Aquarius Full Moon –Monday 22 July 2013

Exact at 7.16pm BST, 2.16pm EDT!

This is going to be an extraordinarily powerful Full Moon with a lot going on! It is the third of three supermoons this year, when the Moon is closest to the Earth and perfectly aligned with both the Sun and the Earth. This intensifies the effect that the Moon has on our emotions, bodies and spirits. Full Moons represent an emotional climax and this one definitely has the feeling of things coming to a head; possibly something that has been bothering us for a while will reach a point of no return and demand to be brought out into the open and expressed. It is likely that something that we have been working on or struggling with will be illuminated or exaggerated so that we can gain more understanding and find some resolution. The Sun, Moon and Venus are all in the very first degree of Leo, Aquarius and Virgo which signifies a strong energetic shift from one sign to another and the beginning of a new cycle. Not only that but we have not one but two powerful T-squares and two Grand Trines, inciting us to make powerful changes in our lives for the better. This mixture of the tension of the T-squares and the helpful harmony of the Grand Trines makes me think that this will be a very significant Full Moon indeed!

The Sun is in playful, creative and expressive Leo for the next month and during this Full Moon it will be sitting directly opposite the friendly, humanitarian and individualistic Moon in Aquarius. Full Moons ask us to find a balance between the energy of the two signs involved and in the case of Leo and Aquarius we are asked to think about what truly brings us joy (Leo) and how we can use our unique gifts and talents to make the world a better place (Aquarius). Leo is the star of the show, the king or queen of the zodiac who wants to shine and express himself creatively. Leo is ruled by the heart and as such they are very warm-hearted, magnanimous and prone to being fairly subjective. Aquarius is objective, somewhat detached and ruled by the head and is more interested in connecting with a like-minded group and collaborating on some kind of shared vision. While Leo may be the star of the show, Aquarius represents everyone else who helps make the show actually come to be. Leo helps us get in touch with our inner child and follow our bliss, finding what comes most naturally to us in the form of talents and gifts. Aquarius encourages our individuality, urging us not be afraid to stand out in the crowd and helps us find a way of serving the world and the community with the gifts and talents we found through Leo. This Full Moon offers us an opportunity to connect with our inner child and contemplate what truly brings us joy and what we have to offer to make this world a better place.

Saturn in Scorpio is forming a tense T-square to the Sun/Moon axis which doesn't exactly allow for free and easy expression of the energy of the two signs. He is putting the pressure on, forcing us to take a long hard look at ourselves and face up to whatever isn't working in our lives. Leo and Aquarius want to have fun and party, enjoying romance and fun and connecting with like-minded people, while Saturn is like the strict parent shining a rather harsh light on the whole affair and forcing us to be emotionally honest and accountable for our actions. Saturn has been in Scorpio since October, forcing us to look into the darkness and face our shadows, recognising where we might be holding ourselves back from true emotional intimacy with others. He forces us to confront our emotional truth, bringing up some emotions that were hitherto buried deep below our consciousness. During this Moon he asks us to have an honest evaluation of what is truly important to us and how we might be limiting ourselves or holding ourselves back from moving forward on our path. What inner changes might we still have to make in order to be able to fully express all that we are? How are we to blame for whatever isn't working in our lives? What relationships must we let go of because they are holding us back from our true destiny? What work to we have to do to nurture our natural gifts and talents? Saturn reminds us that we still have some inner work to do in order for us to be able to relax and enjoy the ride.

Saturn is also part of the beautiful Grand Water Trine with Neptune and a lovely Mars/Jupiter conjunction, bringing the promise that if we truly connect with our feelings, do the necessary inner work and are brave enough to shine a light into the shadows then beautiful things can happen! This lovely intuitive, emotional and feminine energy will enable us to connect to ourselves and others with empathy and compassion, helping us heal and giving us hope for the future. Mars has just joined the party by forming a conjunction with Jupiter which adds a healthy dose of enthusiasm, confidence and optimism to the picture. Mars and Jupiter in Cancer makes me think of an emotional, intuitive, nurturing superhero helping us to be brave and face whatever is needed to make our dreams come true and find what we most long for.

There is a second lovely, flowing Grand Trine, again in the emotional, intuitive water signs and this one involves Chiron the Wounded Healer in Pisces, Mercury in Cancer and the North Node in Scorpio. This trine is amazingly healing and supportive, helping us to open up emotionally and allowing us to understand and communicate our wounds and insecurities while helping others with theirs too. It also gives a sense that we will somehow gain more understanding of our soul's purpose and what we are here to achieve, not in worldly terms, but on a soul level. This trine can help us greatly to truly open up and allow our tender underbellies to show, sharing our pain and sensitivity with others and connecting deeply on a soul level. The healing nature of this trine should help us move forward on our journeys. It is important to remember that in order to get the best out of the Grand Trines we must be willing to put some effort in ourselves or the opportunity may simply pass us by.

The second T-square involves Mercury, Pluto and Uranus which could make our thoughts and communication quite intense, unexpected and powerful and may well bring some soul truths to the surface which may or may not be comfortable! As Pluto and Uranus have been causing us to step into our true power and live a more authentic existence that resonates with our soul, this Moon will help make us more consciously aware of where we still have to make changes. The planet of mind and communication joining the party means that we should be able to articulate our needs in a powerfully authentic way but we just have to be careful that in speaking our truth we don't hurt others. There is a distinct possibility that thoughts may come up from the depths quite suddenly and demand expression! The energy of a T-square is very tense, forcing action in order to help us change and grow. Mars will takes Mercury's place on the 28th, forming a T-square with Pluto and Uranus which could add some fuel to the fire and bring things to boiling point on a personal and collective level. The combination could be quite volatile and will definitely help us let go of anything dead or rotten so that we can replace it with something much better! Things may come to a head when aggressive Mars aspects powerful Pluto and unpredictable Uranus but it will ultimately help us make the necessary changes in order to shift forward and move through any blocks. It is important to remember at this time that there is a big difference between personal power and power used against someone. If we stand in our power we empower everyone around us. Power taken from outside of ourselves is ultimately destructive because it is gained through insecurity and involves taking power from others.

This is certainly powerful and action-packed Full Moon! There is a weighty feeling to the chart and a sense of a pressure building, more so than your average Full Moon. However it is nicely balanced with some lovely, feminine, sensitive energy which will help us get in touch with our true feelings instead of overreacting or exploding. This is actually the first of two Aquarius Full Moons within the space of a month which means that we get to revisit the lively energy of Leo and Aquarius in August but this time without the heavy weight of Saturn bearing down on us! This Moon brings amazing potential for growth and healing with a great balance of T-square tension and helpful, flowing trine energy. We are being asked to look deep within and recognise where we might still need to make changes in order for fully shine like a Leo superstar! The T-squares are giving us an amazing opportunity to understand where we may still be stuck and to express our inner truth. Emotions could well run high, especially as there is so much pressure building, but the watery grand trine energy should help smooth it all over and allow us to express ourselves with compassion, sensitivity and understanding. Whatever comes up at this time has something to teach us and we must be open to its message so that it no longer has power over us. In the meantime, enjoy Leo season! It is a time of play, recreation, procreation, romance, fun and joy! A perfect opportunity to connect with our inner child and practice following our bliss!

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