MARS OPPOSITE URANUS – exact Friday 1 December

Mars was square Pluto for the New Moon, helping us to purge old patterns and to be brave enough to move beyond our self-imposed limitations. The combination had the potential to bring up some quite intense emotions that it would be hard to contain. Pluto is the planet of transformation, while Mars gives us the energy, motivation and drive to make the necessary changes so that we can shift old habits and patterns so something more aligned with who we are becoming can take their place. Combine this with a Scorpio New Moon and we had the potential to bravely face our shadows and recognise what emotional patterns are holding us back from growth. The energy of the Pluto Mars square peaked on Sunday and is now on the wane.

Now Mars is moving towards an opposition with Uranus, the Great Awakener, who is in Aries at the moment urging us to wake up to our true, authentic selves. Uranus brings sudden events that seem to “happen to us”, but are often merely a reflection of our inner need for change. Uranus and Mars together could make things a bit more unpredictable and make us act in ways that are seemingly out of character but are probably more akin to our real self. Uranus wants to bust us out of our conditioned self; the person we learned to be in order to please our parents and teachers and gain their love and approval. We could feel a burst of courage or experience a wake-up call that helps us to step outside of our comfort zone and try out something new and exciting. Indeed, we may well feel strong, uncontrollable urges to do things differently and break up our old, tired routine. We may become very excited by a new vision for our future and feel a strong need to actually make it happen. There is a revolutionary feeling to this opposition, as people could find the courage and anger needed to stand up for much needed change.

The energy of the opposition could be a bit disruptive to our relationships, as we may feel a tension between our need for the freedom to be ourselves and the need for compromise. Unresolved grievances may come bursting out into the open, although this could definitely be a good thing because it is far better than resentment festering away below the surface! A good way to harness the energy of Mars and Uranus is to be open to anything new and exciting and to be willing and open to take action in order to change. It could make us all too aware of where we are stuck or stagnant, and give us the energy, courage and motivation to kick away anything that might be holding us back or limiting us. We shouldn’t be surprised if our loved ones act differently either; in fact we should embrace it because it could bring a breath of fresh air to our lives and relationships. The energy of the opposition will be building over the next week and will peak on Friday 1 December. As Confucius says “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”

Much Love


Picture: Breakthrough from Osho Zen Tarot


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