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We can expect a lot of views, beliefs and opinions to be flying around during this Full Moon, with the Sun in communicative, curious and versatile Gemini and the Moon in adventurous, philosophical and opinionated Sagittarius! We are also entering Eclipse season, which represents a new chapter and often brings some kind of shift in consciousness. The impact of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is more far reaching than your average Full Moon, as it will impact the next 6 months. This Full Moon represents the culmination and continuation of a process that began back on 10/11 January of this year, when we had the last Lunar Eclipse. It is interesting that the Eclipse in January coincided with the Saturn Pluto conjunction, which was certainly the catalyst for the global restructuring that we are now experiencing. This Full Moon could signify the next phase of what began then. This Eclipse season also has connections to the Eclipse season in June/July 2001, a year that definitely had a huge impact on the whole world. This Moon is specifically connected to the Sagittarius Full Moon of 6 June 2001, so it is worth looking back to that time and contemplating what was happening at that time, both personally and collectively.

The Nodes of the Moon have just moved from Cancer/Capricorn, where they have been for the last 19 months, into Gemini/Sagittarius. This represents a big energetic shift, as now the focus will be on all things Gemini and Sagittarius. The South Node, representing our past karma and patterns that may be holding us back, is now in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy, religion, travel, higher wisdom, faith, truth and our beliefs. For the next 19 months we will very likely be prompted to question our most deeply held beliefs about ourselves and life itself, as the Gemini North Node encourages us to listen to other viewpoints and keep an open mind rather than remaining too stuck in one mindset or way of seeing the world. Issues around truth and lies could be very prevalent, and it certainly has become so very hard to know where the truth lies in recent times. It is possible that the media (Gemini) will be brought to task around misinformation, false news and sensationalism. We should be able to rely on the media, as one of the pillars of society, to provide us with the truth (Sagittarius). Gemini is more logical and very much deals with the facts and data, while Sagittarius is more intuitive, dealing with philosophies and beliefs.

We could be asked to find a way of communicating our truth to others in a gentle and palatable way rather than trying to convince and convert people, and forcing them to accept our version of the truth. Gemini encourages us to listen and learn from one another instead of rabidly defending our own views and beliefs. Just because someone else holds a different belief it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wrong and we are right. Beliefs are always up for debate! This really is a good time to keep an open mind and to remain willing to accept other possibilities rather than clinging to our own version of the truth. This Nodal combo could also bring up issues around freedom of speech and the right to speak out, have a voice and express our truth. It is also the Nodal axis of travelling, as Sagittarius represents long distance travel to other lands, while Gemini is more local. Indeed, it is already looking like the majority of travel will be closer to home for the foreseeable future.

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, who is currently in Capricorn. This means that during this Full Moon/Eclipse the type of beliefs that we may be asked to question pertain to authority, society, government, the corporations and our parental and societal conditioning. What are we being told to believe by those in authority at the moment? How has our belief system been conditioned or programmed by society, parents and government over the years? Do we have faith that the governments and other powers structures are truly acting in our best interests? How does fear influence us in terms of expressing our views and beliefs? Do we find ourselves more reactive and defensive when we are feeling fearful or insecure, or when our more rigidly held beliefs are being threatened? And what of all the censorship that is so rife in recent times, whereby we are literally witnessing oppression and suppression of the right to share differing views and beliefs? Jupiter is in Capricorn until December, when it moves into revolutionary, tolerant and humanitarian Aquarius, at which point we will probably experience quite a big shift in the area of our faith and beliefs.     

Jupiter is getting closer and closer to Pluto, the planet of power, death/rebirth, transformation, the underworld, the soul and our subconscious compulsions. This is the second time these two are coming together, although they have not really been too far away from each other since the first conjunction on 5 April. This combination could literally mean that our beliefs and opinions take on a greater intensity as they become more a matter of life and death. We may also find ourselves being led into the underworld as we dig deep in our search for the truth. Indeed, with Pluto in Capricorn currently exposing the rot within the power structures, we could find ourselves facing some very uncomfortable truths that are hard to accept. It is very important that we listen to our “gut” during this time, as our bodies are incredibly adept at informing us of the truth if we are willing to listen. We all have the ability to “smell a rat”!

Jupiter has a magnifying and “exaggerating” effect on the planet and sign it comes into contact with, and with Pluto and Capricorn there is the potential for an amplification of fear and a magnification of the abuse of power, manipulation and corruption within the power structures .Jupiter makes everything much bigger, and Pluto is certainly exposing some very uncomfortable material at the moment! Our faith in and beliefs about the power structures are very much being challenged! However, it is so important that there is more transparency so that we can see what we are dealing with. Pluto and Jupiter holds the potential for a complete death and rebirth of our belief system, as our programmed or conditioned beliefs fall away in order for something else to take their place. Jupiter and Pluto will finally come together again on 30 June, and the energy will be building until then. It is very significant that the ruler of the Sagittarius Moon and the South Node is paired up with the planet of the soul and transformation. Our beliefs will never be the same by the end of this process, which ends with the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in November.

Mars and Neptune are combined in Pisces during this Full Moon and are both forming a challenging square to the Sun and Moon. With Mars exactly squaring the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon this could involve people getting quite hot under the collar when it comes to expressing opinions, views and beliefs. Indeed, there is a danger of people becoming downright aggressive and even nasty if their more deeply held beliefs are threatened or if they are in fear. With Neptune and Pisces squaring the luminaries there is the potential for certain illusions being shattered as the truth is exposed, and this could make us angry. Mars and Neptune together in Pisces isn’t exactly the most aggressive combination, but rather could involve more covert or indirect anger or aggression. It can also bring inspired action and the courage to face the truth and to act on our convictions and ideals with compassion and empathy. Neptune and Pisces represent the collective, and so we may have the courage and conscience to speak up for the sake of humanity. However, we could also act on our delusions or be so super-sensitive that we overreact. The Mars Neptune conjunction is building during the Full Moon and will be exact on 12 June.

Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini Sun, is now in emotional and sensitive Cancer, which could make communication a bit more emotionally fraught and could also mean that we find it easier to express our feelings to one another. We might be a bit more touchy about our opinions and more prone to overreacting if our ideas are challenged. However, it also means that we are better able to communicate in a way that ignites people’s emotions and touches their hearts. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is forming a challenging square to Mercury during this Moon, which could bring some painful conversations, whereby something someone says or something we read could trigger our core wounds and insecurities. Similarly, we could be the one who says something that is hurtful or triggers someone else’s pain or tender spots.

As retrograde Venus in Gemini is reminding us, it is so very important to be kind to one another and aware that we are all just human beings who are doing our best in an extremely challenging situation. We are asked to reevaluate the way we communicate with one another and to be very mindful of one another’s feelings. It is important to truly listen to one another and to hear where the other person is coming from rather than projecting onto each other. Uranus is also forming a harmonious aspect to Mercury, which could help us to think outside of the box and bring a few helpful insights and epiphanies. Uranus can help us to “wake up” to possibilities that we may have previously been closed to, but sometimes these revelations and realisations can be quite painful to contemplate, which is where Chiron square Mercury comes in. Uranus and Mercury literally blow our mind and could also help us to come up with some clever solutions to whatever we are facing.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon, at 16° Sagittarius, is: “Sea gulls fly around a ship in expectation of food.” This is an interesting symbol, considering all that is happening at the moment and how many people are starving in the world and becoming more and more dependent on “scraps” handed out by the government. However, in a more symbolic sense, Dane Rudyar describes this symbol as “The easily acquired dependence of psychic desires upon the stimulation of social circumstances. Animals drawn into the circle of what human society produces find it easier to depend on man’s handouts than to pursue their usually difficult search for sustenance. The sea gulls here symbolise the more wild and normally untameable energies of the human soul, but they too can develop a kind of domesticated dependence upon the by-products of man’s adventures within the realm of unconscious (the sea). Natural instincts feed on the reactions, and often perversions, of the socially conditioned mind-ego. This symbol shows us how nature can readily become subservient to man’s restless ambition to dominate the entire biosphere through an all-human planetary socioeconomic organisation.”

Bear in mind that this symbol and this Moon/Eclipse will have an impact on the next 6 months.
Who and what are we dependent on for information? Are we just accepting what we are being “given” rather than doing the work ourselves to find an alternative? How are we giving our power away and just waiting to be “fed”? How have we separated ourselves from our own intuition and natural instincts and accepted what we are being handed out? Are we becoming “subservient” and dependent? Are we waiting for “scraps” that may never come? How can we take our power back? Is there an alternative solution to this, another way? Is it time to get more in touch with our natural instincts and intuition again, instead of just buying into the “machine” and our social conditioning? This is a powerful symbol, on many levels.

This Full Moon feels very powerful indeed, especially as it kicks off Eclipse season, which certainly could be a game changer. It feels like we are being encouraged to keep an open mind and not be too rigid in our beliefs. There is also a sense of us needing to trust our own gut and to have the courage to speak up if necessary. This is not a time to blindly accept what we are being “fed”, but rather we are encouraged to look under the proverbial carpet and behind the curtain and to be brave enough to face what lurks there. It may not be pretty, and some illusions could be shattered, but it is better to know the uncomfortable truth rather than living a lie that gives us a false sense of security. The truth shall set you free! This is a time of intense communications, with so many different “preachers on the pulpit”, but ultimately we need to use the Gemini energy to do our own research and use our common  sense and Sagittarius to listen to and trust our own inner wisdom. We may be asked to find our voice and speak up in as eloquent a way as possible, while also remembering that we all have a right to our opinion and beliefs. Ultimately, optimistic Sagittarius asks us to have faith that the process that we are going through is for the greater good and that, for whatever reason, it is what we need to grow and evolve. Sagittarius can always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Much Love


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