VIRGO NEW MOON - 7 September 2021

Exact at 1.51am UK time (BST)

Virgo season is now upon us, which always brings a “back to school” feeling about it! This is an ideal Moon to set some healthy, positive intentions that can help us to improve ourselves and our lives. Virgo is a very humble, modest, efficient, service-oriented, health-conscious sign that likes order and routine and loves to feel busy and useful. It is the part of us that wants to do well, although sometimes it can also mean that we are quite hard on ourselves, seeking some kind of impossible perfection. A Virgo New Moon can help us to contemplate new, healthy routines for ourselves and to organise and declutter so that we can clear the qi. Virgo likes to cleanse and purify, so this is an ideal opportunity to do just that, whether through diet, exercise or even clearing away any toxic or unhealthy relationships or situations. This New Moon could really help us to explore what needs to change and to actually do something about it!

Virgo is the part of us that is fond of a good project and is very good at self-analysis, as long as it doesn’t go too far and turn into self-flagellation! The best use of Virgo energy is to decide what needs tweaking and then simply put one step in front of the other rather than creating a huge obstacle in our minds that feels impossible to surmount! The subject of health could become more prominent during Virgo season, but it is important not to worry too much or become too fixated on it, but rather to make sure that we take care of ourselves and manage our stress levels in the best way we can. Virgo is quite self-critical and is all too aware of the power of the mind to impact our body, both positively and negatively. It is the part of us that is prone to over-analysis, worry and anxiety, so it is very important to be kind to ourselves and integrate some kind of relaxing or meditative practice into our daily routine. The Virgo part of us takes great joy from tidiness and putting our lives in order!

Uranus is forming an exact trine aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could help us to make the changes that are necessary to improve our situation. Trines are helpful, flowing aspects and so Uranus could help us to think outside of the box and come up with new solutions for any issues or conundrums we might be facing. Uranus offers us a change of perspective, breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs, sudden insight, waking us up to concepts, ideas and possibilities that we may not have been open to before. Uranus invites us to be a bit more inventive, stepping out of the mould and shaking off the old, outworn version of ourselves that is no part of who we are becoming. There is a sense of freedom and excitement when Uranus is involved; a feeling that change is afoot if we are open, flexible and can allow it to pull us out of whatever rut or holding pattern we may be stuck in. This is a very helpful energy indeed if we are seeking to change our routines and become healthier in mind, body and spirit!

Mars is also in Virgo at the moment and is forming a nice trine aspect with Pluto during this Moon. There is a lot of flowing trine energy involved in this Moon! Mars, the planet of action in practical, work and health oriented Virgo is certainly going to help us to put our plans and projects into action and do whatever is needed to improve our situation! Add Pluto to the mix and we have some soul power to help us to achieve our goals. Pluto helps us to purge old patterns and transform ourselves, prompting us to dig deep into our shadows and face whatever we find there so that we can transmute it. Mars and Pluto in harmony can bring the superhuman strength, will and courage to confront and overcome things that we never would have thought possible. These two powerful forces can also help us to have the courage to reveal or expose the parts of ourselves that we might usually be too shy or ashamed to show.

This is very helpful energy to have if we are contemplating making positive changes in our lives, as it helps us to align our personal will with our higher will. It can also create a high degree of raw, sexual energy, bringing a greater sense of intimacy and physical connection. Anybody with personal planets or angles around 24° of a sign will be feeling the powerfully energetic and transforming energy of Pluto and Mars most acutely, especially those in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

We also have two other helpful trines during this Moon, which makes it feel like a very positive and supportive lunation indeed. One is between Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra, helping us to think sensibly and to make concrete decisions that are based in reality. This combination helps us to use our common sense and to formulate careful plans that actually have the potential to stick. Our minds are under no illusions when Saturn is involved, but are able to be clear, realistic and logical.

The other trine is between Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus in Libra, helping us to see the bigger picture within our relationships and develop more of a “live and let live” kind of attitude towards our loved ones. Jupiter in eccentric, unconventional, freedom loving Aquarius forming an aspect to Venus can help us to relate to one another in a very open-minded and tolerant manner, as we are somehow able to take a more detached, objective viewpoint and see ourselves and our relationships from a wiser, higher perspective.

With Mercury and Venus both in Libra at the moment, which encourages us to put ourselves in another’s shoes so that we can understand how they feel and see things from their point of view. Libra also reminds us to be kind to one another and is very adept at understanding both sides of an argument or issue. This is a sign that greatly values peace and harmony, which could help us to be more diplomatic with one another and more willing to understand a different perspective. Libra is the part of us that seeks to find the middle ground, although this can also mean that we sit on the fence rather than deciding one way or another or committing to a particular stance. However, in the current climate this Libran energy could be very important indeed, because it helps to see both sides of a story so that we can make an informed decision. Things are never as one-sided or black and white as they seem! Kindness is a selfless act that springs from a sensitivity and an awareness of how other people might be feeling.

Whilst we have many helpful trines during this Moon, we do also have a couple of more gnarly aspects. Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries is forming a nagging inconjunct aspect to the Sun and Moon in Virgo, which could bring up some kind of healing crisis that makes us aware of what is out of alignment and needs adjusting. We may find ourselves feeling a bit triggered and aware of how the wounds of the past still influence us, in the form of our vulnerabilities, insecurities and tender spots that feel raw and sore when they are activated by a person or event. However, this can ultimately be incredibly healing. It helps to be reminded  of what still needs attention and love, as long as we are able to treat ourselves and others gently, with compassion, understanding, forgiveness and kindness. Some wounds never heal completely, but they do fade with time and a considerable amount of inner work and conscious awareness!

Pluto is also forming a dynamic, challenging square aspect to Venus, which could bring some of our subconscious complexes and compulsions out in the realm of our closest relationships. Ultimately this could be helpful because it brings whatever is hidden or festering out into the open for it to be seen, and while this could make us feel somewhat exposed and vulnerable it could also bring greater intimacy, understanding and closeness. We all have parts of ourselves that we keep hidden away in the shadows, unseen and unloved. Pluto square Venus is the kind of aspect that could mean that we act and react in ways that make these parts of us more apparent, exposed and visible. It may not be comfortable, but could be profoundly healing and deeply transforming. Any issues we may have around power, jealousy, trust, fear of abandonment and loss could come up for us to confront and work through.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 15° Virgo, is: “ A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The quintessence of deeds well done.” and “Root strength produces beautiful flowers. The neophyte who act with determination, courage and discrimination while following “in the footsteps” of his/her predecessors receives a symbolic prize from the Brotherhood ready to welcome her when she has fully proven herself on the battlefield where she meets her pasts which tries to block her way. The mystic Beloved hands her what has been woven for her out of spiritual threads”. This feels like there will be a beautiful reward from the willingness to face ourselves and do the inner work necessary to let go of whatever has been holding us prisoner or blocking our way forward.

This Moon certainly seems to be supporting change, encouraging us to step outside of the comfort zone and challenge ourselves! Beginner's luck feels like the universe rewarding us for being brave enough to try something new, and possibly this Moon will help us to do just that. It’s just about taking the first little step. Is there something that we know we need to do for ourselves that we have been putting off because it feels a bit scary? Well, this is the perfect Moon to step up and move past the fear! Spiritual growth doesn’t have to be painful or cataclysmic, rather it can come about from the willingness to keep stretching ourselves even if it feels uncomfortable to do so. In fact, the more uncomfortable it feels to do it, the greater the potential for growth! This Moon also invites us to harness one of Virgo’s greatest gifts - the art of discernment. This gives us the ability to choose, at any given moment, what is good for us and what simply needs to go. It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff, freeing ourselves from unhealthy patterns, toxicity and clutter and move forward, cleansed and purified in mind, body and spirit!  

Much Love



Painting: Ripple Effect of Courage - Penny Mirande

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