GEMINI NEW MOON - 13 June 2018

Exact at 8.43pm BST, 3.43pm EDT

This Moon is a potent time to set intentions for ourselves, because Gemini reminds us of how our thoughts carry energy and have the power to affect our reality in positive or negative ways. Watch what you wish for! New Moons represent a time of beginnings and endings, when we leave something behind in the dark of the Moon and contemplate what we want to cultivate moving forwards. You can’t have a beginning without and ending! The Sun and Moon are joining forces in the versatile, adaptable and curious sign of Gemini, so issues around communication and our thought processes are likely to be prevalent at the moment. We may become all too aware of our thought patterns and how they help or hinder us. Mind chatter could be rife during this time, as it is hard to get the little monkeys in our heads to quieten down! We could be striving to understand something that is hard to comprehend. As Gemini is the sign of the twins it represents duality. We could literally be in “two minds” about something, or could experience someone being two-faced, or even downright lying. We could be giving or receiving mixed messages. Certainly this is a time of considerable mental activity!

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is currently in emotional and sensitive Cancer. This could mean that we are trying to understand something from our past, most likely from our childhood. Cancer is the sign of the family and our emotional roots, so there could be issues of communication between us and our family members, or we could be trying to get to the bottom of something that happened long ago but still has an impact on the way we think and communicate. It is possible that we are struggling to understand a family dynamic, but that no answer is readily available to us. The way we perceive the world is heavily influenced by the experiences we had and the messages we received in childhood, and our thought process could be utterly irrational at times because they are ruled by our emotional patterns. This could be a good time to bring long standing emotional issues out into the open and talk about them.

Saturn is also opposite Mercury, bringing up boundary issues around communication, and could cause people to withhold information or hold back from communicating with us, leaving us in the dark. There could be misunderstandings, or some kind of impasse that seems difficult to overcome or understand. Saturn brings a sense of lack and makes us very aware of what needs to be worked on in order to improve the situation. Chiron the Wounded Healer is also involved in the picture, and combined with Saturn our thoughts could feel a bit heavy and more fearful and anxious than usual. This combo could take our minds into some rather dark places, causing us to worry perhaps more than we need to. However, there is the potential for some deep healing here. Old karmic wounds could come to the surface, needing to be understood and voiced out loud somehow. It may become glaringly obvious how the pain of the past is colouring our perspective and dynamics with others in the here and now. 

It is important to be aware of how we communicate and interact with people, because some painful or hurtful truths could be spoken during this time, either by us or to us. It is also important to be aware that gossiping or talking about people behind their backs is never a good idea and can do more harm than good. Saturn reminds us that we are only responsible for our part in whatever situation we find ourselves in, and that it is important to come from a place of integrity, maturity and accountability. Sometimes people inadvertently trigger our deepest wounds, and none more so than the people closest to us, but it is our choice how we respond to it. This combination of planets certainly brings a sense of us wanting to understand ourselves and our emotional nature better and possibly having to delve back into the past in order to do so.

With Mars sitting right next to the South Node of the Moon, and Uranus, the ruler of the South Node, squaring the Nodes, there is definitely the potential for us having to face up to some unresolved material from our childhood and early years, and even from past lives. Possibly old resentment and anger that we don’t even know we have could come rising up to the surface. We could slip back into old patterns and habits that we thought we had already healed or left behind. We might find ourselves confronting someone, when really our beef is with someone who did something traumatic to us in our childhood or beyond. It could be a replay situation, bringing a sense of déjà vu. We may find ourselves reliving some very difficult family karma, bringing it out into the open so we can air our grievances and let it go. We may have to be completely honest with ourselves and others about issues and trauma that has long been forgotten, pushed to one side or buried. Sometimes we have no choice but to go backwards over old ground in order to move forward.

Uranus is also challenging Venus during this New Moon, meaning that we might experience some surprises and possible wake-up calls in the realm of our relationships. We might have to face up to some unpleasant material that we might prefer to ignore, or find that change is forced on us somehow. Uranus has the potential to help release us from anything stale or stagnant that might be blocking healthy relationships, but the process could be somewhat unsettling! This seems to tie in with the rest of the New Moon chart, which brings a sense of old material coming up for us to process and understand, and having to deal with some kind of communication issue that presses our buttons and triggers old wounds. It is very important not to let our monkey minds run away with us over the next few days, and to be aware of the power of words to hurt or heal. All will be revealed in the fullness of time, no doubt!

Much Love


Picture: Taming the Monkey Mind – Unknown


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