ARIES FULL MOON - 16 October 2016

Exact at 5.23am BST, 12.23am EDT.

Well, this is the most potent and potentially transforming Full Moon that I have seen in quite some time! Change is afoot! Not only that but it’s a Supermoon which means that it is closer to us than usual, so it will have a stronger effect on our mind, emotions, body and soul. It is the culmination of the New Moon in Libra on 1 October, which involved us setting some powerful intentions (consciously or unconsciously) involving our relationships and what we really, truly want for ourselves. An energetic ball was set in motion at that time which is now coming to a peak. I have noticed a lot of people in the past couple of weeks talking about what they want from their lives; what their perfect life would be if nothing was holding them back. Now is the time to start to actually put our money where our mouth is! This Moon has some potently powerful planetary energy that has the potential to revolutionise our lives and release us from old patterns and ways of relating so that we can live from a more authentic, truthful place. We have an amazing opportunity here to throw off the shackles of past conditioning and completely change the way we approach our lives and relationships.

The Sun is in harmonious, peaceful and relationship-oriented Libra, sitting directly opposite the Moon in assertive, honest and brave Aries. This is the relationship axis, so we are being asked to find a balance between Libra’s tendency to compromise and put other first and Aries ability express his needs and practice the art of self-love. The fact of matter is that without self-love we don’t really have the capacity to love another human being unconditionally, but of course this can go too far if we are constantly putting ourselves first. This Moon seems to be asking us to approach our relationships from a place of truth and emotional honesty, even if this feels uncomfortable or scary! Aries likes to get everything out into the open, so this Moon could involve some truths being revealed that have been simmering away below the surface until now. Libra, however, likes to keep the peace and reminds us that there are ways to express ourselves that is more palatable for the other person to hear! We are also reminded that it is very important to honour our relationships as entities in their own right and tend to them, much as we would a garden. The key is to be able to openly express our needs, but not much so that so it compromises the relationship. A delicate balance!

Mars, the ruler of this Moon, and Pluto are forming a conjunction in Capricorn which will be exact on Wednesday 19 October, but is most definitely building now! While Pluto is the soul, symbolising our unconscious desires that emanate from a place deep within us, Mars is the ambassador of the soul and acts on those desires. These two planets are the co-rulers of Scorpio and now they are together just in time for the Full Moon! Phew! This has the potential to be deeply transforming and to help us to put into action whatever it is that we need in order to move forward and grow on a deep level. The combined energy of these two planets will bring our shadows and whatever we might usually supress out into the light whether we like it or not! They could bring out some raw power, passion and possibly even rage and force us to own the parts of ourselves that we might usually keep hidden far from sight. The truth could be revealed in no uncertain terms and we could find that we have more energy and drive to transform our lives and relationships.

Pluto in Capricorn has been slowly but surely dismantling the structure of our lives since 2008 so that we can bring what we do in the world more into alignment with our true purpose. This conjunction, combined with this relationship-oriented Full Moon, can really help us to transform the way we approach our relationships and so that we are coming from a place of authenticity and integrity. There is nothing light and fluffy about this combination, that’s for sure! They will throw superficiality and pretence out of the window and bring out the truth of the matter. These two planets do have the capacity for superhuman power, as Mars the warrior acts on compulsions which come from Pluto’s hidden depths. They could give us the courage to “put our money where our mouth is” and actually set in motion all of the intentions we have been setting in recent times. They are also forming a harmonious aspect to the North Node, which will help us to move forward and evolve on a deep, soul level. We are being called to step up to the plate and grow!

Pluto is also forming and almost exact square to Mercury in Libra, so we can expect some very revealing, emotionally honest and penetrating conversations during this time, especially as the planet of communication is in the sign of relating. This aspect encourages us to be honest and allow ourselves to be vulnerable by showing all that we are feeling, not just the pretty bits. Mercury in Libra may prefer to keep the conversation harmonious and peaceful, but Mars and Pluto won’t allow that! This could bring things out into the open that could completely transform the way we relate with one another. While Mercury in Libra may highlight how we hide our true feelings and only show what we feel is pleasing to people, this doesn’t allow for true intimacy, as the other person isn’t able to see and know all that we are. The square from Pluto and Mars, however, could force some truths out of us that could take us by surprise but will allow for a deepening that will ultimately bring us much closer to our loved ones.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, Revolutionary and Rebel and Eris, the newest planet on the block, are conjunct one another and sitting smack bang on top of the Moon in Aries. If this doesn’t help us break some old, stuck patterns then I’ll eat my big toe! Eris can reveal the truth of the matter in no uncertain terms and is an agent for change, driving us forward so that we can ascend. She has the capacity to reveal what is really going on beneath the surface so that we can shine the light into the shadows. She pushes us forward in our evolution, whether we like it or not! There is something quite speeded up about her energy. Uranus forces us out of stagnant ruts and helps us to release whatever is blocking us from being truly ourselves. Wherever we are stuck, or resisting change, he will bring a seemingly external event to rattle our cages and take away whatever is holding us back. The external event is, however, merely a reflection of our inner need for change. This Moon could help us to break old patterns of relating and will very likely bring the odd epiphany or two and the opportunity for some major breakthroughs. We are being dared to step outside of the mould and break years of conditioning!  It’s all very exciting!

We mustn’t forget the Venus, the ruler of Libra, is still in Scorpio, which is Pluto and Mars’ sign! This doubles the potential for deep, soulful relating that really gets to the heart of the matter. Venus in Scorpio is deeply emotional and unafraid of revealing whatever is lurking in the shadows and allowing herself to be vulnerable. She invites soul connections into our lives, while Jupiter, who has recently entered Libra, brings people in who can help us to grow and expand our horizons. I am very excited about Jupiter in Libra, because it feels like a more buoyant energy has come in since he entered the sign of harmony, balance and relationships in mid-September, helped by the waning of the Saturn Neptune square, of course! It brings the potential for mutually beneficial relationships and the capacity to really grow though them, especially is we are willing to put the work in. He’ll be in Libra until October next year.

The Sabian symbol for the midpoint between the Sun and Moon is 24° Capricorn “A woman entering a convent.” Dane Rudyar describes this as a “Total commitment to a transcendent goal” and “the possibility of pursing in peace a spiritual ideal to which the whole being aspires and is totally dedicated”, and for us to “surrender to a “higher” Law or quality of being”. There is an all or nothing feeling to this symbol – a sense that we need to dive in and really be willing to “walk the talk” and truly live our ideals. This Moon is not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure! It is an opportunity to really cut through the bullshit and create some profound change in our lives and relationships, especially if we are brave, willing and ready to do so.

Much love


Picture : Breakthrough – Osho Zen Tarot


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