CAPRICORN FULL MOON – Saturday 12 July 2014

Exact at 12.25pm BST, 7.25 EDT!

This is an intense Full Moon, that’s for sure! For a start, it’s a Supermoon, which greatly increases its intensity and impact on our emotions and relationships. The Sun is still in Cancer, which means that the emphasis remains on family, childhood and the unconscious emotional patterns that we bring with us into adulthood. We also have a re-activation of the Cardinal Grand Cross, which gives a sense that we are being asked to dig deep within and face our shadows once and for all. It is time to clean out the family closet and bring whatever is hiding there out into the light. Whatever happened to us in childhood, especially anything before about 5 years old, is deeply embedded in our unconscious and is responsible for many unhealthy behavioural patterns which might hinder us from having successful relationships as adults. The Sun in Cancer, leading up to this Moon in Capricorn has been shining a bright light on our family relationships and making us all too aware of how they help or hinder us from being successful, effective human beings. Jupiter is coming to the end of his stay in Cancer as he moves into Leo on the 16th of July, so now is the time to do whatever we can to find some resolution within our family relationships and make peace with our childhoods.

Pluto in opposition to the Sun during and after the Cancer New Moon gave us the chance to face our shadows and bring out any poison that might be lurking there. Instead of having old wounds with nasty crap festering underneath them, we have had the chance to peel the scab off and scrape out the mucky stuff so that we are left with an open wound that actually has a chance to heal properly. My sense is that now it is the healing time, but it may involve some more truths coming to the surface. Whatever has been left unsaid should be aired now, once and for all. We are being asked to find the balance between Cancer’s need for emotional security and Capricorn’s need for security in the outer world. Unless we deal with our inner temple and clear up our old family karma then our life in the outside world will always be challenging. Cancer represents our foundation and is the springboard that launches us out into Capricorn’s domain of career, public status and, ultimately, our purpose or calling in life. It is time to make sure the foundation is solid and the springboard is working properly.

Saturn in Scorpio is forming a nagging inconjunct to Uranus in Aries during this Moon. This energy has been building since the middle of June and will be at its strongest around July 20th. Since October 2012 Saturn in Scorpio has been testing our deepest, most intimate relationships and, together with Pluto in Capricorn, has been bringing old, heavy dark karma our into the light, exposing the rot. Indeed, a great deal has come to light in the last couple of years, both personally and collectively. Jimmy Saville and the can of worms that was opened when his wrongdoings were revealed is a very good example of the energy of Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio is not a light and fluffy sign and Saturn is a very serious, testing and challenging planet! Scorpio is all about sex, death, transformation, emotional truth, intimacy, our shadows, vulnerabilities and deepest darkest fears. Saturn has forced us to confront some or all of these issues in recent times and his aim is for us to master them.

Uranus in Aries is asking us to be utterly true to who we really are and not settle for anything less. He is the Great Awakener; the planet of sudden change and revolution who creates breakthroughs and gives us those “AHA!” moments. He cannot abide stagnation or playing it safe if it means not growing. He has been pushing us out of our comfort zones since March 2011 and, together with Pluto in Capricorn, has been demanding that we change our lives to that they are a better reflection of who we really, truly are on a soul level. We are being asked to step into our truth and not be afraid to express our selves. This also involves waking up to our truth and also stepping away from who we were brought up to think we were. Funnily enough, the truth of who we are is the child we were before all of the childhood and social conditioning took place. Uranus is the planet is Freedom, Brotherhood and Equality and in Aries he is demanding that we fight for the right to have it all!

Put these two energies together in nagging aspect and what might we be gett? We could be forced, in no uncertain terms, to face up to our shadows and show our vulnerabilities, no matter how hard it may be. Anything that has been swept under the carpet will be blasted away by Uranus as he forces the truth out into the open. Any old, heavy karma will be brought out into the light to be examined and released. We will be forced to examine ourselves on a very deep, psychological level and could have some amazing realisations and breakthroughs which help liberate us from the chains of the past. The process may not be comfortable, but what an amazing opportunity to clear away the cobwebs of old, buried trauma and move forward feeling lighter and freer than we have ever been before! It is no coincidence that this aspect is coinciding with the Cancer New Moon and Capricorn Full Moon with their emphasis on family, childhood and unconscious emotional patterns. We may have no choice but to face up to anything we have hidden away because it is too painful to face. It is going to cause more pain if we don’t bring it out into the light. Time to clear the decks!  As I said, this energy has been building since mid June and will be at its strongest July 20th.

The Sun and Moon are forming a square aspect to the Nodes of the Moon in Aries and Libra. The North Node is in Libra which means that we are currently being asked collectively to move from a more self-centred way of being to a more “other” based way of being. Aries/Libra is the relationship axis and of course it makes sense that whatever happened in our childhood would have a profound effect on our sense of self and identity (Aries) and our relationships with others (Libra). It is important to take a long, hard look at the relationships we had with our parents, especially our opposite sex parent, because that will have a huge amount of bearing on how we relate to our intimate partners. Mars is sitting right on top of the North Node, forming a Square to the Sun and Moon, which could bring things to a crisis point and force us to air our grievances and speak our truth. Mars will help us actively move towards creating successful relationships. Mars in challenging aspect to the Moon creates intense passion, emotional outbursts and very strong feelings, so this Moon could bring a lot out into the open, which is great! Better out than in! Fortunately, Mars is also forming an exact beautiful, harmonious trine to Venus which is really good for relationships and should help us say what is needed to be said in a pleasant way that takes into account the feelings of everyone involved.

After this Moon we are going to have a lot of shifting of energy, so it really is important for us to clear out the emotional closets now so we can move on to the second part of the year free of emotional clutter and debris. Mercury is now full steam ahead again after being retrograde and the pace has certainly picked up! He will move into Cancer on July 13th, giving us a chance to think about family and our emotional roots for a bit longer before moving into Leo on July 31st. Very fast moving! As I said, Jupiter is moving from Cancer into Leo on July 16th and will be joining up with Uranus three times in the coming year which will bring some amazing opportunities in whatever part of our charts the two planets are found.  Sudden opportunities, dynamic growth and expansion are promised when these two make contact, especially as they are both in Fire signs. This is very exciting indeed, which is all the more reason to lay the past to rest now. Venus moves into Cancer on July 18th, which holds the promise of harmonious family relationships and general sweetness, cuddling and nesting! Mars moves into Scorpio on July 25th, ending his impossibly long stay in his opposite sign of Libra. Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio so he is very happy in this sign. So, a lot of change ahead!

The energy of this Full Moon is all pointing towards letting go of the past and releasing old trauma. It is time to face up to it all and recognise how our family and childhood has shaped us. Nobody has had a completely and utterly idyllic childhood; we have all suffered in one way or another and now is not the time to blame or feel shame. It is the time to let it all go. We must do whatever it takes to do this, whether it means confronting a family member, or seeking therapy, or whacking a mattress with a tennis racquet, or telling someone how much we love them, or even letting a parental or familial relationship go. Sometimes we must recognise that the relationship is quite simply not doing us any good. It is important to remember that on a soul level we chose the family we have in order to experience the necessary lessons to grow and evolve on a soul level. That makes us more responsible for our stories than we might think.  It is also important to remember that our parents are just human and did the best they could considering their own experiences in childhood. Forgiveness is the key. We must find love and compassion in our hearts and forgive ourselves and those who trespassed against us. Everyone is just doing the best they can with the tools they have been given.

Much love


I am bringing something out into the light on this Full Moon – my website! It has been around for quite some time but for some reason I haven’t actually told anyone about it! I suppose I still feel like it is a work in progress, or maybe I have been afraid of what it might bring. Well, I’m not afraid anymore and here it is. J  Maybe this will force me to work on it some more! 


  1. Amy, I have been enjoying your words here on this site for a while now and it was brought to my attention by some other friends in Philadelphia. Please continue your excellent work here. It is so inspiring and provoking. XO Cheers, Regina


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