SCORPIO NEW MOON - 27/28 October 2019

Exact at 3.38am on 28 Oct GMT

This New Moon certainly promises a certain degree of emotional intensity and drama, as we currently have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in this intense, cathartic and transforming sign. This New Moon has the potential to  bring some kind of a mini death and rebirth, as we have an opportunity to leave whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the moon and allow something more appropriate to take its place. New Moons are a time of new beginnings, but of course there can be no beginning without some kind of ending. This Moon seems to offer a change of perspective of some kind, and a chance to release ourselves from our past patterns and start fresh in whatever part of our chart the Sun and Moon are found. Scorpio is the master of transformation, and so this Moon offers us an opportunity to allow part of us to pass away so that something else can rise out of the ashes. It is not necessarily an easy process, but one that can help us to move forward with a lighter step.  

Scorpio season is upon us, coinciding with autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. As the dead leaves fall from the trees, so do we have the opportunity to purge or transmute old habits and patterns, allowing some kind of metamorphosis to occur. Scorpio asks us to dig deep into our shadows and bring up the stuff that we would usually prefer to keep hidden away or deny in ourselves. It exposes our secret fears and guilty pleasures, bringing any material out from under the proverbial carpet that may be festering away and causing trouble on a subconscious level. This is a good Moon to look deep within and to be brave enough to be completely honest about what we find there. Scorpio is a very psychological sign that likes to probe beneath the surface and discover the root of our more compulsive and unconscious emotional and behavioural patterns. It is the part of us that feels the need to control or manipulate others in order to not feel powerless. It is quite possible that we will be dealing with the Scorpio themes of trust, intimacy, power, powerlessness, betrayal, sexuality, abandonment, loss and transformation during this Moon. These are not light subjects in the slightest!

Directly opposite the Sun and Moon we have Uranus, the Great Awakener, revolutionary and harbinger of sudden change. Uranus has a tendency to send us the odd curve ball or two, bringing events that seem to come out of the blue and radically change the status quo. Uranus is currently in Taurus, the sign of stability, security, survival and financial matters, bringing the sense that nothing is quite secure or safe at the moment. This New Moon could compound that feeling, bringing a certain amount of instability and unpredictability, as if what we thought we could rely on is maybe not as reliable, solid or real as we thought or hoped. Things can literally change in the blink of an eye! Uranus tends to wake us up in no uncertain terms, bringing some shocking realisations that may be quite uncomfortable but will ultimately change our perspective and help us to see more clearly. As oppositions tend to play out in the realm of our relationships, we may find ourselves projecting our need for change out onto others, who then behave in shocking ways that upset our equilibrium. However, they are merely reflecting back to us our subconscious need for change.

Mars is playing a big part in this New Moon, as the warrior planet is forming a challenging square aspect to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn. Mars is currently in Libra, the sign that represents justice, balance, harmony and peace. Uranus is a rebellious, revolutionary energy, while Mars in Libra will fight for justice in a peaceful way. This brave, assertive, strong, forceful energy is squaring off against Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, the sign of control, power structures, authority, society, government and consensus reality. People are currently rising up in peaceful protest in order to challenge the status quo and the powers that be. This New Moon has a revolutionary, reactive, brave, transforming quality to it, and a sense that something profound needs to pass away in order for something better to take its place. This could happen on both a personal and collective level. Issues around power and control could be exposed for what they are as we stand up for what is just and right.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon, at 5° Scorpio, is: “A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The inertia of all institutionalized procedures”. There is a sense of resilience that comes with this symbol, as the shore represents a structure that is stable, strong and unchanging, despite anything that may be thrown at it. It is possible that we may have to endure some kind of “pounding” and remain strong, resolute and true to our essential nature. The massive shore could also represent, however, our old conditioning or an old and established order getting a bit of a pounding and finding it very hard to budge or give way. As Rudyar says, “once a culture has expressed its basic symbols and its particular way of thinking, feeling and acting in concrete institutions, these change very slowly indeed”. There is a sense that the rocky shore will only change very slowly,over time, as the relentless battering of the waves gradually erodes it. It will take a certain amount of perseverance and persistence to change the old way of doing things. Maybe that is what is being asked of us now. Or maybe we are asked to find a different approach.

Mercury is about to go retrograde in Scorpio on 31 October, which could be interesting! Mercury Retrograde brings the opportunity for us to look back over things and reflect, revisit, reinvent, revise, review, retract, restore and re-evaluate. Mercury in Scorpio is incredibly observant, probing and perceptive, giving us the capacity to delve beneath the surface of reality and find the truth that is lurking there behind the faรงade. We may find ourselves looking back over past relationships, reliving past hurts and losses or finding psychological understanding that we may not have been capable of until now. Indeed, with Mercury next to Venus at the moment it turns retrograde could bring people up from our past with whom we have sticky, karmic links or unfinished business. Scorpio is not a light and fluffy sign, but rather it requires us to be very honest with ourselves and to recognise and understand our compulsions, subconscious patterns and agendas. It may not be pretty, as some deepest, darkest secrets could be exposed, but afterwards we could feel like we are carrying a much lighter load!

Mercury is Scorpio is a bit like a detective, with laser-like capacity to penetrate to the heart of the matter and find the truth, no matter how ugly it is. It also has a sting in its tail, so we could find ourselves experiencing some remarks that are somewhat below the belt! Scorpio can really hit the nail on the head, but the truth can be painful to hear! Mercury retrograde in this penetrating sign means that we have the chance to look back over whatever has come up in the past month or so and go over it with a fine tooth comb, exposing any hidden material or anything that has hitherto been shrouded in secrecy or deceit, or hidden due to shame. Mercury in Scorpio can be downright suspicious, as Scorpio is very sensitive to issues around trust and betrayal, but this could be very helpful as we look back with the reflective retrospection of Mercury Retrograde. We may need to go back over what has come up in recent times and look deeper. There is the potential for a great amount of psychological insight and understanding, as we become more aware of our hidden motivations and those of others. Both personally and collectively it is quite possible that a lot will come to light during this period that has hitherto been hidden.

This Moon certainly holds the potential for some deep thinking, deep feeling and profound transformation if we are willing to be brave and able to look in the ugly mirror see what we need to change and where we might be too stuck or rigid. Scorpio is a a highly cathartic sign that asks us to dig deep and feel all the feelings, no matter how raw and exposed we may feel or how unattractive those feelings may seem. We are asked to really get to the heart of the matter and face ourselves, warts and all. This time of year offers us a chance to shed our old skin so that we can start afresh, shiny and new, albeit slightly raw and exposed! This Moon holds the potential for a radical change of perspective, so it is important to remain as open and flexible as possible. It is always helpful to be willing to confront the darker aspects of ourselves, because if we don’t then we tend to project them out onto other people and situations, laying the blame on others instead of owning it in ourselves. This Moon could be very revealing indeed, and so we are asked to be brave and dive in, not hiding from whatever we might find, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel. The chances are there may be some buried treasure there.

Much Love


Painting by Scout Cuomo


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