TAURUS FULL MOON - 14 November 2016

Exact at 1.52pm GMT, 8.52am EST.

We might want to call this Full Moon a Super Supermoon, as it is going to be the largest, brightest, closest moon to the earth since 1948, and won’t be this close again until 2034. Supermoons have a stronger impact on our emotions and spirits than your ordinary, run of the mill Full Moon, so it is quite likely that we will feel this one very strongly, especially if it forms aspects to our personal planets or angles. Anything that has been simmering away in our unconscious for the two weeks beforehand will very likely come bubbling up to the surface and demand release. Whatever comes out may not exactly be rational, but better out than in, that’s for sure! There is a healing quality to this Moon which has the potential to help us to purge, purify and allow our emotions to just be. The only aspect to the Moon is coming from Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which gives us the opportunity to simply sit with our emotions and any pain or discomfort that we may be feeling rather than pushing them away. This aspect can help us gain more insight, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, empathy and compassion when it comes to the fears, wounds and insecurities of both ourselves and others. Tears may flow, but that’s alright. Let them.

The Moon is in earthy, sensual, self-sufficient Taurus, sitting directly opposite powerful, intense and transforming Scorpio. The key to Full Moon is to find some balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in one direction. Taurus invites us to contemplate what our true, core values are and truly live by them. While the Scorpio experience can highlight issues of power and powerlessness which can leave us feeling quite vulnerable, Taurus encourages us to stand on our own two feet and recognise our own power that comes from within. Instead of giving our power away to the powers that be or thinking that our power is being taken away from us, Taurus urges us to become more self-sufficient, resourceful, self-reliant and empowered. Scorpio issues can include feelings of loss, betrayal of trust and the feeling of having the rug pulled out from underneath us. She forces us to confront the darker side of reality and face up to what is simmering below the surface, as much as we might prefer to deny its existence. Taurus, on the other hand, represents Mother Earth and reminds us that, no matter what, we are held and supported. And we will survive. In fact, this is a really good time to go for a walk in the woods and connect with the earth and the trees. They have a calm, stable, rooted, unchanging quality that is very much akin to the energy of Taurus.

On the other side of the coin, this Moon may highlight where we are stuck and stagnating somehow. It is so easy to get stuck in old, familiar patterns that have long outgrown their usefulness, falling into the same rut, over and over again. Taurus is the queen of staying safe for the sake of security, while Scorpio, as I said, rips the rug out from beneath us and promotes growth on a deep, soul level. Scorpio forces us to confront the truth of the matter, much as we would prefer to deny it. As such, this Full Moon could involve us experiencing a threat to our inner security and value system, but it is very much necessary in order for us to grow. Sometimes we have to be pushed way outside of our comfort zones in order for us to shift out of complacency and “sameness”. Our habits can become so entrenched and we can become so rigid and stuck for the sake of so called “security” that we need a cosmic kick up the bum to get things moving again and make sure we are aligned with our true purpose. Old habits die hard, but die they must if we are to evolve! Scorpio season involves releasing old patterns, purging and letting go; shedding the old skin so that we can be reborn, a more authentic version of ourselves. This may be experienced as a threat to our survival, as Taurus does like to play it safe, but we just have to remember that, for reasons that have yet to be revealed, it is necessary for growth.

Uranus is poking and prodding the Sun during this Moon, which could well cause us to feel a bit unsettled, as if the ground beneath us is a bit shaky. Uranus is the Great Awakener, the rebel and revolutionary, and tends to shake things up and force change if we have fallen into a rut. He is the breath of fresh air that blasts the cobwebs away. He helps to release us from the past and anything that may be blocking us from living our full potential. If we are in denial of what needs to change within us then Uranus’s energy can be experienced as crisis and external events that are seemingly out of our control, when in fact they are merely a reflection of our inner need to shift and change.

Uranus is currently building up to a harmonious trine aspect with Saturn which will continue to grow until it peaks on the 25th of December. Saturn represents authority, structure, control, government and “the system”, and tends towards conformity and abiding by the rules, while Uranus likes to break the rules and help release us from the conditioning of our parents and society. Saturn tells us what we should or shouldn’t do, while Uranus encourages us to think outside of the box, question authority and do what feels right for us, not what we feel we “should” do. Saturn represents the old, inherited way of doing things; the past, while Uranus represents our ideals, new vision; the future. As this aspect is a harmonious one it is not going to hits us over the head like a sledgehammer, so the energy of two planets will work with one another rather than against one another. This gives us the opportunity to bend the rules rather than breaking them and to understand how the system works so that we can find ways of making it work for us rather than against us.

Uranus is the visionary, so it is possibly that we will come up with ideas for new systems to replace the old, antiquated ones that are so obviously not working anymore. It will allow us to question authority, not so much that it causes an out and out revolution or gets peoples backs up, but rather so that we can come up with solutions that are tangible and realistic. On a very personal level, we also have an opportunity to release ourselves from old conditioning that we picked up from our parents, school etc, and to gently break through anything that is blocking us from being our Self. Not the self that we have been told we should be, but our true Self. First we have Saturn, representing conformity and success in the mundane world, then we have Uranus, who breaks it all apart and causes us to question everything and see life very differently (even go a bit crazy!)so that we can then move onto Neptune and the experience of oneness, unity, unconditional love, mysticism, connection to all that is. It is a process! This aspect between Saturn and Uranus could involve us collectively questioning all that we have been told so that we can move up to the next level in our evolution. We will experience it three times in the coming year – December of this year, May 2017 and November 2017. As I said, this is an opportunity rather than a kick up the bum, so we should take advantage of it while it’s here.

In the meantime, there is also a more challenging aspect starting to build between Saturn and Chiron, the Wounded Healer. As I said, Saturn represents parental and societal authority, structure, government, control etc, so it is quite likely that we will be feeling a lot of pain and wounding coming from these areas.  We might have to confront considerable darkness during this time and it is quite likely that things could look a bit bleak. Remember, however, that Saturn is aspecting Uranus at the same time and that sometimes things have to get worse to get better, and so often it takes things becoming intolerable for human beings to seek change. We have a chance with this aspect to allow our vulnerabilities and old conditioning to come to the surface and to confront the darker side of our psyches so they can be healed with forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. It is important to face whatever comes up rather than running away from it. The more we suppress our shadow side the more it gets distorted and grows.  This aspect will be exact on 29th of December, so the energy will build until then.

The Sabian symbol for Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon, speaks of us being “receptive to growth and understanding” and Dane Rudyar mentions “the strong drive in every human consciousness or will toward new experiences, whether they are constructive or destructive. Man may grow and gain understanding and wisdom through both types.” The Sabian symbol for Uranus is “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires” which Rudyar describes as “abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation…… alone, a human being can barely survive in nature’s great life drama; in organised groups men can in due time fulfil their desires. “ He summaries this symbol as “Cosmic optimism”. Uranus seems to be the key at the moment! Let’s keep an eye on that Saturn Uranus trine and see what we can come up with collectively! It’s time to stick together and come up with positive solutions rather than succumbing to fear and wallowing in the darkness.

With Neptune sitting smack, bang on top of the South Node of the Moon, which represents what we need to be letting go of in order to move forward and grow, we are currently being urged to let go of victim consciousness. It is all too easy to play the victim and look outside of ourselves for someone or something else to blame for whatever is happening to us, but it serves nobody. This Full Moon may make us feel a bit wobbly and cause our sense of security to be threatened, making us feel a bit vulnerable and powerless, but Taurus encourages us to be resourceful and empower ourselves, and to be true to our values and principles. We are going through a shedding process that could be quite painful and forces us to confront the darker side of life, but is ultimately very important because sometimes a shake-up is needed to jolt us out of old, outworn patterns and habits. Things can’t stay the same forever and it would be very boring if they did! We mustn’t forget, during this Taurus Moon, to connect with Mother Nature and visit some trees. They stand there, years after year, unwavering and unaffected by the drama that us humans fall prey to. Sometimes we need the reminder that we have solid ground beneath us and are held.

Much Love


Picture: Calling the Eagle – Susan Seddon Boulet


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