Sunday, 24 March 2013

LIBRA FULL MOON - Wednesday 27 March 2013

Exact at 9.27am GMT, 5.27am EDT

Well, there is so much to say about this Full Moon that I don't know where to start! It feels like we are going to experience a very big shove forward that will help us move onwards and upwards to the next level, whatever that may be! Full Moons signify a time when things come to a head and anything we have been dealing with reaches a climax, and none more so that this Moon! Any dead weight that we have been carrying around because we can't bring ourselves to finally let go must now be cut off to that is doesn't drag us down any more. It is Aries season - time to cut the crap and move forward, full steam ahead! Pisces season is over, and what a chaotic and strangely overwhelming time it was! We have learned a lot of lessons recently, including how we unconsciously sabotage ourselves, and now it is time to take what we have learned and put it into practice. The Moon is full in Libra, the sign of relationships, and with all this Aries energy around I sense that we will be forced to be emotionally honest with ourselves which will in turn force us to approach our relationships with the same raw honesty. You can't be truthful with another unless you know what your truth is. There is a fateful quality to this Moon, as it has the same Finger of God formation as during the Winter Solstice of 2012. It has only been three months since the Solstice, yet already so much has changed! This Moon definitely brings the possibility of yet more change as we shed yet another layer of dead skin and step closer towards the truth of who we are.

The Full Moon illuminates the Aries Libra axis, as the Sun is currently in impulsive and courageous Aries sitting directly opposite the Moon in harmonious and peace loving Libra. This is the relationship axis, as Aries represents “I” and focuses on his own needs and desires while Libra represents “other” and focuses on herself in relation to others. They are ruled by Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine), both of whom are very present during this Moon. Aries season is well and truly upon us now and like the shoot bravely popping up out of the ground it is time to move forward and step into the unknown, taking all that we have learned in the winter months and put it into action! During Pisces season we practised going with the flow of the river, and now we have reached the rapids and it is time to surrender and enjoy the ride, trusting that we are being guided in the right direction! Dream time is over and it is time to start fresh, take some risks and try a new way of approaching life based on who we are becoming. Mars, Venus and Uranus are also in Aries and are a massive part of this Full Moon, so the emphasis is on moving forward with confidence, direct honesty in relationships, bravely stepping into the unknown and not being afraid to stand up and be ourselves.

The Moon is sitting all on her own in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony and relationships. With Venus and Mars being so heavily involved there is a strong sense that the balance of masculine and feminine and our relationships are going to be a big part of this Full Moon. Libra embodies the spirit of cooperation and compromise while Aries wants to do everything his way and on his own terms. Libra seeks to understand herself through relationships while Aries is fiercely independent loner. Libra seeks peace and harmony while Aries is not afraid to charge into battle. Libra puts others' needs before her own, while Aries thinks of himself first and foremost. Libra is diplomatic and tactful while Aries is honest and forthright to the extreme! Aries goes out and gets what he wants while Libra and Venus represent our values and how we attract, for it is only when we truly value ourselves that we are able to attract what we want into our life. The key to the Libra Full Moon is finding the balance between the two sides of ourselves - the masculine and the feminine; the courage to be ourselves and consideration for those close to us. Now is the time to be honest with ourselves and our loved ones – bottom line kind of honest. The truth may hurt but only then can we move forward with integrity.

The Pluto / Uranus square is a big part of this Moon, bringing the possibility of quite an emotional shake up as it culminates! As I have written about in previous posts, Uranus and Pluto have been and will continue to shake up the structure of our lives, digging deep to find the rot and throwing out anything which is stagnant and no longer serving who we are becoming. On a personal level the square has been prodding us to stand up and step into the truth of who we are, taking on our personal power. On a collective level any corruption within the power structures of the world has been gradually exposed and people have been standing up for their rights, completely fed up with archaic power structures who are driven by greed and serve only themselves. This Full Moon brings the energy of the square into focus again and there is a sense that things might have to be broken down in order for us to experience breakthrough. Pluto strips away anything which isn't working for us any more, while Uranus blasts away any stagnant energy which may be preventing growth, so between the two of them they may create quite a stir during this Moon! Pluto may dig up some very intense and powerful emotions while Uranus might create sudden upsets and volatile emotions, but it is important to remember that their aim is to empower us and allow us find to who we truly are, and that anything that falls away during this time quite simply isn't working for us any more.

The same Yod that appeared during the Winter Solstice, otherwise known as the Fateful Finger of God, is also a big part of the Full Moon as Jupiter returns to the same position having recently been retrograde. Pluto and Saturn, who are currently mutually empowering each other in one another's signs and have been digging up past trauma for us to heal, join forces and point their energy towards Jupiter in Gemini. We are being asked to let go of any self-limiting, disempowering beliefs and any negative thought patterns based on guilt and fear; indeed any beliefs about ourselves or life which no longer ring true for who we are becoming. So much has changed in recent times, even in the three months since the Solstice, and as we are starting afresh we must let go of fearful thoughts and sabotaging beliefs and step into our new skins, empowered, authentic and true to ourselves. We are masters of our own reality and our thoughts, beliefs and feelings do effect what we attract into our lives. Thinks small and you will stay small! Think big and you will attract abundance and respect! We are experiencing a shift at the moment, and what we may have believed a few months ago no longer rings true. It is important to remain open and allow the changes to happen because it will be a lot easier than resisting them! Change is happening no matter what and it is much better to maintain the Jupiterian faith that it is all going according to plan! This Yod makes me feel like we are some kind of a turning point, as is has such a fateful quality to it.

The list of planets involved in this Full Moon goes on and on! While it does feel quite transforming in nature there is a lot of positive energy surrounding the Moon. Jupiter, the focus of the Yod and the planet of faith, trust, growth and expansion is a very big player indeed, forming a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus. This will bring a certain optimism, enthusiasm and wealth of emotion, combined with the faith that somehow everything is going to turn out just fine! His aspect to Venus will help us see the bigger picture in our relationships and be magnanimous towards our loved ones, helping us grow and generally creating good feelings. The aspect to Mars will help us feel confident and optimistic and able to move forward courageously and stand true to our convictions. The aspect to Uranus has been a part of the past couple of moons, bringing the possibility of sudden opportunities for growth, surprising insights and realisations, trust in the future and the ability to intuitively grasp the bigger picture. Jupiter's prominent presence at this Full Moon definitely bring the feeling that there is a lot of potential for positive growth and expansion, pushing past the limits of what we thought we were capable of.

Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, is still in Pisces and is now moving in direct motion! That really was quite a retrograde period, with chaos running rife and many people experiencing lack of energy, anxiety and feeling quite overwhelmed by things that they would usually be able to take in their stride. Phew. There is definitely more of a sense of calm now that it is over! Mercury in Pisces is still asking us to listen to our intuition and trust our inner voice. He is forming a challenging aspect with Jupiter, as he has over the past couple of Moons, meaning that we may still have to contend with some monkey mind chatter and that this Moon may involve a fair bit of over thinking and a lot of talking! Remember to keep an eye on the bigger picture! Mercury is also sitting right next to Chiron the Wounded Healer, forming a positive aspect to both Saturn and Pluto, which brings the possibility of some very deep, thorough and profound thinking that could lead to intuitive understanding of our fears, wounds and unconscious emotional patterns. As Saturn and Pluto have been in the trenches for the past few month digging up old trauma for us to understand and let go of, this Moon could be an ideal time to come to some concrete understanding of what holds us back so we can let go of it and truly heal any old, festering wounds. Mercury in aspect to both Pluto and Saturn could also help us speak our truth with integrity, as we are able to understand what the bottom line actually is and have no fear of honesty.

Overall this Moon has great potential for shedding our old skin and starting anew! Things may have to come to a head to make that possible, and whatever we may have been holding onto despite knowing deep inside that it is no longer good for us may now be stripped away so we can move forward. We can't fully commit to the rapids unless we get rid of whatever is dragging behind the boat and getting caught on the rocks! There are some very powerful forces at work this week which have the potential for some profound transformation as well as amazing insights and realisations. As Uranus the Awakener is so strongly involved we may have to contend with strong emotions suddenly erupting and external events which shake things up, but that generally only happens if we are resisting necessary change. There is a sense that this Moon will help facilitate a big shift forward, and it is important to keep some Jupiterian faith and trust that, as we are hurtling full throttle towards who knows what, there are higher forces at work here and something bigger and better for us at the end of it! Something so amazing that we can't even begin to imagine or comprehend awaits, and only time will tell what it is. I think that it will be quite hard to hide from the truth during this Full Moon, and as we own our truth it will then help both us and our relationships move onto the next level. I guess the best thing to do with this Moon is to let go and simply enjoy the ride!

Much love


Saturday, 9 March 2013

NEW MOON IN PISCES – Monday 11 March

 Exact at 7.51pm GMT, 3.51pm EST

This New Moon is the last one of the astrological calender and is a very powerful Moon for sowing seeds and setting intentions before the Spring Equinox, when Aries puts his foot on the accelerator and pushes us into high gear! New Moons signify the monthly union of the Sun (yang) and the Moon (yin) in the same sign and are the perfect time to decide what we want to bring forward and what we need to leave behind in the dark of the Moon. As such they are a time of letting go, and none more so than this New Moon! We are clearing the decks for action, cleansing ourselves for the new cycle, and this may or may not be an easy process! There does seem to have been a lot of anxiety, illness and chaotic feelings around in recent times! Pisces is a wonderful sign for a New Moon because it has magical manifesting qualities; the power of imagination, the ability to tap into the unseen realms and to create things as if from thin air. Now is the time to dream; to use our imaginations to come up with what we want so that when Aries season starts in a week or so we can put our dreams into action. Ultimately this is a perfect moon for cleansing our minds, bodies and spirits before the Spring Equinox, facing our shadows and leaving them behind in the Dark of the Moon. We all have an inner saboteur, and there is no better Moon than this one for understanding our self-defeating habits and patterns! We may have become all too aware of how we get in our own way over the past couple of weeks! Now is the time to treat ourselves with compassion and forgiveness and truly surrender to the flow of the universe, trusting that everything is happening exactly as it supposed to.

The Sun and Moon are entwined in sensitive and compassionate Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac and the sum of all of the signs who come before her. Pisces is incredibly receptive and helps us connect to the higher part of ourselves and the hidden realms. She can easily push her ego aside (otherwise known as the chattering monkeys!), stilling her mind and and tapping into source, thus receiving her guidance directly from the universe. This allows her to go with the flow, using her intuition to follow the cues and dance to the rhythm of the universe. Pisces imagination knows no bounds and her creativity is unsurpassed, again, because she allows her mind to get out of the way and channels the creativity of the universal force. She is highly sensitive and can pick up on subtle undercurrents that are easy to miss if you are not paying attention, which makes her a wonderful healer. She has an innate understanding that we are all connected and from the same melting pot, which makes her incredibly tender, compassionate and empathetic towards all living things. It would probably cause her great pain to accidentally step on a spider for instance, as what happens to one happens to all! Her receptivity means that she feels the pain of humanity and wants to do what she can to help others, although taken too far this can lead to martyrdom and being taken advantage of by more self-serving folks. Indeed, Pisces does also bring the possibility of chaotic emotions, escapism, not understanding boundaries, illusion/disillusionment, wishful thinking, deception and manipulation, so it is not all a bed of roses!

As this is the last New Moon of the astrological calender it represents the culmination of the whole year before and is a time for clearing and cleansing, which could brings some deep seated emotions to the surface as well as an awareness of our more self-defeating tendencies whose existence we may usually deny as they are buried deep in our unconscious. Not only are the Sun and Moon in Pisces, but we have had a plethora of planets in Pisces over the past couple of weeks, giving us an incredibly strong dose of Pisces energy! We also have Retrograde Mercury causing chaos and confusion, Venus (who is exalted in Pisces) bringing unconditional love, Mars bringing our energy levels and immune systems down, as well as Neptune (Pisces ruler) and Chiron (wounded healer) helping us heal old wounds and insecurities with compassion and forgiveness. That is quite a party! It has been some time since so many planets were in Pisces at once, and while our intuition and capacity for compassion may have been greatly heightened recently, we may also have been experiencing some quite chaotic emotions, confusion and anxiety as our imaginations get the better of us, making it all just a bit overwhelming for us at the moment! To add fuel to the fire, Jupiter in Gemini is forming a challenging aspect to retrograde Mercury during this Moon, so it may be hard to stop the chattering monkeys with all of their doubts and fears! Mercury Retrograde could have us feeling a bit more spaced out than usual, off in a dream world finding it hard to concentrate! This is definitely dream time and certainly isn't the time for hard control but rather a time for being as flexible as we possibly can so that we can adapt to whatever life has to throw at us. We should definitely get into the spirit of Pisces and practice going with the flow of the river rather than fighting against it.

Literally the day after the New Moon is exact Mars moves from dreamy Pisces into his own sign of Aries. Pisces rules the immune system and Mars rules our drive, motivation and energy levels, so it is quite possible that people have been feeling rather low energy over the past month with somewhat weakened immune systems. As a Pisces friend said recently, we are all constantly swimming around in a sea of bugs and bacteria and it is only when our defences are weakened that we allow them to attack our systems and make us sick. My sense is that if we haven't allowed ourselves the time to embrace the spirit of Mercury retrograde and Pisces season and be still for a moment so we can relax and restore the energy reserves, then the universe will have forced us into it. Sometimes it takes getting sick to truly surrender and give up the fight. Similarly, whatever happens to our bodies is merely a sign that something is awry in our energetic field, and can show us where we feel dis-ease. When Mars moves into his own sign it will mark the beginning of a much more energetic, motivated and active period which will move into full swing at the Spring Equinox on the 20th of April. Opportunities will then start to come thick and fast as the pace picks up so it is important to get some rest now while we can! Now is the time for meditation, reflection and recharging our batteries before we spring into action, all hands on deck!

This New Moon provides us with a wonderful opportunity to tap into the source and is an amazing time for healing, writing, creating, playing music, psychic work; anything which involves channelling universal energy. A walk in nature can also be an amazing way to connect to source. It is also a perfect time to look at the ways in which we contribute to our own undoing, getting to know our inner saboteur and allowing ourselves true compassion and forgiveness. It is so easy to forgive a friend and so much harder to forgive ourselves for the same thing! We should use Pisces' talent for visualisation and manifestation on this Moon, allowing our imaginations to roam free and picture exactly what it is for ourselves. It might even be worth drawing a picture of the life we want, or writing it down if that is preferred. Most importantly we should make sure that whatever we wish for is truly coming from our heart and soul, and that what we are striving for is really a reflection of our inner truth. We must take a leaf out of Pisces book, putting our faith and trust that we know deep inside what is best for us and that we just have to stop and listen. We do know deep inside when we are going against our truth, but so often we just ignore the warning signs and keep going anyway. It is only when we trust our inner voice and start to follow the path that brings us joy that life flows more easily and the opportunities start presenting themselves to us. It is when we ignore the subtle signs and go against our true soul's purpose we run into obstacles, feeling like we are blocked somehow. This Pisces New Moon asks us to stop and pay attention to the little whisper of our souls, for the more we listen the louder it will get!

Much love