LEO FULL MOON - Sunday 9 February 2020

Exact at 7.33am GMT, 2.33am EST

 A Leo Full Moon, combined with the Sun in Aquarius, has the potential to lighten and brighten things up, though not without a bit of drama, as is the Leo way! Leo represents the creative impulse in all of us and the urge to express all that we are. Aquarius is the visionary that can come up with creative solutions to make the world a better place to live in. While the Leo part of us tends to be more subjective and “self” centred, the Aquarius part of us has the capacity to step back and see ourselves more objectively, contemplating how we can contribute to the larger whole. A Full Moon in Leo has the potential to bring some rather big, dramatic emotions to the surface that may simply demand expression. Leo is the diva, the star of the show and its ruler is the Sun, around which everything revolves. As such, our Sun signs are a very big and obvious part of our chart, as they represent the energy we express in the world and the light we shine outwards. The Sun represents our purpose in this lifetime and the urge to be the master of our own destiny, creating the life we want to live.

This is the kind of Moon that may help us to come up with some creative solutions to anything that we may be currently facing. Leo is a very playful, joyful, romantic fun loving sign that likes to follow its bliss and also has the capacity to be somewhat melodramatic, so this Moon could be flavoured by this energy. Leo is also the little child in all of us that needs attention and likes to feel appreciated and validated by others. If you picture the little girl who has just finished a painting she is really proud of, saying to mummy “Look what I did!!” or singing a song at the top of her lungs, then you get a good idea of what Leo is all about! However, if we don’t receive the attention and encouragement we so craved as little children, which can lead to self-worth and self-confidence issues and seeking validation from others as adults. This Moon could certainly bring out our inner child and some diva-like behaviour! This is a great Moon for expressing all that is in our hearts and not holding back, although the Aquarius Sun does remind us that it is not all about us!

While we do have a nice boost of creative energy of playful Leo and eccentric Aquarius for this Moon, we do still have Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is currently exposing the rot in the power structures everywhere, so that we are able to see them exactly for what they are. The dark side of the Capricorn is being revealed as the power structures are made more transparent. This is both helpful, as it strips away any illusion and helps us to look reality squarely in the face, and also unsettling as there is no getting away from what this reality brings up for us. Pluto takes us into the deep underbelly of all things Capricorn, such as government, societal structures, corporations, the Patriarchy, status, career, judgement, control and our parental and societal conditioning, bringing the potential for a profound transformation and detoxification to occur.  

Pluto is forming a nagging inconjunct aspect to the Leo Moon, which could bring some quite intense emotions to the surface and force us to be very honest with ourselves. This combo could bring up control issues and power games, showing us how we might manipulate to get the attention we crave. Pluto represents the subconscious, our compulsions and power/powerlessness, while Capricorn is control and the “governor”, and Leo is the king/queen and “diva”. This is quite a combo, which could highlight our need to get our own way and help us to see where and how we feel the need to be in control. Often we feel the compulsion to control people or situations in order to somehow feel “safe”, and this Moon could highlight that tendency, giving us greater insight into ourselves and our psyches.

The South Node of the Moon is still in Capricorn and will be until June. The Nodes of the Moon are very much in focus during this Moon, because Venus and Chiron are forming a square aspect to them. The South Node in Capricorn is highlighting any tendency to maintain control or to put walls up to hold others at arm’s length, or working too hard at the expense of our emotional health, or acting from fear, while also showing how societal pressures and patriarchal regimes are taking a toll and no longer serving us, if indeed they ever did!

The North Node in Cancer is beckoning us forward, asking us to nurture our emotional health, to take care of ourselves and those close to us, to let down our protective walls and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable with our loved ones, to contemplate what is more important to us in terms of work/life balance, to do things that nourish us, while moving towards a more feminine, inclusive way of being that takes into consideration the well-being of all forms of life on this planet, as well as Mother Earth herself. We are seeing the effect that greed and the desire for power and control have on this planet and all who live on her, and now we are being urged to find another way. And it starts from within.

This Full Moon is definitely bringing the energy of the Nodes into focus, through the square from Venus and Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron and Venus are joining forces in Aries, as Venus will have just moved from sensitive Pisces into honest, forthright and assertive Aries on Saturday 8 Feb. Aries is a sign that acts first and thinks later and can be quite reactive and even aggressive. This combination could cause us to say or do things within our relationships that are quite spontaneous, impulsive and ill thought out and which could potentially trigger pain or sadness. However, there is also the potential for amazing healing to occur as things that may have been hidden or festering are brought out into the open. Whatever pops out during this Moon could certainly trigger our old wounds and insecurities, but could also help us to let down some of the Capricorn South Node walls of defense and share our true feelings. Aries is a brave and pioneering sign, and it does indeed take great courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable instead of suppressing our real emotions and pretending that we are ok when in fact we are feeling scared, angry or hurt.

The conjunction between Venus and Chiron will be exact on Monday 10 Feb, but will be very strong during this Moon. Venus will move on to directly square the Nodes of the Moon on Thursday 6 Feb, which definitely brings the potential for us to see how our relationship patterns may be tripping us up and holding us back from getting to the growth potential of the North Node. It may become all too obvious how we hold back from voicing our needs through fear, and how we suppress our true feelings in order to somehow feel “safe” or because we are scared of how they may be received. Venus in Aries is a very open and forthright way of relating that could help us to express things to our loved ones that we may usually find it hard to show. Aries can help us to break new ground in our relationships, finding new ways of relating that open us up and allow the walls to come crashing down. And while Chiron can mean that we could feel quite triggered or reactive, it can also help guide us forward towards a more honest, open way of relating. We have a chance to undo some old conditioning around the way we relate, which could be very healing indeed. Anyone with personal planets, nodes or angles between 0° and 7° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will feel this energy most acutely.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon, at 21° Leo, is:”Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly”, which on the one hand is quite an amusing image, but is also unsettling, because the chickens are out of control and probably don’t feel very well, having probably eaten fermented fruit of some kind. The chickens are dizzy and disoriented, and don’t understand why. This is a strange symbol, as the chickens are trying to do something that would usually come so naturally to them, but instead they are completely incapable. It is possible that this Moon could bring similar feelings up in us, making us feel confused and giddy so that we may feel excited and euphoric but also disorientated and unable to actually do whatever we are trying to do.It’s like we can’t quite take off! What is interesting is that Neptune is also inconjunct the Moon, which also holds the potential for confusion, disorientation, over-sensitivity and not knowing quite what to feel. It is possible that alcohol or drugs could heighten the energy of this Moon and while it may be fun, and a means of escape, it may not agree with us as the energy of the Moon peaks, causing us to lose ourselves and creating confusion and irrational behaviour.

This Moon has a twinkle to it and a hint of creative sparkle! Overall, the energy of the planets is most definitely lighter than it has been in recent times, which is quite a relief. On the one hand the Leo Moon brings the potential for a bit of fun and joy, while on the other hand it could cause us to behave like spoiled little children looking for attention and acting out our more unconscious, irrational impulses.However, there is hope here, as we have the opportunity to follow our bliss and simply have fun, while possibly coming up with some creative solutions for whatever we are currently facing, which could certainly lighten the mood somewhat.The Leo/Aquarius team are certainly very creative and help us to envision a better way of being. We are also encouraged to express all that is in our hearts. Also mixed in with this Moon, however, is the Venus/Chiron conjunction. This is an important energy to look out for, as it could bring some interesting material to the surface to be healed which could have far reaching effects on our lives and relationships.

Much Love


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