PISCES NEW MOON - 17 March 2018

Exact at 1.11pm GMT, 10.11am EDT!

We are currently in dreamtime, as we are in the dark of the Moon at the very end of the astrological cycle. On the Spring Equinox this Tuesday 20 March, the Sun moves into pioneering Aries and a whole new cycle begins. This is a time of culmination and completion, when we are invited to leave behind whatever no longer serves us in the dark of the Moon and contemplate what we might want to create for ourselves moving forward. We are currently preparing to shoot out of the hard winter ground, but for now, while we are still underground, we are invited to contemplate and imagine what kind of flower or plant we would like to become once we emerge into the light. This New Moon is a time for us to rest, meditate, turn within and listen to what our dreams are telling us. Indeed, we might feel quite tired during this time, as our dreamlife is probably much more active and prolific than usual. We will be processing a lot in our dreams at the moment.  We are invited to let go and surrender to the flow of our lives, allowing the current to take us where it will. This is a time to listen to the whisperings of our soul, heeding our intuition and paying attention to the subtle messages that are all around us telling us where we need to go.

Pisces completes the circle. As such, this is a time for us to become aware of any dynamics that are old, outworn or unresolved in our lives and find some kind of resolution or acceptance, or simply let go of them altogether. Part of the Pisces mission is to dissolve any barriers preventing us from connecting directly with God, Creator or the Universe, so the veil between the mundane world and the world of spirit is much thinner at this time of year. As such, we may feel more sensitive, open and vulnerable, as Pisces is apt to make us feel a bit like a leaf being blown about in the wind, at the mercy of forces much larger than ourselves. This could easily cause us to feel overwhelmed and we could easily feel like we are victim of whatever situation we find ourselves in, as if it is out of our control. It is always important to remember, however, that we are the co-creator of our own reality, and as such we have to take equal responsibility for any dynamics that might be playing out in our lives and relationships. Pisces brings a tendency to just roll over and allow things to happen, which in the positive can be seen as an act of surrender or acceptance, but could also involve us playing the role of scapegoat, martyr or victim.

Pisces definitely heightens our creative imaginations, which can be very helpful in terms of creating positive intentions for this New Moon and imagining the life we want for ourselves. Pisces is the queen of daydreams! However, it can also bring the potential for delusions and illusions, whereby we can’t see clearly at all, or only see what we want to see. In the extreme it can cause feelings of “madness”, as the barriers between reality and fantasy, the conscious mind and the collective unconscious, the mundane world and spirit world all dissolve and it’s hard to tell what is real and what is not. Indeed, who is to say what is real or not anyway!  Pisces likes to put the rose tinted spectacles on and is very idealistic, so disillusionment is always a possibility when reality kicks away the pretty illusion we have built around a person or situation! Of course, it is hard to face reality sometimes, and Pisces can make us very adept at burying our head in the sand and using escapist tendencies to avoid doing just that! It is important, during this Moon, to be aware of the possibility of things not exactly being clear.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in Pisces during this New Moon. This could definitely bring out the compassionate, empathetic, tender, open-hearted aspect of Pisces and could make us feel quite open, raw and vulnerable. While our core wounds may feel a bit open and exposed, there is the potential for really connecting to one another on a deeper level and finding forgiveness and compassion for our flaws and inadequacies. It is so much easier to forgive others than it is to forgive ourselves, but it is so very important to find true compassion for our own shortcomings and learn to truly love ourselves, warts and all. Pisces brings the capacity for unconditional love, which has such power to heal! It helps us to really “see” one another, behind the walls, the masks and the defences. This New Moon could really help us to get to the heart of the matter.

Mars is challenging the Sun, Moon and Chiron, which on the one hand could mean that we are forced to be very honest about our vulnerabilities and wounded natures, while on the other hand could mean that someone does or says something that is hurtful or wounding. With Venus and Mercury currently joining forces in honest and forthright Aries, there could be the tendency to act/speak first and think later, which could very easily trigger our sore spots! However, although the truth can hurt sometimes, it is far better to be transparent in our relationships and operate from a position of authenticity, integrity and truth. This could be a good time for getting things out into the open, and while we might be a bit rash or blunt about it, we also have a chance to clear the decks and tell each other how we really feel. There is the possibility for us to trigger some heated emotions in one another, but it is important to remember that if someone causes us to feel defensive or angry then maybe they have hit on a nerve. It might be helpful to be aware of our actions and reactions during this time, because they could be very revealing. If we are brave and honest with ourselves, we have the potential for amazing healing to take place.

Jupiter in Scorpio is forming a harmonious, helpful aspect to the Sun, Moon and Chiron, which has been playing out over the course of this week. Jupiter is currently retrograde, and is working with Pluto to help us to face some of the darker aspects of our psyches that we might usually prefer to deny the existence of. We have a chance to dig deep and to be really honest with ourselves on an emotional level, recognising how the parts of ourselves that we keep in the shadows can so easily run the show and sabotage our lives and relationships. This is a really good time to broach subjects that are usually taboo, bringing some uncomfortable material out from under the proverbial carpet so that we can face it instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. We may have to face issues of power and powerlessness and also recognise how we might block intimacy through trust issues or not being completely honest and transparent with one another. Sometimes, paradoxically, the way to get our power back from another person is to make ourselves vulnerable; to be brave enough to speak our truth and express our feelings, even though it is uncomfortable and scary and we run the risk of upsetting them.

The Sabian Symbol for this New moon, at 27° Pisces, is: “The harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky”, about which Dane Rudyar says: “This symbol brings us the message that the time has come to reap what we have not only sown, but also cultivated – or failed to cultivate”, describing this as a “karmic” moment – the seed of the new cyclic manifestation is already latent.”   There is a feeling of culmination to this symbol, which makes sense as we approach the very end of the astrological year and await the start of a new cycle. For now, it is sleepy time! We are like seeds, buried deep in the soil, preparing to germinate so that we can emerge from dormancy as the Sun moves into Aries on Tuesday! This is a time to surrender to the flow and let go of anything that needs to leave our lives so that we can make space for whatever awaits us around the next bend in the river. It is important to be attentive to the subtle signs and omens, listen to our dreams and be very gentle with ourselves. The time will come, soon enough, when we will know what we need to do. For now, all we need to do is just “be” and let our imaginations run free.

Much Love


Picture: To Sleep Until Spring, by Trudi Doyle


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