Sunday, 25 October 2015

TAURUS FULL MOON - 27 October 2015

Exact at 12.05pm GMT, 7.05am EST              

Venus is a very prominent feature during this Full Moon, as not only is she the ruler of Taurus but she is also forming many aspects to the other planets. The Libra New Moon on October 12th was also ruled by Venus so the relationship we have both with ourselves and others is definitely highlighted this month. Full Moons tend to bring anything into the light that may have been simmering below the surface recently. They make the unconscious conscious. This can sometimes mean that things have to come to a head in order to release any tension which may have been building either inside of us or within our relationships. As Venus is in Virgo at the moment there is the potential for a certain amount of crisis around this Moon, whereby we have to confront what might not be working in the realm of our relationships. Virgo can bring the guilt dynamic into play and also a strong need to address what might be out of balance in our relationships. She can all too easily see what’s wrong and has a powerful urge to improve whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

The Moon is in sensual, patient and loyal Taurus, Mother Earth, sitting directly opposite the Sun in intensely emotional, probing and psychic Scorpio and the Full Moon could highlight where we might be veering too far one direction. The key to resolution is to find balance between the energy of the two signs. Taurus shows what we value in life, including the value we place on ourselves. It also represents the skill and talents we have which help us survive in the world, so it is quite likely that issues of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth could come up during this Full Moon, especially as Venus is in self-critical and humble Virgo. Taurus is an incredibly patient and persistent sign and is also quite possessive and security conscious. Taken too far this can mean that we stay in situations too long for the sake of security, which creates stagnation and prevents necessary growth.  It can happen so easily, as human beings do find change so unsettling. None more so than Taurus!

Scorpio, on the other hand, will rip the ground out from under us and force us to walk over a burning bridge in order for us to grow and move forward on a soul level! The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis and transformation, who cannot abide stagnation and will create situations which catapult us out of any comfortable ruts we might find ourselves in. Often we are given gentle signs along the way that show us what might need to change, but if we continue to ignore them and resist the tides of change and evolution then Scorpio steps in and does the job for us! The key to finding balance between the two signs lies in recognising where we might be holding on too tightly for the sake of security and to let go so that we can move forward and grow. We might find ourselves having to be brutally honest with ourselves and others, which always had the potential to hurt a little, but ultimately it will be very rewarding. It is so very easy to fall into patterns which simply repeat and repeat. This Moon will help us recognise them and make the necessary changes.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also a very prominent part of this Moon, as he is forming an opposition to Mars, Jupiter and Venus and is also aspecting the Sun and Moon themselves. The opposition to Venus is also exact at the time of the Full Moon, which could cause a bit of crisis when it comes to our relationships and also the way we value ourselves. Old wounds, fears and insecurities could surface but it is a perfect opportunity to heal them as they come out into the light. We could become all too aware of our failings and where we don’t feel worthy or quite good enough. Indeed, we might feel quite uncomfortable during this time and we could be a bit more sensitive as our skins are a bit thinner than usual. We might trigger each other more easily as our sore spots may feel a bit more raw and exposed than usual. This is all good stuff, however, because it is much easier to heal things once they have been brought to the light of our conscious awareness, whether they be issues of self-worth or niggles within our relationships.

Speaking of skins being thinner, the Saturn Neptune square is still building and is also being activated by the Sun and Moon during this lunation. This square has the potential to dissolve boundaries and structures. It can also bring a crisis in faith.  Things that seemed so real become far less solid. Things that seemed ideal could become far more real. Beliefs we hold about ourselves could melt away, especially is they were set in stone. This is a battle between reality and fantasy, between fear and love, between fact and fiction, between structure and chaos. It is a strange time, for sure, but ultimately this square is here give us a kick up the bum so that we can grow. The potentially positive outcome is that we ground our dreams in reality and become more disciplined about our spirituality. Saturn represents mastery, while Neptune is the planet of unity and transcendence. One thing that I am quite excited about is the idea of rigid beliefs being dissolved. So many of us are held back by beliefs which were formed in childhood and which don’t serve us in any way!

Venus is forming aspects to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto during this Moon. That’s quite a crew! She is forming the third of three conjunctions this year with Mars, and this time the cosmic lovers are aligning in Virgo, the sign of modesty, organisation and discernment. Virgo does have a tendency to be a bit critical and we could find ourselves seeking to somehow perfect and purify our relationships. It is important not to play the Blame and Shame game, but rather to approach anything that comes up in the spirit of humility and a genuine desire to improve the relationship. Venus, from the Taurus perspective, represents our values and self-worth; the relationship we have with ourselves. This will be highlighted this week and with Uranus and Pluto involved we might experience a bit of a shake- up in this area. Our relationships and sense of security could be somewhat rattled and any patterns that may be impeding our growth will become glaringly obvious. If we are holding onto anything simply for the sake of security, whether it be a job, living situation or a relationship, we may be prompted to let go. It is important not to resist the tides of change, because that just makes it all so much more painful!

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 4°Taurus is “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” This is a beautiful symbol, representing a bridge, or a link between the divine and the real world. Its energy reminds me of the Saturn Neptune square, as it could represent a need to discern (Virgo) between reality (Saturn) and illusion (Neptune). However, rainbows are truly magical sights and I definitely see this as a symbol of hope. We don’t get a rainbow without a bit of rain, however!  I suppose that the key is look within us for the pot of gold rather than chasing impossible dreams or seeking security from outside of ourselves. Dane Rudyar describes this symbol as “riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature” which again brings the Saturn Neptune square to mind, with its potential to ground our dreams in reality and is the combination of the mundane world and the world of spirit. May we all recognise the pot of gold that lies within!

Much love


Photo: Double Rainbow by Matthew Cruddas

Sunday, 11 October 2015

LIBRA NEW MOON - 12 / 13 October 2015

Monday October 12th, exact at 8.05pm EDT, Tuesday October 13th, exact at 1.05am BST.

This post almost didn’t get written due to Pluto and Uranus doing the rounds in my tummy first thing this morning, but I seem to have recovered enough to write a brief summary of this New Moon. In as much as I am capable of being brief! Tee hee! This is a good time to contemplate what we might want for our relationships and set some intentions for the month ahead. As with all intention setting, it is important to be specific about what we want, because the universe can take things quite literally, much like a child would! It takes us at our word! It is also important to be open to receiving and to believe that it is possible and that we deserve it. Otherwise we can so easily block our greatest wishes and desires. Whatever seeds we plant now have the potential to blossom and grow over the month ahead, so it is important that they are for our highest good.

This New Moon is in Libra, the sign of the scales. As such, this Moon could highlight where we need to find balance and equality in our lives, both in our relationships and in our lives in general. Libra is the sign of relating and so our relationships with others will most definitely be highlighted and it will be really obvious where our needs aren’t being met and vice versa. This New Moon is activating the Pluto Uranus square, which is very much waning but seems to be having its last stand with this Moon! This can mean that if our relationships aren’t serving our growth for whatever reason, or are causing us to stagnate, then they will experience considerable disruption.  It’s hard to hide from the truth when Pluto and Uranus are in town! If the scales have tipped to far in one direction or the other, we could be in for trouble!

This energy has a tendency to break things down so that we can experience amazing breakthroughs, but the experience isn’t exactly comfortable. It is so important that our relationships empower us to be completely and utterly who we are rather than holding us back from our souls’ path. The eclipses that have occurred on the Aries/Libra axis over the past couple of years have very much tested the validity of our relationships and many haven’t passed the test. This is a time in our evolution when we are being asked to do some profound inner work and to step up and realise our true potential. There is a reason that each and every one of us is here on this planet at this time and it is very important that our relationships don’t impede us from soul growth and evolution. Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are also forming a loose conjunction in Virgo that will be exact around Halloween, so the emphasis is definitely on our relationships at the moment. Virgo can bring a great urge to improve how we relate to one another and can also highlight any sadomasochistic tendencies within our relationships, which of course can come in many different shades and colours and can be quite subtle and unconscious.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also forming a niggling aspect to this Moon and when we combine this with the energy of Uranus and Pluto we have the potential for some shocks and surprises that could be quite painful and hit our sore spots. The truth can be so liberating, however, as it gets everything out in the open so that everyone knows where they stand. It is so important not to let grievances and gripes fester in our relationships, because what can so easily be dissolved by open, heartfelt and honest communication can grow and grow until it is blown completely out of proportion and comes out in hurtful and destructive ways. It is hard to say something that might hurt someone you love, but it is far more loving to be honest than build up resentment and strange energy and cause them to wonder what’s wrong. That does far more damage as it is so insidious. This Moon has the potential for some deep healing, even if it does cause a few upsets and disruptions in the meantime!

We have the Saturn Neptune square building now, which will be exact on November 25th so it will be an important fixture for the coming month. This aspect has the potential to burst some bubbles as Saturn shines the harsh light of reality on some of our fantasies, ideals, dreams and illusions. This can be a good thing if we are refusing to see the truth, but can also bring disillusionment or disappointment as we realise that what we thought was real was in fact not at all. In the same token, Neptune could dissolve any beliefs that we have held onto too rigidly, which could be quite revealing and enlightening! It’s amazing how our beliefs can colour our perception of reality, and what we believe about ourselves can really hold us back from being all that we are. Saturn could have a limiting effect on our dreams and visions, while Neptune could help us transcend our limitations! On a global level, One Love will be coming up against organised religion and inhibiting doctrines as Neptune reminds us that we are all one and represents unconditional Love, while Saturn tries to impose a rigid moral code on culture and society that is very restrictive and damaging.

The Sabian symbol for Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, is 4° Virgo – “Black and white children play together happily”. This is what Dane Rudyar says about this symbol: “The overcoming of socio-cultural prejudices.  Freedom from all the forms, biases and idiosyncrasies of the particular culture and class in which one has been born and educated is a sine qua non of the consciousness truly “on the Path.” The ideal of universal brotherhood underlies all great spiritual teachings, for they all are like branches of the One Tree, Man, in his divine state. This does not mean that there are no racial differences, but rather that these differences have a functional value in terms of the whole organism of Man – and the planet Earth. Every human being should be seen, approached and warmly met as a “child of God,” or in less religious terms as an exemplar of Man. Such a status gives to every social and interpersonal group the character of a BROTHERHOOD.”

Well, this seems to sum up the greatest potential of the Saturn Neptune square! Beautiful.  In true Libran style, I wish you all Peace and Love in the coming weeks!

Much Love


Photo - "Poppy Lovers" by Dan Leak