PISCES FULL MOON - 14 September 2019

Exact at 5.32am BST, 12.32am EDT.

There is a lot going on during this Moon that has the potential to cause a state of overwhelm, so it is very important indeed that we take time out to be kind to ourselves. Things tend to come to a head during Full Moons, and as the tides swell and so do our emotions. With Neptune, the God of the ocean and ruler of this Moon sitting right next to the Moon herself we could literally find ourselves overcome with emotion, so overwhelmed that we can’t see clearly. This combination brings the potential for being swept along by the mood of the moment, as if we are at the mercy of forces much larger than ourselves. It also brings the possibility of great empathy, compassion and sensitivity that helps us to truly connect with others and to be aware that when it comes down to it we are all just souls having the human experience.

This Moon in Pisces could cause us to feel a little over-sensitive, however, as if our skins are a bit thinner than usual. Our imaginations could also run wild in the wrong direction, causing anxiety, worry and overwhelm, making us want to just bury our heads in the sand and not confront whatever we are facing. Pisces energy is that part of us that likes to procrastinate or escape somehow in order to avoid the reality of our situation. The thing is, however, that it doesn’t go away if we act like an ostrich, but rather it just gets bigger and bigger in our own minds! It is far better to face it head-on, as things are never as bad as they can seem in our imaginations. Anxiety is a byproduct of the Virgo/Pisces experience and could be rife during this Full Moon. Indeed, with a stellium of planets travelling through Virgo for the past couple of weeks, we have been dealing with a certain amount of chaos, stress, worry and even downright panic!

With the Sun in Virgo sitting directly opposite the Moon in Pisces we are asked to find some balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in one extreme. The extreme of Virgo can bring some kind crisis, whereby something happens that forces us to take stock and recognise what is out of balance and what needs to change in order to make everything right again. It can also cause us to over work, stressing our systems and making us run around like headless chickens getting nowhere fast! Virgo is the part of us that can so easily get caught in a spiral of negative thinking that makes whatever we are facing to seem insurmountable and much bigger than it actually is. We can so easily create mountains out of molehills, so we must simply remember to ground ourselves and just take one step at a time instead of collapsing in a state of panic and paralysis!

This Pisces Moon reminds us to take time out to smell the roses, letting go of the need for everything to be perfect and allowing it to just be as it will be. Virgo is that part of us that can be so very hard on ourselves, criticising ourselves and others mercilessly for our shortcomings and flawed humanity, while Pisces reminds us that we are beautiful in all our imperfection. Pisces teaches us acceptance of what is and helps us to simply let go and go with the flow of the river. Then we will find some much needed peace. Virgo is busy trying to create a system that works, analysing every little detail to make sure it is effective, while Pisces simply accepts things as they are and recognises that wherever we end up will be the right place for us.

Jupiter is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could greatly exaggerate whatever we are feeling and facing during this Moon. Jupiter tends to magnify the energy of the planet he is in contact with, and so this expands the potential for overwhelm and means that our emotions could be quite “big” during this Moon.  It is quite possible, with Jupiter being in Sagittarius, that we may find ourselves bombarded with so many different beliefs and opinions that it might be hard to see the wood for the trees. We may need to use some Virgoan discernment and discrimination to separate the wheat from the chaff. This Moon certainly holds the potential for some very strong opinions and views to be aired, which could be overwhelming, aggravating and upsetting, We could also experience some kind of loss of meaning or faith, whereby we wonder what it’s all about anyway!

With the Sun and Mars joining forces in Virgo just before the Full Moon, it is important to watch out for our egos getting the better of us. These are two yang energies which could cause clashes of wills and disputes over differing beliefs and opinions. There is also the possibility, with Jupiter squaring this strong duo, of pushing ourselves so hard that we experience fatigue or health issues. The Pisces Moon is asking us to slow down and take time out to take care of ourselves, as all this energetic, busy, stressful, perfectionistic Virgo energy could really take its toll if we’re not careful. Mars is exactly opposite Neptune during this Moon, which asks us to take care of our physical  and spiritual health, as this combination could cause us to feel a bit discouraged and low on energy. It also means that people may not be as direct as we would like, because Neptune and Mars combinations can bring passive aggression and indirect or deceptive action. A Venus Mercury conjunction could bring some smooth talking on the one hand, while it could also help us to negotiate and come to some kind of compromise and peaceful solution to whatever we are facing. Amazing things can happen when we put our heads together for a common cause, in the spirit of harmony and peace.

All of this is occurring with the backdrop of yet another conjunction between Saturn and the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn. Saturn and the South Node have been dancing with one another since April, and this is the last time they will meet. We are being confronted with some very big lessons from our past, with the potential for the past repeating itself in ways that are not comfortable at all. Capricorn is the sign of government, the patriarchy, control and parental and societal authority, and we are currently being given a heavy dose of the shadow side of this energy. With the North Node in Cancer, we are being asked to allow the walls to come down and show our vulnerability rather than trying to pretend that we have everything under control. This is playing out both personally and collectively. The old order is crumbling, in chaos and Virgoan crisis, and Cancer is beckoning us forward, asking us to find another way of being that is more inclusive and for the good of all rather than serving the few.

Cancer is the sign of family, the home, our roots, the mother, and is a nurturing sign that is led by its feelings. It encourages us to let our defences down and admit that sometimes we just don’t have the answers, and to let go of hard control. It simply isn’t working anymore! Cancer has more focus on the community and how we can all take care of one another. Cancer reminds us that if we each do the inner work and do our best as a human being then it will ripple outward and make a difference to the whole. With Saturn on the South Node we are facing some pretty harsh lessons right now, on both a personal and collective level. The macrocosm and the microcosm are the same. Saturn is the lord of karma, and so we are witnessing and experiencing some difficult karma being played out at the moment. Some extremely challenging material is being faced which has its roots in the past, and we are being shown all too clearly how we are repeating old, entrenched patterns. The dark side of Capricorn and the patriarchy, with its fear-based control, elitism, prejudice and intolerance is rising up to be fully seen, as Pluto in Capricorn exposes the rot and makes it all so transparent that it is hard to deny.

It is very important, however, not to succumb to fear. This Virgo season certainly seems to be bringing things to a head, creating chaos and crisis, but maybe this is a necessary process because it means that we simply cannot bury our heads in the sand anymore. Virgo is great for finding solutions, as long as we don’t allow our anxiety and fear to get the best of us! One step at a time! This Moon certainly does feel like a call to action, but it could also bring to a head any feelings of overwhelm or stress that we may have been feeling. However, Pisces asks us to just take time out and tend to ourselves, because it is very likely that we will be feeling quite tender, raw, drained and open from this whole process. Pisces gently reminds us that we are all essentially the same, even those who we judge or condemn for their actions. We are asked to find kindness and compassion in our hearts for ourselves and others, accepting ourselves as we are rather than judging ourselves for what we are not. Pisces is a unifying sign that reminds us that we all come from the same melting pot, and that what happens to one happens to all. As above, so below. As within, so without. One Love.

Much Love


Painting: Overwhelm, by Catherine Foster


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