn right now, it is the structures of society that are being exposed, revealing the darkness and rot for all to see. This Moon has the potential to further unveil corruption and agendas in the governments, corporations and beyond, forcing those in power to be more transparent and also forcing us to see things that we would prefer to deny because they make us feel so uncomfortable. Sometimes we need a dark night of the soul in order to come into the light.


Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and is getting very close to the end of its stay as it moves into Aquarius in 2023, so it still has some work to do in transforming the old, outworn patriarchal structures into something more appropriate for us moving forward. The old order is falling away, but it’s not going down without a fight!


Uranus is a very big player indeed during this Moon, as it is directly opposite the Sun and Moon. This is a very exciting, electrical, unpredictable energy that has the capacity to rejuvenate and wake us up. Uranus can break things down so that we can experience some kind of a breakthrough. It can shock or  jolt us out of stagnation and complacency into a place of greater awareness, bringing a sense of freedom and liberation from old conditioning. We all have patterns that have formed over time as a result of our parental and societal conditioning that are not who we really are and, quite frankly, are not helpful! Combine the planet of sudden change and revolution with the transforming, catalytic energy of Scorpio and there is the potential for some amazing realisations and insight into some of the subconscious patterns that sabotage our lives and relationships from the shadows.


Uranus can help us to shift out of our emotional ruts, breathing fresh air into our lives, which is much needed after the heaviness of recent times, as Saturn has been forming a challenging square to the Sun for the past week or so. It can enliven and wake us up, helping us to see and release ourselves from any shadow material and unhealthy patterns that may be holding us prisoner, which is so very welcome! It can also awaken us to anything that we may be unwilling to see or admit the existence of. Uranus is a bit like a light bulb going on, and as it is opposing Scorpio it could make us “see” behind the veil that which we have been unable and unwilling to confront, both personally and collectively. Those of us with any personal planets and angles around 12° of a sign will feel the exciting, liberating and changing energy of Uranus and this Moon most acutely, especially in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  


Mars has also recently moved into Scorpio, where he is much more comfortable than in Libra! This combination can help us to confront some difficult material and overcome some big obstacles and limitations. Mars in Scorpio gives us the desire and courage to face our shadows, peering into the deepest darkest corners and doing the inner work to really get to the bottom of our subconscious compulsions and tendencies. We may have to take a trip into the underworld and could find ourselves severely triggered at times, but there is some buried treasure to be found here as we experience a deeper connection with ourselves and others. Mars in Scorpio can be ruthlessly honest, but sometimes that is exactly what is needed - the truth in its rawest form, without any kind of sugar coating! Mars is in Scorpio from 30 October until 13 December.


Mercury also moves into Scorpio the day after this New Moon, making this a veritable Scorpio party! Mercury in this intense, deep and penetrating sign can help our minds really get to the bottom of things, piercing through the veil of illusion and fully comprehending the truth of the matter, as uncomfortable as it may be. We may say things that hit below the belt but which are hard to deny. Our minds may go to some quite dark places as we are forced to confront some challenging material, but it is better to face the truth than to live in denial. Indeed, Mercury in Scorpio could bring out our inner detective and psychologist, leaving no stone unturned as we peer into the shadows and confront whatever we find lurking there. Mercury will be in Scorpio from 5 November until 24 November.


Mercury and Mars will join forces on 10 November, which could ramp things up in the “uncomfortable truths” department! This combination could help us to bring anything out into the open that we may not usually have the courage to say, but could also cause us to say things we regret. This is a perfect recipe for the Freudian slip, or for blurting out something that comes from a very subconscious place. We may have to confront some challenging psychological material during this time and could have some penetrating conversations or angry outbursts that pierce right through to the heart of the matter. We may find that we suddenly have the courage to say what we really, truly think and feel, with no filter whatsoever. Similarly, we may be the recipient of some kind of hard but necessary truth that penetrates us to our core.


We may also find out some revealing information or messages via the news or media, as certain truths could be revealed that have the potential to bring out rage or anger. There could also be some very passionate debates and things said in the heat of the moment that are very revealing and exposing indeed! Anyone with personal planets or angles around 7° Scorpio will feel the energy of this combo most acutely, especially in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 13° Scorpio, is: “An inventor performs a laboratory experiment”, which Rudyar describes as “ The driving urge toward achievement, which is at the root of civilisation.” He goes on to say “ One must try to go to the roots of problems of interpersonal or international relations, as well as to discover the principles controlling the interaction between material particles and larger bodies. Modern technology is only one approach to an immensely complex problem. Intuition is as necessary to success as intellectual analysis. The symbol stresses the value of individual initiative; perseverance and caution in any attempt to understand how everything is related to everything else. What is most needed is the ability to relate seemingly unrelated facts.”


There is a sense, with this symbol, of stepping outside of the comfort zone and experimenting in some way, even at the risk of failure. This ties in with the involvement of Uranus with the Moon, a planet that very much invites us to think outside of the box and try something we have never done before. There are times in our lives when we have to take a risk and the outcome is uncertain. Uranus invites us to be as flexible and open as possible to what might come up, while Scorpio encourages us to dig deep and purge, letting go of unhealthy patterns and being willing to peer into some dark corners. To deny the existence of the shadows only gives them more power. There is a liberating, forward looking feeling to this Moon, as we shed layers and dead weight, which can leave us feeling somewhat vulnerable but also empowered, strong and lighter in our step.


“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness.” Brené Brown

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Painting by Leanne M Williams


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