SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON - 7 December 2018

Exact at 7.20am GMT, 2.20am EDT

This is an enthusiastic Fire sign Moon with quite a lot of emotional Water energy, so it may be a bit more emotionally intense than your average Sagittarius New Moon. With the Sun and Moon and Jupiter all in Sagittarius, we are encouraged to shoot for the stars and to envision ways to expand our horizons and broaden our scope. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist who gives us the ability to see the bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff. Even the most difficult and painful of circumstances are seen as an opportunity to grow and understand ourselves better. The New Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to have a sense of humour about whatever we are experiencing and to look forward with hope, faith and trust in the benevolence of life. Whatever is happening for us around the time of the New Moon tends to blossom and grow over the course of the month ahead, finding full expression around the time of the Full Moon. As such, any heartfelt intentions that we set during this New Moon have a chance of manifesting later on. It is important, however, that they truly come from our heart and not our ego.

This Moon could help us to connect with our truth and to the highest part of our being, so it is important to trust our instincts and intuition. The truth is very important to Sagittarius and so we may find ourselves uncovering our truth and also expressing it to others. Sagittarius energy can be quite blunt, and the truth can sometimes be painful to hear, but it is far better to get things out into the open. As long as we do so from our heart then we know that we have done the right thing. The truth is relative, and so what is true for one person may not be for another, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. This could be a very good Moon for expressing things that have been on our minds and clearing the air. With Venus and Mercury both back in Scorpio we have the chance some profound psychological insight and the ability to really get to the nitty gritty in terms of our own emotional honesty. Mercury is stationary in Scorpio during this Moon, getting ready to turn direct again after his retrograde period, so there is a big emphasis on thoughts and communication that really penetrate to the heart of the matter. This is helped by a harmonious aspect from Chiron the Wounded Healer.  This is not a time for superficial chatter, indeed we could find ourselves having some very intimate and healing conversations that lay our souls bare!

Mars is currently in sensitive and compassionate Pisces, which is a strange sign for the warrior planet to be in! This combination could make us feel very tired indeed, as Mars represents our energy levels, conscious desires and capacity for action while Pisces represents the unconscious realms, dreams and the world of spirit. We may not feel as energetic as usual, feeling more tired and prone to feeling overwhelmed by the demands of our busy lives. Our dreams could also be very active. Neptune is also sitting right next to Mars in Pisces, which compounds this energy, so it is important not to rush ourselves and instead honour our need for quiet and rest. Direct action could be difficult during this time and we could literally find that we can’t be bothered, or that we somehow need to be inspired in order to do things. It’s probably best to just surrender and go with the flow of our own river rather than resisting the inevitable. We could also find ourselves feeling quite overwhelmed by anger that comes deep from our unconscious, and could give off angry signals that we are entirely unaware of. It’s important to get to the bottom of what is really, truly bothering us rather than taking it out on the wrong people.

This energy of Mars and Neptune is also forming a challenging square aspect to this New Moon. It would be good to harness the positive parts of this combination and use Mars in Pisces to assert ourselves with sensitivity, compassion and grace. We may be forced to find the courage to speak our truth from a loving place, but equally we could find ourselves being passive aggressive and indirect about our anger and resentments. Gentle assertion and fierce compassion is possible here, as is divinely guided action, but equally we could find ourselves giving mixed messages and not being open or direct about whatever is bothering us. It is important to make an effort to be straightforward and honest during this time, as Neptune/Pisces energy can sometimes pull the wool over our eyes and create smoke screens. We may find ourselves much more sensitive, impressionable and weary, and could even feel unclear about our identity and sense of purpose. This combination of planetary energy could be quite ego-dissolving, but equally could be very confusing and disillusioning. It is quite possible that we will want to escape somehow, whether it be through drink, drugs, sleep, television, computer games, etc. There are so many different ways to escape reality!

Uranus is still square the Node of the Moon, and this provides the energetic back-drop to our lives at the moment. It is starting to wane now, but nevertheless is still strong. We are being given a chance to liberate ourselves from our old patterns that come from our conditioning and experiences growing up; becoming more aware of these patterns of behaviour that are learned and simply don’t work for us anymore. They are not who we really are, but rather they are a protective shell that we have constructed along the way. It’s time to let the walls down now and discover who we really are. Even if who we really are is shocking to ourselves and others.

Uranus is also really waking us up to just how distorted this patriarchal system has become.  With the South Node, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn it will become more and more clear over the next 18 months just how flawed the patriarchal world is that we are living in and the imbalance between the masculine and feminine in our culture. We are being encouraged to let go of the Capricornian need for control, suppression, repression, domination, rigid boundaries, authority and blind conformity to the “rules” and to move towards Cancerian sensitivity, vulnerability, family values, softness and focus more on our sense of belonging and our “tribe”. Sometimes things have to get worse to get better, and the next couple of years could really break things apart as the imbalance feels so intolerable that things simply have to change. Interesting times ahead, methinks, both personal and collectively!

Some final thoughts on this Sagittarius Moon, as I am confused as to how this Mars/Neptune in Pisces square this New Moon might manifest. All is not necessarily clear, as is the nature of Pisces!. However, it is possible that we could be asked to take a leap of faith during this Moon. Mars allows us to access our courage and act on our desires, and in Pisces those desires could be coming from an unconscious place within us, or they could be coming from the divine. Sagittarius represents faith and trust that everything is happening for a reason.  As such, it is possible that we may be forced to be brave somehow and act from a position of faith and trust rather than the way being clear to us. Mars brings an impulsive quality to this Moon, however, which could also mean that we don’t look before we leap and could be quite angry or confrontational without realising it. It seems that we are being given an opportunity to say our piece, speak our truth and get things off our chest. It is, however, so very important that we do so from a place of compassion and love, and for the good of all. We need to watch out for our blind spots during this Moon!

Much Love



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