Exact Monday!

Today is Krishna's birthday and we are also in the midst of a beautiful Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo which is in effect all weekend and is exact tomorrow (Monday). This is a beautiful thing! Venus and Jupiter only meet up with each other once a year and when they do it brings an abundance (Jupiter) of love (Venus). Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and is the biggest planet, so he expands the energy of whatever planet he comes into contact with. In this case he is expanding the energy of the planet of love, harmony and beauty! YES!! Not only that, but this conjunction is occurring in Leo, the sign of joyful self-expression and creativity which rules the heart. This is a perfect time for singing, dancing, creating from the bottom of our hearts! Jupiter also represents Faith and the higher mind. As such, this planetary pair could bring Faith in Love and a higher expression of love.....Divine Love! Interesting that this conjunction is around on Krishna's birthday!

Follow your Bliss! Love Heartily!

Much Love


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