Exact at 5.19pm BST, 12.19pm EDT

This Full Moon in Sagittarius certainly has the potential to expand our minds and consciousness, that’s for sure! It has more positive energy than any Moon I can remember in recent times, and gives us a much needed boost, encouraging us to move past limiting thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. The Full Moon represents the time in the month when whatever “seed” was planted during the New Moon two weeks prior has the potential to come to fruition. The last New Moon was in Taurus, so we contemplated what we need to sustain ourselves and survive and how we can increase our self-esteem and self-worth in order to do so. The Full Moon is a time of culmination, of becoming. Now we can see what beliefs, outlooks and thought processes need to be changed in order to fulfil the potential of the Taurus New Moon. The build up to the Full Moon can create a feeling of tension as whatever we have been experiencing in recent times comes to a head, demanding release. This Full Moon could well shine a bright light on the way we think, what we know and what we believe to be true. This is a time to trust our intuition, follow our gut and expand our minds. The opportunity now exists for us to expand our horizons and open our minds to possibilities we never knew existed.

We are still in the midst of Mercury retrograde, which also gives us the opportunity to rethink things and approach the same problems with a completely different viewpoint. This turns our way of thinking on its head completely and brings the potential for some real breakthroughs! Mercury Retrograde is an ideal time to give our rational minds a bit of a break and allow our intuition to take the reins. What we think we know could be greatly challenged during this time, which could give us a completely different outlook and fresh perspective! From this we can find true understanding. The retrospective nature of Mercury retrograde can also cause us to spend time contemplating our past and could bring people back into our lives, especially if we have unfinished business with them.

During this Full Moon the Moon is in expansive, philosophical and optimistic Sagittarius, sitting directly opposite the Sun in lively, versatile and quick thinking Gemini. During Full Moons we are encouraged to find a healthy balance between the energy of the two signs, and any imbalance between the two could feel greatly exaggerated and even uncomfortable. In this case we have Gemini, the sign who likes to figure everything out on quite a logical, rational level sitting opposite Sagittarius, who like to take a broader view of the universe and very much trusts his intuition. Both like to learn and to communicate their findings, but in different ways, that’s all. Gemini wants to know and to “figure things out”, while Sagittarius really wants to understand why we are here and what it’s all about. There is a sense that this Moon will serve to stretch our minds and comprehension of this universe we inhabit. Why are we here? What is the meaning of it all? What is our purpose? Our beliefs and what we think we know may well be challenged during this Full Moon and we could have an opportunity to move beyond anything that is holding us back from a true understanding of our capabilities, our worth and our place in the universe. This Moon really has the capacity to blow our minds and fire us up!

Neptune, the planet of Universal Love, transcendence, inspiration, connection to the divine, compassion and faith, is forming a T-square to both the Sun and Moon and also Mercury and Mars, which makes him a big player during this lunation. He is challenging us to transcend any limiting beliefs about ourselves and life and to gain an understanding of our place within the greater whole. Neptune is getting ready to turn retrograde on June 12th, so his energy is at its strongest right now.  We are encouraged to get in touch with the higher part of ourselves and allow that to guide us. We are being asked to align our will with our greater purpose.  Neptune shows us that all may not be as it seems and that our potential is limitless. Neptune has the potential to dissolve any knowledge, beliefs or blocks that may be holding us back from being all we can be.  He can expand our vision and inspiration and give us the faith in ourselves that we need to reach our full potential in this life. We have the opportunity to transcend the self that we thought we were and to become so much more than we ever dreamed possible. This is a very good time to turn within and access that part of us that intuitively knows and, very importantly, to remember that we are all little droplets of divinity! Neptune is limitless, boundless, and so are we.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and this Full Moon, is also a big player during this Moon and is forming harmonious aspects with the Sun, Moon, Mars and Uranus! This could give a good boost to our confidence, giving us the faith and courage needed to move beyond our limitations. Jupiter is the largest planet and wants us to expand and grow beyond what we thought was possible. Interestingly enough, Jupiter is also the co ruler of Pisces, along with Neptune, so this Moon really does encourage us to develop our faith in the universe and to understand where we fit in to the greater whole. This is definitely a time to nurture our spiritual natures, through healing, meditation, prayer, nature, creativity etc. Jupiter in Leo is part of a dynamic and energising Grand Fire Trine with the Sagittarius Moon and Uranus in Aries, which could give is a good push towards following our hearts and expressing our true, authentic nature. It is a very invigorating and enlivening energy which could make us feel really passionate and alive!

We are now approaching the third of three trines between Jupiter and Uranus, which has the capacity to create sudden change and opportunities to expand and grow. The trine will be exact on June 22 and it urges us to feel free to express ourselves from a place of truth; from our heart. This will help us embrace our inner child and take risks, stepping outside of our comfort zones voluntarily so we have a chance to really grow. Change is less scary while these two are in harmony!  Jupiter is also joining forces with Juno, the asteroid which represents commitment to partnership, so it is quite possible that we could commit ourselves to some very inspiring, enlivening and heartfelt partnerships during this time, romantic or otherwise, which have the capacity to really open our minds and help us follow our truth. Jupiter can act as a guide, as he wants to help us grow spiritually and to broaden our vision. As such, these potential relationships could really help expand our horizons. We will be happy to commit to these relationships as we know that they can really help us grow past our limitations and find our place in the universe.

What a powerfully positive Full Moon this is! I looked at the midpoint between the Sun and the Moon and it is 12 degrees Pisces – “In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested” This brings a sense that it is time to step up to the plate and be counted, and to bring our true ideals out into the light and stand up for what we believe in. The time is now. The Sun and Moon are also forming aspects to the waning Pluto Uranus square, so there is once again a feeling that we have yet more to let go of and release in order to experience breakthrough and move forward into the next phase of our evolution, both personally and collectively. Whatever isn’t serving us simply has to go! We all know, deep down, what still needs to change. The planetary energy of this Moon is certainly supporting us to grow beyond our blocks and liberate ourselves from the shackles of the past. Our beliefs shape our lives. It is time to surprise ourselves and expand our horizons! We can use Sagittarius’s passion and spirit of adventure now and take the road less travelled. We will feel so much more alive when we do!

Much love


Image: “Open your Mind” by Apple Spirit


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