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This is an incredibly powerful New Moon as it happens to be occurring on the same day as the Lionsgate portal, a powerful moment in time that occurs every year and is most active around the 8th of August. This certainly adds a bit of magic to this Moon, helping us to connect to the lion within us! New Moons are already a powerful time, when we leave behind whatever isn’t serving us in the dark of the Moon and sow seeds for the month ahead. Any intentions we set during this particular New Moon will have extra special potency as we are invited to step through the gateway with a resounding “Yes!” and fully embrace whatever might be on the other side. This is a really good time to really connect to our heart’s desires, contemplating what we want to create for ourselves and what brings us our greatest joy. It’s not every day that the New Moon coincides with this portal, so we must make the most of the magic and potency of this special moment.

We are invited to connect to our higher self and to allow it to lead the way, showing us what we wish to manifest in our lives. Leo rules the heart, while the Lionsgate portal involves the rising of Sirius, a star which is considered to be our spiritual Sun and helps us to truly connect to our hearts and the divine. This is not a time for “thinking” about what we want, but more a time for feeling, tuning in and seeing what comes up. What, when it comes down to it, do we really, truly yearn for? What brings us our greatest joy? Where and with whom might we find ourselves if we simply followed our heart? Are we able to unequivocally say “Yes!” to whatever waits on the other side? Can we be that brave? If we were able to create the life we truly wish for, what would it look like?

Leo helps us to connect to the playful, creative, expressive, spontaneous child within us, following our bliss and doing whatever feels good and makes our hearts happy. Children don’t over think, second guess or analyse what they do next - they simply do it, even if it gets them into a bit of hot water once in a while! Leo is the part of us that isn’t afraid to take a risk. It is the part of us that knows that it is much better to open our hearts and trust and take a chance that we might be let down once in a while rather than never even trying. We are invited to fully shine our light during this Moon, basking in its brilliance and expressing all that we are and all that is in our hearts. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication is also in Leo, bringing creative ideas and the capacity to truly express what is in our hearts in a light and playful way. There is the potential for such joy during this time, as we are invited to have the courage to jump in and accept whatever comes our way, trusting that it is for our highest good.

Uranus, the Great Awakener and harbinger of change, is a very big player during this Moon, bringing the potential for a sudden shift of perspective. This is the planet of revolution and rebellion that prompts us to question the status quo and to march to the beat of our own drum. As such, we may see more protests and uprisings during this time, as people wake up and find their Lion’s roar! Uranus is forming a challenging and dynamic square aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could bring out our more wilful side and could help to liberate us from any old programming or conditioning that is simply not serving us anymore. We all have scripts that are playing from childhood, roles we have played and  decisions that we have made along the way that hold us back and prevent us from truly flourishing in our lives and relationships. Uranus can help us to unbind ourselves from the chains that hold us prisoner, stuck in outworn, unhealthy patterns and habits. This could be such a powerfully liberating Moon, freeing us up to be who we have always been, before any parental or societal conditioning ever took place.

Uranus can bring sudden shocks that shake and wake us up. It can shift us out of stagnant ruts and show us where we are stuck in our programming, bringing a blast of fresh air into our lives that clears away the proverbial cobwebs. Sometimes things have to break down in order for us to experience a proper breakthrough. Sometimes we need a shock or a wake up call that helps jolt us back into alignment and see clearly. It is quite possible that there will be some epiphanies and “aha” moments over the next few days! Uranus is a very erratic planet that sends out curve balls and surprises that can be both unsettling and exciting. This radical planet of sudden change is currently in Taurus, a sign that likes to feel safe and secure and isn’t a big fan of change! As such, there is a sense of the ground being a bit unstable underneath us and everything feeling quite uncertain,and we may even feel as if we have lost our compass. We are asked to embrace this uncertainty and to be as flexible as we can possibly be, bending with the winds of change rather than rigidly resisting whatever comes our way.

The square between Uranus and the Sun will peak late at night on Friday 6 August (UK time) but will still be very strong during this Moon. Anyone with personal planets or angles around 14° degrees of a sign, especially the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, will be feeling the energy of Uranus most acutely. Uranus prompts us to do things differently, to bust out, to break the mould and find a different way of doing things that is more in alignment with our authentic self rather than our conditioned, programmed self. Chiron the Wounded Healer is also involved in this story, bringing the potential for such amazing healing to take place as we release ourselves from our shackles and chains, in whatever form they take. Who are we really, outside of the baggage we have picked up along the way? This is an ideal time to simply put it all down and simply walk away, leaving it behind in the dark of the Moon and courageously stepping through the gateway with joy in our hearts and a lighter step.

Mars, the warrior planet, is forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon during this Moon that will be exact on Tuesday 10 August. Mars invites us to find our courage, to stand up for our beliefs and principles, to find our voice, to channel our energy into something productive, to harness our anger in healthy ways and to assert ourselves in a helpful manner. Mars is in Virgo right now, so this is a good time to work on ourselves and do what we can to make life better for ourselves and our loved ones. Mars in Virgo likes a good project, but can also be rather perfectionist and critical of self and others. Anger and aggression could be an issue during this Moon and has the potential to be destructive as people criticise or pick on one another because of their beliefs and opinions. However, this humble, earthy, no nonsense Mars could also help us to find the motivation, desire and will to find practical solutions to whatever we are facing.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 17° Leo, is: “A volunteer church choir singing religious hymns” which Dane Rudyar describes as “The feeling of togetherness which unites men and women in their dedication to a collective ideal. Religion in its institutionalised aspect is the attempt to give a transcendental character to the feeling of community. The fellowship of common work, needed for substance and security in a dangerous world, is exalted in periodic rituals in which the co-workers participate. At such moments the consciousness and feelings of human beings flow into a common mould in which they become refreshed by the experience of shared values and beliefs. What is sung reflects the special way in which a particular community of human beings – extensive as it may be – interprets the deepest realities of human existence and man’s longings for an ideal. The symbol expresses the idealised aspect of TOGETHERNESS.”

This symbol could be prompting us to join with others of like mind, our voices joining in unison so that they can be heard. Someone once told me that within five minutes of singing together our hearts synchronise, beating as one. This is such a beautiful thought! Singing is such a joyful and uplifting form of self-expression, while a choir suggests a feeling of unity, belonging and shared faith. Hymns are not just any kind of song, they are songs to and from the divine and are best sung from the heart. Leo is the part of us that loves to dance, sing and express all that we are. Possibly this is what the New Moon/Lionsgate portal is asking of us - to open our hearts and allow all that is within them to pour out of us. To join together and sing a new world into being. To bravely jump through the portal and embrace what lies on the other side. To take a risk. Above all, we are invited to listen to our hearts and allow them to show us the way.

Much Love



Painting: Taking the Leap - Christopher Clark

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