VIRGO FULL MOON - Monday 22 February 2016

Exact at 6.19pm GMT, 1.19pm EST.

After the turbulence and intensity of the past few moons, this one feels like a bit of a breather in comparison. This is not to say that this Moon will be a walk in the park, as it is a Full Moon after all, and in Virgo it has the potential to bring a fair amount of anxiety to the surface. Full Moons tend to bring anything to a head that may have been simmering away in our consciousness, because as the Moons affect the tides, so do they affect our emotions, bodies and spirits. As such, the full moon can be a rather emotional time of the month but it also brings a release of tension which is quite freeing because at least everything can come out into the open instead to being held inside. Better out than in!

The Moon is in humble, perfectionistic and health-conscious Virgo, sitting directly opposite the Sun in receptive, intuitive and empathetic Pisces.  As ever, the key to the Full Moon is to find the balance between the two signs rather than veering too far in one direction. A Virgo full moon does have the potential to create crisis, whereby we become very aware of what needs to change in our lives or where we are experiencing a feeling of lack. It may cause us to focus on what is wrong with us or out of balance in our lives, which can lead to paralysis and the inability to act. Virgo does have a tendency to show us where we still have some work to do, that’s for sure! It is important to use this energy to make positive improvements in our lives, taking one step at a time rather than getting overwhelmed by details. Virgo does have a tendency to worry! This is where Pisces comes in, because she knows that we are perfect in our imperfection and also reminds us to breathe!

The Virgo/Pisces axis is the healing axis, and so this Moon could make us aware of where we are out of balance physically, spiritually and emotionally. Health concerns can come to a head, even if they are only in our head!  Virgo is very sensitive to impurities and is the queen of the purification process.  Of course, our bodies are amazing indicators of how we are feeling on a deeper, emotional level, so it is very important to listen to them. Body and soul are not two separate parts of ourselves, but rather they are one and the same. Our head may lie to us, with its endless over analysing and trickery, but the body never lies. In fact it can speak volumes if we are willing to listen and open ourselves up to its message.

Virgo is very adept at the art of discernment and discrimination, so this Moon could help us to decide what we need to keep and what quite simply needs to go. The energy of change is still very much around us, so this is an ideal time to eliminate any self-sabotaging habits that might be holding us back from aligning with our true self and path. Virgo and Pisces working together in harmony bring the potential for selfless devotion, compassion and service to humanity, but first we must learn to have unconditional love and compassion for self. Virgo does have the tendency to be very hard on herself, and Pisces can spend her life helping others but not affording herself the same love that she finds so easy to give to those around her. This Moon could make us all too aware of how we neglect our physical and emotional well-being and how self-sabotaging some of our habits and routines are. Instead of beating ourselves up we should use some of Virgo’s super powers and make some concrete decisions on what we need to do to improve our situation and come up with practical solutions. One step at a time!

Neptune is sitting right next to the Sun in Pisces during this Moon, which on the one hand could make us quite sensitive and dissolve the boundaries between ourselves and others. This could show itself physically with lowered immune systems. It could also show itself through heightened awareness of the feelings of others, and we could feel more empathetic, receptive and compassionate than usual. Life could feel a bit overwhelming, however, bringing out our more escapist tendencies. On the other hand, this could be an opportunity to align our sense of purpose with our true essence and inner spirit – that deep, beautiful part of ourselves that is unchanging and beyond suffering. This aspect will be exact on the 28th, so the energy will build from the Full Moon onwards. It creates the potential for some deeply mystical experiences and help us to feel more connected to subtle, unseen forces. Or it could create chaos, overwhelm and confusion! It could definitely go either way depending on where we are and how we perceive it.

Pluto and Uranus are still involved in the overall picture and Mars is still in Scorpio, Pluto’s sign, so change and transformation is still afoot! In recent times we have almost been given no choice but to align ourselves with our truth and many have experienced breakdowns of situations or relationships that are not in alignment with who we are becoming. Pluto and Uranus are both forming minor aspects to the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon, which makes me think that their job is not quite done yet. Possibly this is the last push to help us let go of anything that is still preventing us living up to our highest potential. Combined with the Virgo energy we have the chance to dig deep and eliminate any old, unhealthy patterns, beliefs or habits that are holding us back from all that we truly deserve in life.

If we don’t consciously choose to make the necessary changes to improve our lives then change tends to be forced on us in no uncertain terms. Resistance is futile, because the truth always wins in the end. It’s up to us whether the process is smooth or painful. We know, deep down inside,  when we are doing something that isn’t right for us, although it can be very scary to actually admit it because it may threaten our sense of security and force us out of our “safe zone”. Old habits die hard, but die they must!  The Neptune/Pisces energy could cause us to bury our heads in the sand, creating some kind of convenient fantasy to convince ourselves that everything’s alright when really we know it’s not. The energy of the Pluto and Uranus square still lingers, however, to make absolutely sure that the truth of the matter is completely unavoidable. A good way to know if we are aligned with our truth is to tune in to how we are feeling about the situation that we are in. If we are feeling a high amount of anxiety then we are probably fighting against the flow somehow. If we feel a sense of relief then it is a good sign that we are making the right decisions and are on the right track.

Uranus and Saturn are positively aligning with each other in the heavens right now which will definitely help things along, especially as they are in Aries and Sagittarius, two dynamic and action oriented Fire signs. Uranus is the planet that can come up with ingenious solutions for whatever we are facing, while Saturn has the power to make them actually work in reality. This is comforting, because it means that if we are willing to put in the hard work and take responsibility for ourselves, any inventive schemes that we may come up with during this time might have a chance of being successful. There is a sense that we will be able to endure and overcome anything that we might have to face in this time of change. We may have to be a bit more realistic than we might like, but we may also be willing to accept a different approach that we might usually dismiss automatically. The rules are changing and so must we. This aspect gives us a chance to see what must change in our lives and make the shift with the minimum of discomfort

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the Jupiter/North Node conjunction in Virgo is a very important part of the overall picture during the beginning part of this year. This is a time of enormous soul growth for us all, helping us to move forward on our paths and realise our true potential. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is sitting on the South Node helping us to heal the past, which could be a bit painful as we are forced to relive situations that we thought we had moved on from. It is all a necessary process, however, because sometimes we have to bring up old wounds and insecurities into our conscious awareness and shine the light of forgiveness and compassion on them in order to finally let them go and move forward. What we must not do, however, is use them as an excuse to stay stuck and not move forward.

This Moon has the potential to bring great healing and growth if we are open to it. There is the potential for a bit of worry and some overwhelming emotions, but it is very important not to bury our heads in the sand and refuse to face reality. In fact, this is a very good time to meet reality head on and come up with some creative solutions. It’s interesting that on the one hand we are moving into new territory altogether and a whole new way of being, while on the other hand it is as if we are coming back to who we have always been. This Full Moon is yet another chance to shed anything that stands in the way of our truth. Virgo will help us to separate the wheat from the chaff and make some concrete decisions about what needs to go, providing that we don’t allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the details of whatever we are facing. Sometimes crisis is needed for us to become aware of what needs to change, but it is very important not to be too hard on ourselves, as is the Virgo way, but rather to trust that we are being guided in the right direction and allow ourselves to surrender to what is. It is important to remember that despite any anxiety, fear or worry, one way or another we always find our way in the end.

Much Love


Image: Painting by Zaria Forman


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