New Moon - 11 February, exact at 7.05pm UK time.

Chinese New Year - 12 February

Well, there is a veritable Aquarius party going on at the moment, with the Sun, retrograde Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pallas Athene all in this eccentric, rebellious, humanitarian sign! Aquarius calls for us to release ourselves from our conditioning and programming and discover who we really are and what we really think. This is the sign that encourages us to become our own unique self, even if it means having to stand apart from the crowd. Aquarius is a very friendly sign that tends to march to the beat of its own drum, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

While Capricorn represents authority such as parents, teachers and governments, who give us the rules and regulations to obey and follow, Aquarius comes after Capricorn and is the part of us that questions the rules and stands up to authority if needs be. This is the flavour of this New Moon, which calls us to think outside of the box and look at things from a different perspective. Aquarius helps us to detach from the status quo and see things from a more objective view point. Sometimes it helps to take a step back so that we can see more clearly. For this New Moon we might like to focus on and set intentions for our hopes and visions for a better future, as Aquarius is a visionary sign by nature. This Moon could help us to see more clearly what needs to change both inwardly and outwardly in order to create the life we seek.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is currently locked into battle with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, with a challenging square aspect between the two planets that will be exact on 17 February. This is the first of three squares between Uranus and Saturn, so it is an important energy this year, much like the Pluto Jupiter conjunction last year. Saturn is the planet of structure, tradition, societal rules, authority and control, while Uranus is the planet of revolution, awakening, rebellion, change and innovation; two very different characters indeed! Which of these two mighty characters will win the battle? When Saturn and Uranus get together we tend to experience radical change, as we are urged to break out of old habits and patterns and get rid of any personal or societal structures that are limiting, repressive or worn out. Indeed, while Saturn represents our personal construct of reality, Uranus, the Great Awakener could potentially blow that apart, waking us up and challenging the limits of our reality, which could be both exciting, enlivening or incredibly destabilising!  

As these two have it out with each other we could see a continuation of the dismantling of the structures of society, bringing about the birth of a new world. However, Saturn calls us be very clear indeed about the kind of world we want this to be and to truly take responsibility for creating it. What kind of reality do we want to live in? What kind of world to we want our children to inherit? Saturn in Aquarius could give us a heavy dose of the reality of the technological age we are living in, not to mention the potential for Saturnian power structures using technology and artificial intelligence as a means of control. Uranus is the planet that wakes and shakes us up and calls for radical change, revolution and innovation. It is currently in Taurus, which could bring some kind of overhaul of our financial system and, combined with Saturn, the potential for more control over finance through the use of technology. Change is afoot and it will be very interesting to see what comes about in the next week or so as these two planets, representing the old versus the new, tradition versus innovation, the authoritarian versus the rebel, clash in the heavens.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is also in Aquarius at the moment and is sitting right next to Jupiter for this New Moon. This combo can bring great benefit from us being open and tolerant towards one another and being willing to truly take in other points of view. Equally, we may benefit from detaching or taking stepping back from our loved ones, for whatever reason, in order to see things more clearly. Venus in Aquarius is friendly but not too familiar and allows each person to be completely themselves. We don’t always have to agree, but we can love each other nevertheless. Sometimes a bit of distance is needed to see the wood for the trees.

Jupiter in Aquarius encourages us to keep an open mind and to think outside the box, allowing our more rigid beliefs to be challenged and even broken down. Jupiter is the ruler of the Sagittarius South Node, which is currently showing up the disparity between our beliefs and the actual truth, while the Gemini North Node is encouraging us to use our common sense and do some research in order to find the truth we seek. While the Sagittarius part of us may be somewhat fanatical about our beliefs, wanting to convince and convert others to our point of view and maybe even being susceptible to indoctrination, the Gemini North Node encourages us to keep an open mind, to be curious and listen to other points of view even if they differ from our own. Gemini invites us to find some proof to back up our opinions and to apply some logic and sense so that we can differentiate between fact and fiction.

Speaking of fact and fiction, the good news is that Neptune is now moving away from the square to the Nodes that has been so prominent for the past few months. This has made it so very hard to find the truth, as it has been shrouded and veiled, creating so much uncertainty and confusion.  Indeed, it has almost felt like a spell or enchantment has been cast, putting people into some kind of a trance. The veil may start lifting now, slowly, so that the confusion, mixed messages, deception, illusion, delusion, propaganda, subliminal messaging, smoke screens, glamour and enchantments can hopefully lessen, or at least have less power over us. This will be very welcome indeed, as there has been much confusion in recent times, not to mention the urge to just numb out in order to cope with the overwhelm and information overload.

Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini North Node, is still retrograde in Aquarius, encouraging us to look back over things and question what we have been told to be true. Aquarius asks us to think outside the box, to be open to looking at things from another perspective and allow our minds to be blown! The retrospective action of Mercury invites us to reflect, revisit and review, and by looking back we may experience some surprising insight and epiphanies. Often we find ourselves reflecting on the past during a Mercury retrograde and people may even pop up from our past with whom we have unfinished business or who have a message for us. Indeed, we may be in for some surprises!

We also have the Year of the Yin Metal Ox starting on 12 February, after having just experienced a rather tumultuous Year of the Yang Metal Rat. The Ox is gentle by nature and is grounded, strong, diligent, loyal, hard working, compassionate, conscientious, trustworthy, nurturing and has respect for others, so these qualities will be felt this year. However, it can also be a bit rigid and stubborn and isn’t fond of being challenged! It is important to do our best this year to go with the flow and make the most of whatever we are given to work with, even if it doesn’t look like much. This year has a very different feel to it than the last, as yin is much softer in nature and Yin Metal allows us to turn something very hard and unyielding into a thing of beauty. Indeed, Yin Metal is known to be a precious jewel which is very reflective, so possibly this is a year to plough the fields of our inner landscape and word hard on refining the beautiful jewel within our heart. The Ox year could be a time of slow, steady progress, when we are encouraged to turn inward to connect with our intuition and cultivate a feeling of gratitude and abundance that has nothing to do with the outer world.

The first couple of weeks of the Ox year could certainly be interesting, with this square between Saturn and Uranus building in energy. There certainly is a lot of Aquarius energy around during this Moon, including Pallas Athena sitting right next to the Sun and Moon! Pallas Athena is very clever indeed, being the goddess of wisdom, strategy, genius and invention who is well known for her creative intelligence. Her skills and powers are being directed towards all things Aquarius at the moment, which could involve coming up with ingenious solutions to difficult problems, organising strategic rebellions and uprisings, envisioning a new and different future and defending our rights and liberties in a unique and clever way. Uranus, being the ruler of all of this Aquarius energy, is certainly in a strong position right now. Sometimes things have to break down in order for us to break through to the other side.

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