Thursday, 21 August 2014

VIRGO NEW MOON - 25 August 2014

Exact at 4.13pm BST, 11.13am EDT!

Another month has gone by and it feels like a lot has transpired, shifted  and changed in that time, including a massive amount of releasing around the time of the Aquarius Full Supermoon. Saturn in Scorpio was such a big part of that Full Moon, forcing us to dig deep within and face up to the truth of what holds us back, however painful it may be. Saturn is going to be a big player in this New Moon too, so we have some more deep sea diving to do as we delve into the depths of our being!  New Moons are not as emotional as Full Moon, rather they are a time for us to look objectively at our lives and contemplate what is no longer serving us so we can leave it behind in the dark of the Moon. This then allows us to set intentions and plant some new, healthy seeds that have the chance to blossom and grow until they come to fruition as the Moon reaches the peak of her fullness. New Moons are equally as powerful as Full Moons, just in a different way. It is very important that we are clear about our intentions because we do tend to get what we ask for even if it doesn’t come through in the form we thought it would.

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in the humble, healing and helpful sign of Virgo. The Leo New Moon was the time to set some more grandiose intentions from our hearts and Jupiter was there to help them along. This New Moon is a bit more down to earth and is asking us to fine tune our lives and contemplate the practical details. Virgo is the sign of humility, who seeks to be of service to others, so this is not the time to be too self-serving. She is also the healer and is incredibly health conscious so this is a wonderful time to contemplate some healthy new routines or diets so that we can purify ourselves somehow. It is no coincidence, I am sure, that the Sun happens to be in Virgo during back-to-school season! The summer fun is over and it is time to get back to the business of our everyday lives. This New Moon gives us a chance to start as we mean to go on.

 Virgo can be pretty hard on herself and others so we must be careful not to be too self-critical during this time, but merely contemplate ways we can improve ourselves and better serve those around us. Virgo is the sign of humble service, after all, and the truth of the matter is that nothing makes us happier than having done something good for someone else! Virgo helps us find practical ways of achieving our dreams as she is well equipped to sort out the finer details. She is also well practiced at the art of discernment, so this is a wonderful New Moon to actually decide what is good for us and worth keeping and what is better left by the wayside.  She likes to be organised and put everything into neat little boxes, so we can take a leaf out of her book and streamline and simplify our lives.

Neptune in Pisces is sitting opposite the Sun and Moon during the New Moon which could make things quite dreamy and a little unclear. Neptune is the master of illusion and can make things seem real which are not, so watch out!  Neptune is the dreamer of dreams while Virgo finds practical ways to make those dreams come true. Oppositions tend to play out in our relationships so this could be a time when we allow our guard to come down and trust our loved ones enough to show our vulnerabilities and share our hopes and fears. Neptune also gives us the faith that we are somehow guided and protected and reminds us that we are all in this together. The Virgo/Pisces opposition is the healing axis, so I would think this would be an amazing time to do some healing work of some kind. Neptune in Pisces can intuitively sense what is out of balance while Virgo has the practical skills to allow healing to take place. This combination makes me think of selfless devotion, compassion, humility and higher love. It is important that we allow ourselves to be open and trust during this Moon, because it is only when we allow others to see our vulnerabilities and tender underbellies that we are truly able to heal.

Mars is conjunct Saturn during this Moon, joining forces in soulful, intense and transforming Scorpio, the sign of emotional honesty and catharsis. This aspect will be exact at the moment the Sun and Moon come together so it is an incredibly strong influence at this time and will be building all weekend.  This combination of planets could have a variety of effects. Mars is the planet which wants to get things done; the aggressor, the motivator, our drive, our sexuality, the urge to act on our desires. Saturn is the planet of limitation, who creates tests and challenges in order for us to achieve true mastery. Mars wants to charge full steam ahead while Saturn teaches us patience, discipline and responsibility for our actions.  Mars in Scorpio is full of passion and desire, while Saturn holds us back and forces us to take our time. This literally could produce sexual frustration and could also force us to confront some sexual karma. Saturn us the Lord of Karma and teaches us about cause and effect. On the one hand we could find ourselves frustrated at being held back from achieving our desires, while on the other hand we could take it as a reminder not to rush in head first. Sometimes it is better to take things step by step and build a solid foundation and Saturn will remind us of that. He forces us to see things as they really are, not as we would like them to be. He also reminds us that when we try to control things too much we can create blocks.

Mars is the brave warrior and I can’t help feeling that this momentary partnership with Saturn in Scorpio has the potential to help or force us to dive deeper into the depths of our being and find the truth of what holds us back from what we truly want, deep inside our souls. This process could be painful but will definitely be worth it!  Mars is fearless and courageous while Saturn is asking us to confront our fears and face whatever holds us back from finding true intimacy with another human being. This combination could really cut to the truth of the matter and it might be very hard to hide from ourselves during this time. This will allow us to connect on a deeper level.  The Mars/Saturn conjunction is also challenging Venus in Leo, so we will definitely feel this energy in the realm of our intimate relationships. Venus in Leo wants to play, to express what’s in her heart, to love with joyful abandon and to open her heart open wide. Mars and Saturn, on the other hand, force us to be utterly real. They want the truth, warts and all, not just superficial “hearts and flowers”. They are putting the brakes on somewhat, asking us what we truly want from our relationships and what might hold us back from deeper connection. If we feel held back or restricted during this time then maybe we need to re-evaluate, because if it is a struggle then maybe we are going the wrong direction and we need to let it go. If it flows however and feels effortless then we must embrace it with all our of heart and soul!

There are some other aspects which will be helping us along during this Moon. Mercury in Virgo is forming a positive aspect to the Mars/Saturn combo, helping us to understand and make sense of anything that comes up and also helping us to communicate in a straightforward and honest manner. Venus and Uranus are also forming a harmonious aspect to each other, bringing the potential to show our true selves in our relationships and not hide or hold back. This is a very refreshing aspect and allows us to clear away anything that might be holding us back from truly loving another. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also forming a beautiful connection to the Mars/Saturn combo, helping us to find forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others in the light of whatever we may be facing at this time. This aspect can also help us find peace with our anger and let go of any judgement, blame or shame we might feel.

This is certainly an interesting New Moon! It is quite a mixed bag of energies which seem to be helping us recognise our blocks and limitations, move past our fears, decide what is working for us and what has to be left behind. Virgo and Pisces are helping us to open up and trust, sharing our vulnerabilities and longings so that we can deepen our connection and intimacy with others and heal our wounds with compassion and forgiveness. On the one hand we have the rather harsh energy of Mars and Saturn which has the potential to churn up some very deep emotions and really cut through to the heart of the matter while on the other hand we have the Virgo New Moon and Neptune in Pisces, encouraging a spirit of loving kindness, humility and selfless devotion and helping us heal whatever comes up. As we face our fears and open our hearts we have the chance to leave anything that isn’t serve us in the dark of the Moon and start as we mean to go on. We could experience a purging of sorts; a clearing or cleansing as we release whatever Mars and Saturn bring up. This could be physical or emotional, as there is little separation between the two anyway. Basically it is time to clear out old, buried emotional crap! We can then set some wonderful intentions which will benefit not only us but those we love as well. Virgo wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection. It says it all really. We are not alone and even in the darkest moments we are being guided, protected and directed forward on our path.

Much Love



Sunday, 17 August 2014


Exact Monday!

Today is Krishna's birthday and we are also in the midst of a beautiful Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo which is in effect all weekend and is exact tomorrow (Monday). This is a beautiful thing! Venus and Jupiter only meet up with each other once a year and when they do it brings an abundance (Jupiter) of love (Venus). Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and is the biggest planet, so he expands the energy of whatever planet he comes into contact with. In this case he is expanding the energy of the planet of love, harmony and beauty! YES!! Not only that, but this conjunction is occurring in Leo, the sign of joyful self-expression and creativity which rules the heart. This is a perfect time for singing, dancing, creating from the bottom of our hearts! Jupiter also represents Faith and the higher mind. As such, this planetary pair could bring Faith in Love and a higher expression of love.....Divine Love! Interesting that this conjunction is around on Krishna's birthday!

Follow your Bliss! Love Heartily!

Much Love

Thursday, 7 August 2014

AQUARIUS FULL MOON - 10 August 2014

Exact at 7.11pm BST, 2.11pm EDT!

This Full Moon is the biggest Supermoon of the year, when the Moon is closest to earth and perfectly lined up with the Sun and Earth, which has a much greater impact on our psyches, emotions and spirits. It is also an amazing Full Moon for breaking out of stagnation and releasing old, buried emotional patterns because both of the rulers of Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn, are very much involved in the picture. Saturn in Scorpio is forming a square to both the Sun and Moon, creating a certain amount of pressure to face fears and delve into our psyches. Uranus is forming a harmonious aspect to the two luminaries, helping us to release us from our emotional ruts and break free of any habits or emotional patterns that may be preventing us from standing in our truth.

Full Moons represent the moment when the Sun and Moon stand exactly opposite each other in the heavens and this month the Sun is in playful and expressive Leo while the Moon is reaching its peak in idealistic, rebellious and progressive Aquarius. While the Sun is in Leo we are encouraged to express our unique talents and let our inner child roam free. It is an ideal time to really get in touch with our creative spark; our true essence and spirit. Leo is ruled by the Sun and urges us to find what brings us the most joy and let our lights shine brightly.  Aquarius wants everyone to use their unique talents for the good of the group and indeed humanity. He truly is the visionary, for he can see a better way of doing things; a brotherhood of man, with one for all and all for one. He is the unconventional non-conformist who thinks outside of the box and puts the needs of the group before his own.
While Leo is very much ruled by the heart and easily forms attachments, Aquarius is non-attached and is quite hard to pin down on an emotional level. Leo expresses from the heart while Aquarius thinks in more abstract terms. While Leo represents royalty and encourages us to find our inner king and queen, Aquarius stands for the common man and envisions a world where nobody has the upper hand. During the Full Moon we are encouraged to find a balance between the two signs and in this case we are being asked to consider how we might use our unique talents for the benefit of humanity. How do we fit into the group and what do we have to offer? What vision of the future do we hold that truly comes from our heart? How can we practice non-attachment in a heartfelt way? How can we have our own needs met in a way that also serves the group? How can we honour and embody our own special, unique Self so that we can be of better service to others? Aquarius reminds us not to be afraid to stand out. Leo reminds us that we are all special. Between the two of them they are asking us to consider what it is that sets us apart and fully embrace it so that we can better serve humanity.

It is interesting that both Saturn and Uranus are forming aspects to the Sun and Moon. When I look at the chart I definitely see Saturn in Scorpio bearing down on the Sun and Moon, creating an enormous amount of pressure to look at our fears and vulnerabilities and face up to the parts of ourselves which we may usually prefer to push very far into the shadows of the proverbial closet! We may have to delve into some pretty deep, dark places within ourselves and any old, buried trauma, guilt, regret,  shame or blame could come up to the surface and demand release. This is a beautiful thing, painful as it could potentially be. Saturn could shine a rather harsh light deep into our psyches, forcing us to face up to the reality of what still holds us back from what we seek. Leo wants us to shine and live from our hearts and Aquarius dreams of a better future, while Saturn in Scorpio reminds us that we might still have some work to do before either is possible. He forces us to be utterly truthful about ourselves and our feelings. This Full Moon really does provide us with an amazing opportunity to face some demons head on and banish them forever!

Uranus in Aries is here to help the process. The Great Awakener wants us to be utterly true to ourselves and will help us to break through any barriers which might be preventing us from standing in our truth. He demands that we be utterly authentic, not what we think other people want us to be. He will blast through any cobwebs and break us out of emotional ruts, helping us to reprogram our emotional patterns. He forces us out of our comfort zones and helps us to look at ourselves from a different perspective altogether. Mercury is also sitting right next to the Sun in Leo, helping us to communicate from our hearts. Uranus in aspect to Mercury could bring flashes of inspiration, sudden insights and some real “Aha!” moments. We could be given the opportunity to really look at ourselves from the bird’s eye perspective, which can be very valuable indeed. Saturn is also forming a square to Mercury, challenging us to really get to the heart of the matter and express what we are truly feeling. He demands emotional honesty, as painful and hard to hear as it may be. He forces us to be realistic rather than idealistic.

It seems that the combination of Saturn and Uranus could really help us to own up to our vulnerabilities during this Moon and to be utterly truthful about how we are actually feeling, deep inside. Uranus wants us to be true to ourselves, while Saturn wants us to delve deep into the truth of our feelings. I have a feeling it will be hard to hide from ourselves during this particular Full Moon! Some of our pretty illusions may well be shattered as Uranus and Saturn awaken us to some cold, hard facts. Aquarius may have a vision of our potential future but it seems that we will have to face up to anything that might holding us back from actually achieving our hopes and dreams.  Saturn is providing us with a giant, emotional reality check! Thankfully Chiron, the wounded healer, is forming a harmonious aspect to Saturn during this Moon which will help is to heal whatever comes up at this time. If we are being asked to be this truthful and own up to our fears and buried feelings then at least we have Chiron’s compassion and forgiveness to help the process along!

Bear in mind when reading this that the energy is building now and some of Saturn and Uranus aspects are exact on Friday. They will still be very active right up until the Full Moon, but Friday is a very big day indeed! Mercury sitting right next to the Sun in Leo could also make us very expressive and opinionated indeed and it may be a bit hard to listen. We are more likely to want to take a very active role in communication and our voices will demand to be heard! That is where Saturn comes in, because we may want to express all that is in our hearts, but what do we really, truly feel when it comes down to it? His presence reminds us to be real and to drop any pretence that might be holding us back from open and honest connection with ourselves and those close to us. It will be interesting to see what comes up over the next few days, that’s for sure!

Much love


Artwork by Krigl