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The Cancer New Moon two weeks ago involved many of us experiencing a considerable wobble in terms of our emotional foundation, while  this Full Moon seems to be asking us to take a step back and look at whatever is going on from a different angle or perspective. It holds the promise of shaking up the status quo and helping us undo old programming, releasing us from the shackles of the past and from the residue of any unhealthy parental and societal conditioning. Uranus, the Great Awakener, who is well known for challenging the rules and rattling the cage, is a big player in this Moon as he is challenging both the Sun and Moon. The Sun is in Cancer, the sign of the home, family, our roots and our emotional security. Cancer represents our emotional patterns and tendencies that we have picked up in childhood, so any challenge to this area of our lives could be very unsettling. However, while our sense of emotional security could be shaken somewhat, we also have a chance to step outside of ourselves and recognise any sabotaging behaviour so that we can break free of it once and for all. It’s hard to release these entrenched emotional patterns while they remain unconscious, but this Moon has the potential to bring them out into the light of our awareness. They might explode out, as this is Uranus and a Full Moon we are talking about here, but it is so much better for them to be made conscious!

The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign directly opposite Cancer. While Cancer rules the home and family, Capricorn represents outer authority and the conditioning we received from authority figures such as our parents, school teachers and society in general. There are certain rules and regulations that we would have had to abide to in order to survive in this world and “fit in” to the mould. This is where Uranus comes in. He encourages us to break all of the rules and start a revolution! Try something else on for size! On a personal level this could mean that we have a chance to step outside of our comfort zones and undo some old, outworn programming, challenging the structure of our lives and family in order to be more true to ourselves. On a collective level is means that we challenge the powers that be and question their authority over us. Capricorn rules the governmental structures and external authority, while Cancer rules our homeland and sense of security, and Uranus in Aries is not afraid to rattle the cage to create much needed change. He is not called the Great Awakener for nothing, as he has the power to open our eyes to a new way of seeing things, which of course could make us feel a bit unsteady initially, until we find our feet.

As such, we shouldn’t be surprised if we received the odd shock or two, as old beliefs and patterns are made more conscious. The Sabian symbol for the midpoint between the Sun and Moon is Libra 27° “An airplane sails, high in the clear sky.” This brings the possibility of being able to see things more clearly, from a higher perspective. Dane Rudyar says of this symbol that it gives us the chance to “gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being.” He speaks of “Transcendent Realisation.” As such, it is quite possible that we will have some epiphanies in the coming week, as our perception of reality is challenged somewhat! It’s always good to get a bird eye perspective and to look at things in a more objective light.

Pluto, the planet of the soul and transformation, is also in Capricorn, where he has been since 2008 and will remain until 2023. Pluto has a detoxing effect on whatever sign he is in, and in Capricorn he has been exposing the rot within the power structures of this world we live in. It has become glaringly obvious that the old way of governing simply doesn’t work anymore. He then destroys whatever isn’t working so that eventually something more appropriate can take its place. We are half way through the transit of Pluto through Capricorn. It definitely feels like we are in the midst of the darkest hour, when so much is being destroyed and the fire rages all around us! Hopefully soon the Pheonix will start rising from the ashes. I can only assume that slowly but surely, over the next few years, solutions will start to reveal themselves and a new world will come into being. We will then have Pluto in Aquarius, which brings new vision for a world based on liberty, equality and brotherhood/sisterhood. That’s something to look forward to!

Mars is still in Scorpio, where he will be until the 2nd of August, when he will leave this intensely emotional sign for good and move forward into Sagittarius, where he is quite happy and confident! This last couple of weeks has shown what Mars in Scorpio is capable of, as we have been witness to back-stabbing, violent and vengeful acts, people’s version of the truth spurting out in all kinds of ways and unholy rage! It has not been pretty and I am actually quite looking forward to him leaving Scorpio! On the other hand, he has also given us the courage, desire and bravery to face the parts of ourselves that we might usually prefer to avoid or deny. The good news is that he is forming a harmonious aspect to both the Sun and the Moon, helping us to do some  more deep sea diving and confront our shadows. It’s not pretty work, but it is oh so rewarding, as we have a chance to eliminate anything that might be preventing us from experiencing true honesty, openness and intimacy with our loved ones. It’s hard to own the dark parts, as it makes us feel quite vulnerable, but if we don’t then we are denying others the gift of really knowing us, warts and all.

Full Moons always have a tendency to bring things to a head and this one is no exception! Whatever may have been simmering below the surface could come exploding out, making the unconscious conscious. It may not exactly be rational, but once it’s out then maybe we have a chance to understand or make sense of it. We have an ideal opportunity to recognise our sabotaging patterns, and what better way than when they are hanging out for all to see?! Tee hee!  Capricorn asks that we grow up and take responsibility for our part in the story and reminds us to act from a place of emotional maturity. It is always important to remember that people and situations come into our lives in order to help us grow, and while we may not be conscious of it, our souls have set these situations and relationships up for our greatest good and growth. This includes the families we have been born into and the relationships we form along the way. On an unconscious level we have chosen them all because they have something important to teach us. In this sense we are responsible for everything that has and will happen to us. This Moon could force us to own some parts of ourselves that we are not particularly comfortable with, but once the conscious is made conscious it loses its power. We are not children anymore, we are adults. It’s time for the old stories to fall away.

Much love


Artwork: The Awakening by Autumn Sky Morrison


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