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This New Moon brings a sense of hope with it and the potential for blasting through some blocks! The week or so after the Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse has involved a certain amount of purging and letting go for many of us,  and has allowed us to become more aware of old patterns that no longer serve us so that we can release and liberate ourselves from the hold they have over us. This is a necessary process that we have been through, whereby situations, people or events have brought these patterns to our awareness so that we can clear them, once and for all. Patterns that have been repeating over and over, throughout our whole lives, sabotaging our lives and relationships, have been revealed and we will have been given the opportunity to truly see and understand their “roots”. We have been shown the truth beneath our deepest wounds so that we can actually understand where these beliefs and patterns come from. There is a sense that the time is now; it is time to let go. This is the gift of the very special energetic period between the Lunar Eclipse on 31 January and this upcoming Solar Eclipse. It is not necessarily a very comfortable process and in fact it can be downright painful, but it is necessary to clear the way for a fresh new start. It is time to forge a new path.

An Aquarius New Moon will do just that! Aquarius is a visionary sign, with humanitarian ideals and the capacity to help us make a break with the past so we can step towards a brighter future. Aquarius dares us to think outside the box and question how our parents and society have shaped and defined us. This enables us to embrace the truth of ourselves, our own unique essence, that lies beyond the layers of conditioning that we have received throughout this and other lifetimes. Aquarius is a liberating energy, forcing us to recognise the patterns of behaviour and relating that have been preventing our growth and to be brave enough to move beyond them, even if it means stepping outside the known and familiar. Aquarius represents the ability to detach and see things objectively, and sometimes this can literally mean having to detach ourselves from people, situations, our family or even society so that we can see more clearly. Aquarius is a reaction to Capricorn, with all its “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, conformity, conditioning and tendency to follow the rules. With Aquarius we throw out the rule book and dare to think for ourselves, questioning all we have been taught to believe about ourselves and forging a path that is uniquely our own. This is the energy of this New Moon.

As I mentioned in the Leo Full Moon post, Eclipses represent a key moment in our destiny, because the Nodes of the Moon are activated. The South Node, which represents our past, the familiar, the known and tends to play out in our childhood and early life, is currently in Aquarius. Aquarius also correlates to our long term memory, which can hold within it either memories of skills and talents that we have not yet tapped into, or trauma. It is possible, therefore, that this Eclipse season could bring up old trauma for us to recognise and release. We have all experienced trauma in this and other lifetimes, in varying degrees of intensity, and this will have played a big part in forming the beliefs, emotional patterns and sabotaging tendencies that tend to repeat and play out in our lives and relationships. When we experience trauma we can often leave parts of ourselves behind, for a variety of reasons. We are currently being given the opportunity to go back and find these split off, buried parts again. These parts of ourselves and our memory that have been stuffed away, repressed, suppressed because they are too painful to face now have a chance to come forward into the light of our consciousness. We are ready, and if we don’t do it now then they will continue to run the show from deep within our subconscious.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Juno, the goddess of partnerships. Uranus is the Great Awakener, and can bring some “aha” moments, epiphanies and revelations, while releasing old memories or energy that has hitherto been blocked. In fact, Uranus can help clear any blockages we might have, bringing much needed wake up calls that help clear old, stagnant energy and  liberate us from anything from our past that it preventing growth. He can help us to remember, realise and understand. He can also help us to free ourselves from limiting or restricting patterns, situations or relationships that are preventing our growth. Uranus offers us a different perspective; one that we may not have considered before. He helps us to step outside of our comfort zone into uncharted, unfamiliar territory. He challenges our beliefs and allows us to see where they have come from and how they don’t serve us anymore. He has the capacity to really shake things up and rattle our cages, encouraging us to get out of our ruts.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is currently in Scorpio and is challenging this Moon. This could force us, in no uncertain terms, to face our demons and bring whatever is lurking under the proverbial carpet out into the light. Jupiter tends to exaggerate or magnify the energy of the sign he is in, and in Scorpio’s case it is all the dark parts we don’t want to face; anything that is taboo and has hitherto been shrouded in secrecy, not mentioned, not admitted to, not owned. Scorpio demands emotional honesty, even if it involves confronting material that painful or shameful. Jupiter is currently helping us recognise where we have been let down, betrayed, abandoned; where we have experienced loss and where we find it hard to trust. Jupiter helps us to grow and expand our horizons by facing up to, once and for all, any material that we have kept shrouded in darkness, hidden in the shadows either because it was too painful to face or we were too ashamed or frightened to go there. Jupiter’s strong presence during this New Moon holds the promise of deep transformation if we are willing to be brave, open and honest enough to dive into the shadows to dig up whatever treasure is lurking there.

It is interesting to note that Juno, the asteroid that represents the partnering energy of intimate relationships, is once again present during this lunation. She is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon, and Mercury too. She seems to have been following us around in recent times! This brings our intimate relationships into the foreground once again, forcing us to recognise how old trauma and the patterns that come from it tend to play out in the dynamic between ourselves and those we are in close partnership with. Mercury in Aquarius could help us to figure things out, think things through, see old material from a different perspective and also communicate what we have learned. This could be a time of great insight, whereby we have the potential for some amazing revelations that could revolutionise our lives and relationships. We could be forced recognise where we might block intimacy, though fear of abandonment, trust issues or other reasons that we find it hard to face. Old material could come to the surface that helps us to understand why we keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

This Moon definitely has some challenging energy to it, but its overall message is one of hope. The fact that Uranus, the ruler of the Moon, is helping us out is a good sign! We are being given the chance to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the past, to dive into the deepest, darkest recesses of our psyches and release whatever we have hidden there. It’s really worth doing the work now, because if we don’t we will just keep on repeating the same patterns, over and over again. We should make the most of any opportunity we get to break the cycle, and this Eclipse season and New Moon is certainly giving us an opportunity to do just that! It is exciting and scary all at the same time, but that’s life, right? We need to embrace the light and the dark, because there is no light without shadow. We all have our demons, and if we don’t face them then they continue to run the show from the side lines  This Moon offers us a chance to liberate ourselves from the past and step forward into the light, but not without first taking a journey into the past to dig up some buried treasure.

Much love


Picture: Buried Treasure - Unknown


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