Tuesday, 25 August 2015

PISCES FULL MOON - 29 August 2015

Exact at 7.35pm BST, 2.35pm EDT!

This Full Moon brings a lot of potential for truly connecting to one another from the heart. It is a Super Moon, so it is closer to the earth than your average Full Moon, which will amplify the effect it has on our minds, emotions, bodies and spirits. This Moon is building now and is asking us to open our hearts and allow ourselves to be seen for all that we truly are; our inner core. The combination of planets and aspects during this Moon really does create some beautifully loving, truthful, caring, opening energy for us to play with! This is an ideal time to do some healing or energy work, or to dance, sing, paint, create and express ourselves from a higher place. There is a certain softness to this Moon which has the capacity to dissolve any barriers we may have erected and remind us that we are all from the same melting pot. The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 7° Pisces is “Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist” This is a reminder for us to be stand in our truth (rock) despite any confusion surrounding us (mist) and if we do so we will know that we are guided from within. We will receive a blessing for being true to ourselves, as challenging as it may be sometimes.

The Moon is in sensitive, compassionate and intuitive Pisces and is sitting directly opposite the Sun in humble, helpful and organised Virgo. The key to theFull Moon is to find some balance between the energy of the two signs rather than leaning too far in either direction. The Virgo/Pisces polarity is the healing axis, although both signs approach health and healing from different perspectives. Virgo has a natural interest in the body and how it works as a system, while Pisces intuitively senses what is out of balance. We are now in Virgo season and so we experience that “Back to School” feeling, bringing a need for self-improvement and finding a healthy set of routines for ourselves. Virgo seeks to attain perfection and purity and can create a feeling of not quite being good enough and needing to “do better”. Out of crisis emerges a need to make constructive changes in our lives. Virgo comes after Leo, who is very confident and very much the king of the castle, and so in Virgo we experience the wind being taken out of our sails somewhat, causing us to eat humble pie and realise that maybe we are not that great and that we might still have some work to do on ourselves!

Pisces is the other side of the coin. While Virgo strives for perfection, Pisces knows that we are all perfect already. While Virgo likes to analyse and improve systems and details, Pisces intuitively grasps the whole. Both signs are devoted to serving others and Pisces will happily and all too naturally sacrifice herself to help those in need. Virgo can worry somewhat and cause us to be a bit hard on ourselves, while Pisces reminds us to let go and surrender, accepting what is. This Moon can really help us shift our consciousness and open our hearts, as it dissolves any sense of separateness between us and others so that we can really connect on a higher level. Any consciousness or energy work should bear great fruit this week and weekend and it is also a great time to meditate or access our imaginations and creativity. Pisces connects us to the world of spirit and transports us beyond the mundane world so that we can see things from a higher perspective.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is also sitting right next to the Moon, creating a double whammy of the same flowing, intuitive, compassionate energy. Neptune will help us see one another for who we really are, beyond any smoke screens or defences that we put in place. During this Moon we really do have a chance to connect to each other’s spirits, our truth, our higher selves. We have a beautiful opportunity to rise above our stories and our patterns and to let go of any ego driven pettiness or barriers between ourselves and our loved ones. For we are not our patterns; we have put them put in place in order to protect ourselves, but they are not the truth of who we are. The Sabian symbol for the midpoint between the Sun and the Moon is 7° Sagittarius – “Cupid knocks at the door of the human heart”. This ties in with this Neptunian energy and brings a feeling that the barriers we have built for protection around our hearts being dissolved somehow. This Sabian symbol is described as bringing “Emotional Rebirth”. How beautiful!

It is very appropriate that the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, are also entwined during this Full Moon! They have joined together in creative, passionate and playful Leo, which will add to the creative potential of this Full Moon and help us to express ourselves with in our relationships. Leo rules the heart, so this also bodes well for open hearted communication within our relationships. Leo also represents our inner child and I can’t help visualising us shedding our “adult” skins, with all of their learned patterns, protection and defences, and standing in front of each other with the innocence and pure joy of little children. Children don’t hold back what they think or feel; they are trusting, yielding and loving. When it comes to standing in our truth and being utterly authentic, children are most definitely the best example of this!  Venus is coming to the end of her retrograde cycle now, during which we have experienced old patterns of relating come up for us to examine and let go of them. Pluto is forming a challenging aspect to Mars and Venus during this Moon, which could definitely bring some emotional truths to the surface and help us bare our souls and deepen our intimacy so that our relationships can shift and evolve. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, has just moved into Libra which definitely helps us along with all of this heart opening energy! Mercury has just come from Virgo, who has a tendency to pick things to pieces and is somewhat critical and fault-finding. Now it is time to find balance and approach our relationships in the spirit of harmony and compromise.  Libra automatically thinks of Other and truly wants peace and fairness, so this bodes well for our communication during this Moon. We should find it easy to listen and take in each other’s point of view.

There is a real sense of unconditional love and heart opening to this Moon! The Virgo energy makes us want to do better and Jupiter is sitting right next to the Virgo Sun so you should gain great joy and satisfaction from initiating projects to improve ourselves and our relationships. I suppose the only thing to watch out for is Jupiter exaggerating any tendency we might have to be hard on ourselves. Virgo is no stranger to guilt and shame! The Pisces/Neptune energy, however, reminds us to love unconditionally and to see beauty in one another’s flaws, rather than judging, blaming or shaming. As a wonderful, wise friend said to me recently, it is almost more important to love the clunky, awkward aspects of our loved ones, because they are the parts that need our love and compassion the most. Our barriers and defences merely serve as protection because of our early wounding and conditioning, and Neptune is here to dissolve them and allow us to really, truly see one another, in all of our truth, right to the core of our being. What a beautiful opportunity we have here!

Much love


Photo: Ocean of Love Bliss by Alex Grey

Sunday, 9 August 2015

LEO NEW MOON - 14 August 2015

Exact at 3.53pm BST, 10.53am EDT

This is a perfect moon to imagine what we want for ourselves and set some positive, heartfelt intentions. New Moons are a very powerful time of the month, ripe with potential for the coming weeks. As such, they are a perfect time to sow seeds for the month ahead, consciously contemplating what we need to leave behind in the dark of the moon and what we want for ourselves in order to blossom and grow. This New Moon has some real magic in it, as all New Moons do, but it also has the potential to throw up some resistance in us. There is no point setting positive intentions if part of us doesn’t feel worthy, or doesn’t believe they will happen, or we don’t feel like we deserve it. If we focus on what we don’t have then it will be hard to bring in what we truly want for ourselves. On an energetic level we block ourselves from our heart’s desires when we dwell on our fears. Instead we draw to us what we are most afraid of. This New Moon is an ideal time to practice having positive, hopeful, optimistic thoughts and to be very mindful of the negative, naysaying thoughts that pop in to thwart us. The universe really does want to give us what we want in order to grow and realise our full potential! It’s only our negative thought patterns that get in the way!

The Sun, our conscious will and purpose in life, and the Moon, our unconscious, instinctual awareness, are forming their monthly union in the creative, expressive and playful sign of Leo. Not only that, but retrograde Venus is joining in the party! Leo is a very creative sign encourages us to listen to our hearts; to follow our bliss and do what brings us joy. This is an ideal time to contemplate what we would like to bring into our lives and what is preventing us from truly finding joy and fulfilment. Leo represents the inner child that resides within, and it is important to pay attention to this part of us because it guides us well. Children naturally follow their bliss and have a very strong sense of what they like and don’t like. We can honour our inner child by recognising when  a situation or relationship makes us feel happy, joyful and excited versus making us have a feeling of dread or drag our heels, or zapping our energy. The joyful route is of course the way to go! We can, however, learn a great deal from the more negative emotions. This moon really is a time to honour our inner Leo by being playful and having some fun creating the reality that we would dearly love for ourselves.

Venus’s presence highlights our relationship to ourselves and others, our values, self-worth, self-esteem and attraction. In Leo it adds an element of fun to our relationships and helps us to consciously create the relationship that we truly want for ourselves, whether we are in one or not. Venus is the Yin principle and shows our capacity to attract love or wealth into our lives. Our relationship with ourselves is a very important factor here, because if we somehow don’t feel worthy or deserving of love or abundance then we will not attract what we so dearly want. Self-love is very important indeed; not the narcissistic kind, but rather honouring and being kind to ourselves, and recognising our worth and value. It’s not selfish, rather it is absolutely necessary. As we enter this new paradigm we are being asked to be true to ourselves and be utterly authentic within our relationships with others.  This involves making sure we do what feels right for us rather than what is the “right thing to do”. The is a big difference between the two.

This is where Uranus comes in. He is forming a positive and helpful aspect to the Sun, Moon and Venus, helping us to stand in our truth and also to make changes in our lives and relationships without it feeling too unsettling or turbulent. He helps us to free ourselves from the shackles of our past and to let go of the “ought to” or “should have” and just do what feels right for us in order to move forward and grow. He helps us release any blockages, in a gentle way, so that we can move beyond the bondage of parental or societal expectations and find out who and what we really, truly are. What would we do if there was absolutely nothing stopping us from having exactly what we wanted? What would we change? What would bring us our greatest joy and fulfilment? These are good questions to ponder during this New Moon. The truth is that we are the only ones holding us back from having all that we want in life, though our limiting beliefs and attitudes.

Speaking of which, Saturn in Scorpio is also rather a big part of this New Moon, as he is forming a challenging square to the Sun, Moon and Venus. This is where the resistance comes in. Saturn dipping back into Scorpio has forced us to revisit certain fears, shadows and patterns that hold us back from having all that we want in life. Saturn brings the reality check and makes us all too aware of our limitations and self-defeating patterns. Possibly there are things that we truly want for ourselves but are scared of what it might mean if we actually get them. Hence, we subconsciously hold ourselves back. Indeed, we all have many unconscious compulsions and patterns that sabotage us and keep us small. This is a great time to take a long hard look at ourselves and see where our resistance resides. Old, ingrained patterns are hard to shift because they are so unconscious, but this time of our lives is giving us an opportunity to do just that. Being consciously aware of how we sabotage ourselves is the key. What fears and old stories prevents us from fully and openly relating to our loved ones? What might we still need to let go of in order to reach our highest potential and find true joy?

There is one more key player in this New Moon, and that is Chiron the Wounded Healer. He is forming a nagging aspect to the Sun. Moon and Venus, causing certain fears, pain and insecurities to come to the surface. Again, this Moon seems to offer the opportunity to fully experience whatever old, negative emotional patterns that might be holding us back from finding our joy. It would probably be a good idea to truly embrace any emotions that come up as they offer useful information about where we are blocked from finding our joy and from having successful relationships. We may well find ourselves being triggered somewhat this week, which could bring up some pretty raw emotions. However, if we allow ourselves to fully dive into our feelings instead of just unconsciously reacting, they could offer us some real insight into their origin, which is usually based in childhood somewhere.  It is important to take responsibility for our somewhat messier emotions rather than lashing out and blaming others. 

This moon offers many gifts if we are open to them! This is a perfect opportunity to become more aware of how we block ourselves from having we so dearly want for ourselves. It is time to let the old stories go and to simply have fun creating lives and relationships based on our heartfelt desires. Now we have the chance to follow the path of joy, but we can’t do that unless we recognise where and how we resist attracting all that we want in life. There is simply no point setting beautiful intentions if somewhere deep inside we don’t believe that we deserve them, or that they are possible for us! If we focus on our fears, that is exactly when we will attract! We have a chance to free ourselves of old ways of relating and embrace a new way of being that allows us to be completely and utterly ourselves and yet open and loving at the same time. These are exciting times! Out with the old, in with the new! We must remember that we really do have the ability to create our own reality, so it is important to keep our hearts open!

Much love



Photo - Unknown