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GRAND SEXTILE - July 29 2013

Grand Sextile – July 29 2013

On Monday 29 July we will experience a very rare configuration of planets in the sky – a Grand Sextile, otherwise known as a Star Tetrahedron, Six-Pointed Star, Star of David, hexagon, or Merkaba. It is comprised of two beautiful, flowing, harmonious Grand Trines in the Earth and Water signs which join together to form a perfect geometrical shape. Earth and Water signs are feminine (yin) signs and so this Grand Sextile is indicative of a big shift towards the feminine principles of emotional intelligence, harmony, gentleness, kindness, intuition, nurturance and grace. Indeed, it has been labelled by some as “The Saving Grace”! The last time we experienced a Grand Sextile was on February 7, 1945, just a few months before the end of the Second World War. On this day Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met in secret to discuss post war reorganization after the war so the Grand Sextile definitely represented a shift towards hope and peace after many years of misery, fear and heartbreak. That one was in the Fire and Air signs, Yang energy, signifying dynamic action and mental focus which were very much needed at that point in time. Now we very much need the emotional and intuitive energy of the divine feminine to balance out this yang dominated world we live in.

Before Monday’s profound and beautiful celestial event we must first experience some pretty uncomfortable and explosive planetary energy this week in the form of a tense T-square between aggressive Mars, powerful Pluto and unpredictable Uranus. This T-square is likely to be very intense and volatile indeed and could bring some pretty powerful emotions to the surface. There is a sense of things coming to a head and an overall feeling of “enough is enough!” This combination of planetary energy is combined to push us right out of our comfort zones towards massive change and growth and may make us feel quite irritable and edgy. It is not likely to feel particularly comfortable as it has the potential to create intense power struggles and profound emotional and/or sexual responses which seem to rise up from the depths of our souls. We may experience outbursts of anger and become more aware of the darker forces operating in our lives and the world at large. On a positive note, the tense energy of this T-square could also give us the courage and impetus to make deep reaching changes in our lives, forcing us out of any ruts or limitations and helping us take on our own power and be true to ourselves.

At the same time Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is opposite Neptune, the planet of illusion this weekend. This means that we may not be able to see our relationships very clearly as Neptune does have a tendency to create smoke screens. What seems to be real may in fact be a figment of our imagination and what looks like a budding romance could in fact only exist in fantasyland. It is important to be aware that we may have rose-tinted spectacles on this weekend and only seeing what we want to see, an impossible romantic ideal, rather than what is really there. Neptune and Venus also have the capacity to create scandals and confusion. On the other hand this combination does have the potential to bring about a highly spiritualised kind of love and allow us to relate to each other with great sensitivity and devotion, experiencing a touching of souls. It is also a wonderful time to be creative and Neptune helps us transcend the limits of our imaginations. Dancing, singing and creating music and art would be wonderful outlets for the energy of Venus and Neptune as Neptune provides inspiration and helps us put our egos aside, surrender and let go. Combined with the powerful intensity of the T-square this weekend has the potential to be very interesting indeed and we may find ourselves experiencing some quite intense and confusing feelings that seem to erupt from nowhere.

Two Grand Trines join together to form this Grand Sextile and the first has been with us already for most of the summer. This trine in the water signs involves Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and Mars combined in Cancer. Saturn in Scorpio is helping us to look at our shadows and face our fears, accepting those parts of ourselves that are not so pretty so that we can open ourselves up to true intimacy with another. Saturn asks for complete emotional honesty, first with ourselves and then with others. Neptune in Pisces is opening us up to true compassion and healing, reminding us that we are not separate beings but in fact all come from the same melting pot. What happens to one happens to all. He is also reminding us that we have the power to create our own reality depending on what we choose to believe. Thoughts are energy too and have the power to manifest in our lives and reality, so it is important to be conscious of how we think and what we ask for! The third part of the Water Trine is a blend of Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, bringing a healthy dose of confidence, optimism and enthusiasm to the picture as well as the courage to face whatever Saturn throws at us. Jupiter in Cancer places a high emphasis on family values, nurturance, domesticity and our emotional life. This Grand Trine brings the potential to face our shadows, healing ourselves and others with compassion and forgiveness and daring to dream of a better reality where people are more open, tender and caring towards each other.

The second Grand Trine involves Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus. It holds the promise of a profound shift towards feminine values and a transformation of the structure of our society through love and beauty. Pluto has a detoxifying effect on any sign he travels though and in the case of Capricorn he is transforming our patriarchal societal structure, exposing all that is rotten so that something better can be born in its place. This is a slow process as Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2013. He is asking us to be true to ourselves and our purpose in life, stepping into our power and living a life of integrity. Venus in Virgo reminds us that we still suffer too much from the “Whore and the Virgin” syndrome in our society when it comes to the feminine, where women are still expected to live up to some impossible ideal of womanhood and where there is too much pressure on them to be perfect or fit in to an urealistic mould. Venus in Virgo reminds us that we are all in it together and shows her affection and love through acts of kindness, service and humility. Last but not least, the missing piece in the whole puzzle, Moon in Taurus, Mother Earth herself! She is the embodiment of all things natural and feminine; the divine feminine we seek to connect with. She represents sensuality, femininity, security, fertility and beauty in nature. Put these planets together and what do you get? Transformation of patriarchal structure, changing the way woman is perceived and treated and embracing the feminine in our culture. On a personal level this Trine brings the potential of connecting to each other in a very deep and soulful way and delving into the depth of our emotions. This combination promises great passion and the possibility of being transformed by love. Our relationships with others will be far from superficial, that's for sure! Not with the planet of the soul aspecting the two feminine planets!

This combination of planets definitely shows the potential for some much needed energetic rebalancing with a shift towards the feminine principles. Our society is so geared towards outer success that our family and emotional life has taken the back seat as people work harder and harder and take more and more on. We are living in a rat race, spinning our wheels and something simply has to change. I am sure that we would all like to see a shift from competition to cooperation, from war and abuse of power to harmony and mutual empowerment, from greed and lust to loving connection and sharing all we have. How wonderful it would be to live in a world where intuition is valued as much as reason and intellect and where all are treated equally regardless of sex, colour or creed. It really is about time that we shifted towards a healthy balance of the masculine and feminine. We have lived in a patriarchal society for long enough and it is quite obviously flawed! It is time to honour and embrace our emotions as the amazing guides they are rather than being ashamed, denying or suppressing them and to trust our intuition rather than favouring rational logic. A healthy balance between logic and intuition would definitely make this world a better place.

This Grand Sextile invites us to step through a portal, giving us a glimpse of another way of being where tenderness, harmony, gentleness, nurturance, love and beauty provide a healthy balance to ambition, power, aggression, lust and greed. Surely somewhere in the middle of masculine and the feminine lies the answer to life’s problems? During this time we may find ourselves confronting our blocks, recognising where we feel resistance and hold ourselves back from true connection, intimacy and closeness with others. The energy of this Sextile should help us look at ourselves with compassion and forgiveness and help us move through and past our limitations and ruts. Sextiles are like open doors or gateways, showing us what opportunities lie beyond and what skills are available to us if we are to step through them. In order to make the most of this powerful and energetic occurrence we should focus our intentions on Monday, meditating on what we want for ourselves and for the world. We should hold Mother Earth and all things feminine in our mind’s eye as we imagine a beautiful future both for ourselves and for the planet. As on that fateful day back in February 1945, this Grand Sextile could set the stage somehow for something much better, showing us what is possible and creating the right conditions for much needed changes to occur. We just have to be willing to let go of our negativity and step through the gateway into another reality!

The time to meditate or focus our intentions would be during the afternoon/evening (between about 2pm and 9pm) in England and Europe, between 9am and 4pm on East Coast of America and between 11pm 29th and 6am 30th July in Sydney Australia. We should definitely keep an eye on any babies born during those times as they are likely to be quite special and unique! It is said that the star that the wise men sought was actually this formation - that they were actually astrologers waiting for a child to be born at the time of a Grand Sextile.

Much love


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Aquarius Full Moon –Monday 22 July 2013

Exact at 7.16pm BST, 2.16pm EDT!

This is going to be an extraordinarily powerful Full Moon with a lot going on! It is the third of three supermoons this year, when the Moon is closest to the Earth and perfectly aligned with both the Sun and the Earth. This intensifies the effect that the Moon has on our emotions, bodies and spirits. Full Moons represent an emotional climax and this one definitely has the feeling of things coming to a head; possibly something that has been bothering us for a while will reach a point of no return and demand to be brought out into the open and expressed. It is likely that something that we have been working on or struggling with will be illuminated or exaggerated so that we can gain more understanding and find some resolution. The Sun, Moon and Venus are all in the very first degree of Leo, Aquarius and Virgo which signifies a strong energetic shift from one sign to another and the beginning of a new cycle. Not only that but we have not one but two powerful T-squares and two Grand Trines, inciting us to make powerful changes in our lives for the better. This mixture of the tension of the T-squares and the helpful harmony of the Grand Trines makes me think that this will be a very significant Full Moon indeed!

The Sun is in playful, creative and expressive Leo for the next month and during this Full Moon it will be sitting directly opposite the friendly, humanitarian and individualistic Moon in Aquarius. Full Moons ask us to find a balance between the energy of the two signs involved and in the case of Leo and Aquarius we are asked to think about what truly brings us joy (Leo) and how we can use our unique gifts and talents to make the world a better place (Aquarius). Leo is the star of the show, the king or queen of the zodiac who wants to shine and express himself creatively. Leo is ruled by the heart and as such they are very warm-hearted, magnanimous and prone to being fairly subjective. Aquarius is objective, somewhat detached and ruled by the head and is more interested in connecting with a like-minded group and collaborating on some kind of shared vision. While Leo may be the star of the show, Aquarius represents everyone else who helps make the show actually come to be. Leo helps us get in touch with our inner child and follow our bliss, finding what comes most naturally to us in the form of talents and gifts. Aquarius encourages our individuality, urging us not be afraid to stand out in the crowd and helps us find a way of serving the world and the community with the gifts and talents we found through Leo. This Full Moon offers us an opportunity to connect with our inner child and contemplate what truly brings us joy and what we have to offer to make this world a better place.

Saturn in Scorpio is forming a tense T-square to the Sun/Moon axis which doesn't exactly allow for free and easy expression of the energy of the two signs. He is putting the pressure on, forcing us to take a long hard look at ourselves and face up to whatever isn't working in our lives. Leo and Aquarius want to have fun and party, enjoying romance and fun and connecting with like-minded people, while Saturn is like the strict parent shining a rather harsh light on the whole affair and forcing us to be emotionally honest and accountable for our actions. Saturn has been in Scorpio since October, forcing us to look into the darkness and face our shadows, recognising where we might be holding ourselves back from true emotional intimacy with others. He forces us to confront our emotional truth, bringing up some emotions that were hitherto buried deep below our consciousness. During this Moon he asks us to have an honest evaluation of what is truly important to us and how we might be limiting ourselves or holding ourselves back from moving forward on our path. What inner changes might we still have to make in order to be able to fully express all that we are? How are we to blame for whatever isn't working in our lives? What relationships must we let go of because they are holding us back from our true destiny? What work to we have to do to nurture our natural gifts and talents? Saturn reminds us that we still have some inner work to do in order for us to be able to relax and enjoy the ride.

Saturn is also part of the beautiful Grand Water Trine with Neptune and a lovely Mars/Jupiter conjunction, bringing the promise that if we truly connect with our feelings, do the necessary inner work and are brave enough to shine a light into the shadows then beautiful things can happen! This lovely intuitive, emotional and feminine energy will enable us to connect to ourselves and others with empathy and compassion, helping us heal and giving us hope for the future. Mars has just joined the party by forming a conjunction with Jupiter which adds a healthy dose of enthusiasm, confidence and optimism to the picture. Mars and Jupiter in Cancer makes me think of an emotional, intuitive, nurturing superhero helping us to be brave and face whatever is needed to make our dreams come true and find what we most long for.

There is a second lovely, flowing Grand Trine, again in the emotional, intuitive water signs and this one involves Chiron the Wounded Healer in Pisces, Mercury in Cancer and the North Node in Scorpio. This trine is amazingly healing and supportive, helping us to open up emotionally and allowing us to understand and communicate our wounds and insecurities while helping others with theirs too. It also gives a sense that we will somehow gain more understanding of our soul's purpose and what we are here to achieve, not in worldly terms, but on a soul level. This trine can help us greatly to truly open up and allow our tender underbellies to show, sharing our pain and sensitivity with others and connecting deeply on a soul level. The healing nature of this trine should help us move forward on our journeys. It is important to remember that in order to get the best out of the Grand Trines we must be willing to put some effort in ourselves or the opportunity may simply pass us by.

The second T-square involves Mercury, Pluto and Uranus which could make our thoughts and communication quite intense, unexpected and powerful and may well bring some soul truths to the surface which may or may not be comfortable! As Pluto and Uranus have been causing us to step into our true power and live a more authentic existence that resonates with our soul, this Moon will help make us more consciously aware of where we still have to make changes. The planet of mind and communication joining the party means that we should be able to articulate our needs in a powerfully authentic way but we just have to be careful that in speaking our truth we don't hurt others. There is a distinct possibility that thoughts may come up from the depths quite suddenly and demand expression! The energy of a T-square is very tense, forcing action in order to help us change and grow. Mars will takes Mercury's place on the 28th, forming a T-square with Pluto and Uranus which could add some fuel to the fire and bring things to boiling point on a personal and collective level. The combination could be quite volatile and will definitely help us let go of anything dead or rotten so that we can replace it with something much better! Things may come to a head when aggressive Mars aspects powerful Pluto and unpredictable Uranus but it will ultimately help us make the necessary changes in order to shift forward and move through any blocks. It is important to remember at this time that there is a big difference between personal power and power used against someone. If we stand in our power we empower everyone around us. Power taken from outside of ourselves is ultimately destructive because it is gained through insecurity and involves taking power from others.

This is certainly powerful and action-packed Full Moon! There is a weighty feeling to the chart and a sense of a pressure building, more so than your average Full Moon. However it is nicely balanced with some lovely, feminine, sensitive energy which will help us get in touch with our true feelings instead of overreacting or exploding. This is actually the first of two Aquarius Full Moons within the space of a month which means that we get to revisit the lively energy of Leo and Aquarius in August but this time without the heavy weight of Saturn bearing down on us! This Moon brings amazing potential for growth and healing with a great balance of T-square tension and helpful, flowing trine energy. We are being asked to look deep within and recognise where we might still need to make changes in order for fully shine like a Leo superstar! The T-squares are giving us an amazing opportunity to understand where we may still be stuck and to express our inner truth. Emotions could well run high, especially as there is so much pressure building, but the watery grand trine energy should help smooth it all over and allow us to express ourselves with compassion, sensitivity and understanding. Whatever comes up at this time has something to teach us and we must be open to its message so that it no longer has power over us. In the meantime, enjoy Leo season! It is a time of play, recreation, procreation, romance, fun and joy! A perfect opportunity to connect with our inner child and practice following our bliss!

Much love



Thursday, 4 July 2013

CANCER NEW MOON – Monday 8 July 2013

 Exact at 8.14am BST, 3.14am EDT

This New Moon has the potential to bring about great growth and healing if we are willing to honour and truly listen to our feelings. New Moons are a time to plant seeds and set intentions, contemplating what we really want for ourselves and what we might need to leave behind in the dark of the Moon. They are time of beginnings and endings and spark off a cycle of new growth. Whatever we are thinking or feeling at this time has the potential to grow and eventually bear fruit as we approach the Full Moon. The Sabian symbol for the degree of this New Moon is “The unfoldment of multilevel potentialities issuing from an original germ” which gives an impression that this New Moon can help us move up to another level of growth and actualise some more of the potential we were born with. It also gives the impression that something new can be born at this time, probably on an emotional level. Cancer is concerned with the core of our being formed in early childhood so we might find ourselves delving back into our past somehow in order to move forward. Indeed, this New Moon has the potential to help us get more in touch with our emotional roots and our feelings and leave behind any childish habits which no longer serve us behind in the dark of the Moon

The Sun and Moon are forming a union in the emotional and sensitive sign of Cancer who rules the home, family and our psychological roots. The key phrase for Cancer is “I Feel” which definitely puts the emphasis on our emotions and feelings this month. Cancer rules the past; our family life and childhood, which of course is where most of our emotional habits, patterns and irrational fears stem from. In these times of massive shifts and changes certain old, familiar patterns are simply not appropriate any more and now is a great time to let go of them. We may find ourselves falling back into these patterns in order to truly recognise that they no longer work for us or we may revisit our past somehow in order to understand where they came from in the first place. Some of the pain and holding patterns we carry might not even be our own - it may be ancestral. This New Moon gives us a chance to start anew on an emotional level - a kind of emotional rebirth; and encourages us to consciously think about what we need at a core level in order to feel emotionally nourished, supported and fulfilled. Cancer represents the springboard from which we move out into the world so it's important that we do the necessary work on ourselves to make sure that our emotional base is sound. This is a time to pay attention to and honour our feelings because they can give us important messages about what needs to change in our lives. The messages may be hard to ignore anyway with so much planetary energy in Cancer at the moment!

Saturn turns direct in Scorpio a couple of hours before the New Moon, having been retrograde since February 18th, so his presence will be felt strongly and we might feel a shift forward with whatever we might have been dealing with on in recent times. He is currently back at the same point he was on November 15th which means that we have a chance to review and reflect on all we have learned and experienced since then. Since October Saturn has been testing and challenging us in the Scorpio arena of sex, death, power/powerlessness, true intimacy and vulnerability and the concept of merging on a physical, material and emotional level. He has been forcing us to learn some profound lessons in these areas and to face our deepest, darkest fears as well as some quite deep, entrenched emotions and possibly even trauma. Between November 15th and February 18th was his first pass, introducing us to some rather hard tests and lessons, and since he went retrograde in February he has been going back over the same ground again, giving us a chance to process what we have learned. Now he is direct he will pass over the same ground for the third and final time, by which time we should have achieved some degree of understanding of and mastery over whatever challenges and lessons we have faced. If we have been working hard on ourselves we might even reap some rewards! Saturn is forming part of the lovely Grand Water Trine which is gracing us with her presence throughout this summer, providing us with an enormous amount of support for whatever emotional work we have to do at this time. While some very deep emotions may come up as Saturn turns direct, the Trine should help us explore, experience and examine them and then release them with compassion, forgiveness, love and, above all, acceptance. The Grand Water Trine is tremendously feminine and healing in nature but it is important to know that while trines are very supportive we must be willing to put in the work in order to get the most out of them.

The Pluto Uranus square is forming a challenging aspect to the New Moon which brings the potential for deep change both personally and collectively. These two have been forcing us to make some very profound changes to the structure of our lives in the past year or two, making us dig deep and get rid of whatever is holding us back from the truth of who we are. We have experienced many breakdowns and breakthroughs since then, globally and in our own lives. As they are connected to the Moon it seems like it is a good time to make some deep-rooted changes on an emotional level. We can take this opportunity to dig deep within and tackle any old, familiar, stuck emotional patterns which no longer serve us so that we can move forward and grow. In the meantime the Sun and Moon are forming a harmonious and supportive aspect to the Scorpio North Node which will help us move forward on a soul level towards mutual empowerment, true intimacy, merging with others and deep emotional honesty and vulnerability. The Scorpio North Node is currently helping us all move away from Taurus's tendency to hold on to the status quo and the material world, thinking that she has to do everything herself, towards Scorpio's gift of shedding unnecessary crap and admitting that maybe we can't do it all on our own, thus allowing other people's support and input. This Moon can help us move out of any ruts we might be in and experience emotional transformation and rebirth. However, we might have to revisit where we have already been in order to move forward.

This New Moon is the perfect time to practice being present with ourselves and listening to our bodies and emotions, for they reveal the truth of whatever may be going on deep inside and have so much to teach us. If we ignore or fail to recognise what our emotions are telling us they have a habit of revealing themselves regardless through the physical; through illness, tiredness, anxiety and, in the extreme, accidents. It seems like these are things that happen “to” us but really they are manifestations of our inner emotional state. This Moon, combined with the energy of Mercury retrograde in Cancer, invites us to revisit our past and recognise the root of our emotional habits and patterns, leaving the ones which no longer serve us behind. Indeed, this is a great time for connecting with our deeper selves and breaking childhood habits, so it is very important that we are honest about our feelings and are open to whatever comes up. Saturn is adding a great deal of emotional depth to the picture and asking us to review and reflect on all we have been through in the past few months, while the Grand Water Trine is providing some wonderful support, helping us to get in touch with our emotions and find healing and acceptance. This is a perfect time to think about what we need to feel nourished, supported and fulfilled on an emotional level and set some intentions along those lines. As always, when setting intentions we must make sure that whatever we ask for truly comes from our heart. This New Moon is a chance to work on our emotional foundation which is so very important because our inner world has so much impact on our outer world. We must make sure the soil we plant the seeds in is rich and moist so our roots can spread and we can grow to our full potential!

Much love


Artwork by Amy Bird