VIRGO NEW MOON - 30 August 2019

Exact at 11.37am BST, 6.37am EDT

This New Moon brings the potential for some positive change occurring in our lives, although not the kind of change that hits us over our head, but rather the kind that choose to instigate for ourselves. This is also a supermoon, which means that as it is closer to earth than your average New Moon, it will have a stronger effect on our heart, body, spirit and mind. Something very interesting to note about this particular Moon is that we currently have almost all of the planets in earth signs, not to mention the Sun and Moon themselves! Earth has a very solid, practical, grounding energy that helps us to make concrete plans and make them manifest in reality. It can also help us to really get into our bodies and out of our heads. Too much earth could potentially mean that we get “stuck in the mud” and bogged down in the mundane, material side of life. It could, however, be a very good time to focus on the concerns of Mother Earth in a very practical, tangible way. She is certainly clamouring for our attention right now.

The personal planets are all having a veritable Virgo party, as they are travelling around the zodiac in a pack at the moment. For a while the pack was very definitely in playful and dramatic Leo, while now it is shifting into humble, perfectionist and helpful Virgo, which is a very different energy! We have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno all in a sign that seeks to purify and perfect. Virgo is the sign that makes us all too aware of our personal flaws and inadequacies, to the point that we could be quite merciless on ourselves. It can also mean that we project any tendencies towards self-criticism out onto other people, either by finding fault with their flawed humanity or by feeling that they are being unduly critical of us. This New Moon could help us to recognise where and how we could benefit from doing some inner work and what might need to change in order to be the best version of ourselves. This would be an ideal time to contemplate a change in our routine, or clearing out our closets, both literally and metaphorically, or doing some kind of purification or cleanse to clear our mind, body and spirit.

Virgo is the sign of self-improvement, whereby something comes to our attention that makes us realise what needs tweaking in our lives and where we may be lacking. Sometimes this comes in the form of a crisis that forces us to have a long hard look at ourselves and see where we are coming up short. Crises can be very helpful indeed, as they force us to see the light and to recognise how we may have been pushing ourselves too hard and not taking adequate care of ourselves. So often we don’t heed the call for change until it is too late. This Moon could give us the opportunity to recognise what needs changing and to do whatever is necessary to improve ourselves and our situation without needing a crisis to force matters. This could be an ideal opportunity to get our lives in order and to find the necessary humility to look at ourselves realistically so that we can create positive change. Virgo is well versed in the art of discernment and can help us to discriminate between what is good for us and what quite simply has to go!

Uranus in Taurus is forming a helpful, harmonious trine aspect to all of the planets in this little Virgo party, which could give us the kick up the bum that we need to initiate change and recognise what is out of balance. Uranus trine the Moon could help us to change any emotional patterns and personal habits that may be holding us back or keeping us prisoner without it being too hard or upsetting. It is quite possible that we will have some insightful realisations and epiphanies about our emotional life that could really help us to break free from the past and whatever is holding us tied into these old, familiar emotional patterns formed in childhood that keep tripping us up in our adult relationships.

Uranus trine the Sun could help us to step outside of the comfort zone and revolutionise our lives in a way that is exciting rather than being too unsettling or scary. This is a great time to set positive intentions and do things that we might normally resist in order to bring about creative change in our lives. Uranus will be encouraging us to step out of the mould and express all that we are, rather than conforming to others’ expectations of who we are supposed to be. This is an ideal time to bust out and fully express all that we might usually supress! We have the opportunity to literally break some habits during this time and to adopt a new, healthier way of being. And with Mars sitting right next to the Sun and Moon, we should have the courage, drive, motivation and desire to act on any realisations we may have about how to become healthier in mind, body and spirit.

Uranus trine Venus could help us to break free from of any limiting or unhealthy patterns of relating that may have formed over time. It happens so easily, that we get stuck in certain habits and ruts that keep us going over the same ground over and over again. Uranus represents freedom from the known, and from the past. It can help us to free ourselves from restrictive or limiting relationships and to literally “wake up” and smell the roses, recognising what needs to change and how we might adjust the way we relate ourselves and our loved ones. It brings that breath of fresh air that is needed to clear away stagnation and find a way of being in relationship that is more in line with who we are really are rather than the version of the “ideal” relationship that is fed to us by society and the media. Uranus dares us to forge our own path and to walk along the road less travelled.

Uranus and Mars helps us to have the courage to break old habits and change the way we act. This is an ideal opportunity to step up and be brave enough to make a stand for something that we believe in. With Uranus in Taurus, the sign representing Mother Earth and Gaia, we are currently being asked to have the courage, in the face of the current Virgoan crisis we are facing, to stand up and demand change. In fact, we are asked to BE the very change we seek. Mars and Uranus call for action, asking us to wake up to what is happening on the planet and find new, inventive and ingenious solutions, and fast! Uranus combined with Mars is the rebellious, revolutionary visionary in us all that has the courage to not only question authority but also to stand up to it. During this Moon we are asked to truly wake up and recognise the crisis we are facing, and to think outside the box and seek solutions and a way to improve the situation we find ourselves in. We may be called to act out of character, but this could ultimately be incredibly liberating.

Those of us with personal planets around 6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius could well be feeling the more unsettling, erratic, insecure and potentially shocking effect of Uranus in Taurus, with Libra and Sagittarius not far behind. It does seem, with this massive amount of Uranian energy around during this Moon, that we are being called to wake up and free ourselves from our slumber. Uranus also represents Trauma, and we are certainly watching the earth experience the traumatic effects of the treatment of the human race. New Moons are a wonderful time to set positive intentions, and it would seem, with all of this earthy energy around during this particular Moon, that this is a good time to pray for the planet we live on and to recognise that as we do so we are also praying for ourselves. Uranus is the planet of wake up calls, alerting us to the need to take action in the face of crisis. Virgo can help us to find a way to improve the situation. Virgo encourages us to be of humble service to the whole. This is not a time for ego gratification, but is rather a time to recognise what needs to change and how we might go about doing it.

The Sabian symbol for Uranus is “The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well” which Dane Rudyar describes as “The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future”. Rudyar describes a part of the Christ mythos:  “Early in his ministry, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at an ancestral well. This woman belongs to a tribe despised by the Jews; moreover, she is unmarried and therefore on the fringe of even her own society. It is to just that kind of woman that Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah: “I am He,” a revelation that he apparently will not bestow even upon his disciples, at least not in words.” Jesus did not reveal himself to the members of the old order, but rather he did so to a woman who was considered an “enemy” and outcast, even within her own society, as she was not married. However, her heart was obviously open to his teaching. This is a calling for us to open our hearts and draw compassion and empathy up from the well, freeing ourselves of old, stuck energy and emotions and suspending any judgement towards those who are seemingly so different from us.

Dane Rudyar goes on to say: “The creative future descends first to that which has become chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power which subsumes all forms of order, i.e. Love.  A NEW QUALITY OF BEING is revealed which renders the old patterns obsolete.” This symbol feels oh so relevant for us now, at this time in our history. With the South Node in Capricorn and the Pluto/Saturn conjunction looming ever closer, we are seeing very clearly how the past is repeating itself in ways that are not very comfortable at all. The rot inherent within the old order is being exposed in no uncertain ways, and so this symbol is such a beautiful reminder to open our hearts, and that the wellbeing of future generations depends on it. Love, tolerance and inclusivity are the message of this symbol and we are being called to emulate it and to be of humble service to the whole. This is the highest vibration of Virgo – the World Server and Healer.

“Let us be at peace with our bodies and our minds.
Let us return to ourselves and become wholly ourselves.
Let us be aware of the source of being,
common to us all and to all living things.
Evoking the presence of the Great Compassion,
let us fill our hearts with our own compassion —
towards ourselves and towards all living beings.
Let us pray that we ourselves cease to be
the cause of suffering to each other.
With humility, with awareness of the existence of life,
and of the suffering that is going on around us,
let us practice the establishment of peace
in our hearts and on the earth.”
Thich Nhat Hanh.

Much Love


Painting: Gaia – Unknown

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