Thursday, 30 April 2015

SCORPIO FULL MOON - May 3rd/4th 2015

Exact at 4.42am on Monday BST, exact at 11.42pm on Sunday EDT

This is the kind of Full Moon that could pull some pretty deep emotions out of us, forcing us to face aspects of ourselves and others that we might prefer to tuck away in the closet and pretend they don’t exist. Full Moons are an emotional time of the month as it is, when anything that may have been simmering away under the surface can erupt or explode with varying degrees of force. The powerful energy of the Full Moon makes it hard to ignore whatever has been niggling away at us, as it shines a bright light into even the darkest shadows. This Moon in particular has the potential to illuminate the parts of ourselves that we deny in ourselves (repeat?) or are unaware of. It’s the perfect Moon for diving deep into our psyches and being completely and utterly honest with ourselves about what we want, what’s important to us and who we really are. We have the chance to acknowledge our fears and move past them so that we can follow the path of joy.

The Moon is in intensely emotional, probing and passionate Scorpio, sitting directly opposite the Sun in earthy, sensual and patient Taurus.  Full Moons tend to highlight where we are out of balance between the energy of the two signs and they ask us to find the balance between them. It is Taurus season at the moment, which is a very fertile time of the year when there is new life all around us and we are able to revel in the beauty of Mother Nature. Taurus represents our values and the things that we hold dear and need for our security. She also shows what skills and talents we possess in order to survive and what we need to feel good about ourselves. She is the sign of self-worth and self-esteem. Taurus is very loyal, though she also has a tendency to resist change and can easily get stuck in a stagnant rut through fear of losing her sense of security. She holds onto things, people, relationships and situations even when she is unhappy and long after they have stopped being good for her. She likes to put her roots down and once she does it is very hard to budge her. Hence, Taurus have quite a reputation for being stubborn!

Scorpio, on the other hand, can rip the rug out from beneath us when situations, relationships or people are no longer serving us. Hers is a powerfully transforming energy that cannot abide stagnation and will destroy anything which is holding us down or not healthy anymore. While Taurus will desperately hold onto the status quo and bury her head in the sand for the sake of security, Scorpio cuts through to the heart of the matter with devastating accuracy, forcing us to face the truth. Scorpion is the magician, the alchemist who transforms lead into gold. She digs deep into the shadows and forces us to be honest about our fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities. It is this honesty and trust that allows us to get closer to people and form bonds. When we are brave enough to be truly vulnerable and show another person our warts we allow a much deeper intimacy to form between us. We may fear that telling the truth might alienate our loved ones, but holding back what we are really feeling can push them away further.

There is, of course, a part in all of us that fears change. All of us are guilty of falling into ruts for the sake of security. Sometimes things have to literally be ripped away from us in order for us to even recognise the need for change. It can be painful sometimes, but the end result is a new lease on life and the realisation that we have released something that was quite simply preventing us from growing. This is the perfect Moon for contemplating what is really important to us and what needs to go. It could force us to acknowledge where we are stuck and help us move past it.  Scorpio won’t allow us to hide from the truth. The more we resist change and necessary growth, the more likely it is that they will somehow be forced upon us in a way that is painful and challenging. It is important to recognise the hidden treasure in any situation that we find ourselves in, however difficult or painful it may be on the surface.  Sometimes something has to die for something to be born in its place. The phoenix always rises from the ashes. The snake sheds her dead skin and emerges shiny and new. This is the energy of Scorpio.

Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is forming a positive and helpful aspect to the Sun and Moon, which intensifies the Scorpio energy during this Full Moon. Pluto is the planet of the soul, power and transformation and since he has been in Capricorn he has been breaking down the structures of our lives so that we can live with more integrity and authenticity. His presence during this moon could help us empower ourselves, highlighting where we might be giving our power away or making ourselves small in order to make other people feel comfortable. This really is an ideal time to bring anything out into the open that may be bothering us and to redress the balance of power in our lives. It is empowering to be truthful rather than simply putting up with something so we don’t “rock the boat”. Pluto can help us face our fears, real or imaginary, and give us the courage to truly own our feelings, no matter how dark they may seem. This is a great time to delve into our psyches and bring up the past as a means to understanding the present situation we find ourselves in. We have a chance for some deep psychological insight during this Moon, as we are less afraid to face our shadows.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are also forming positive aspects to the Sun and Moon, which adds the spirit of unconditional love and compassion to this lunation. This is a welcome addition, as it will help us truly connect with one another and approach whatever comes up in the spirit of understanding and acceptance. Neptune and Pisces remind us that we are all the same when it comes down to it, so we should be kind to one another and indeed ourselves. It encourages true empathy as we are more able to put ourselves in another person’s shoes. Chiron’s presence will help us find forgiveness in our hearts and be understanding and accepting of human frailty in ourselves and our loved ones. This will help us to understand, accept and heal whatever comes up at this time.

Jupiter in Leo is forming an almost completely exact square to both the Sun and Moon, which creates a tense T-Square. T-squares tend to make problems feel very pressing and force us to find resolution which can then lead to success. This will add to the sense of things coming to a head during this Moon, because Jupiter will be exaggerating any feelings we might be contending with. He is the largest planet, after all, and has a tendency to magnify the energy of the planets he comes into contact with. As such, our emotions may be even bigger, more intense and dramatic, as will our sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo. This could give us a good kick up the bum to help us create necessary change in our lives! Jupiter wants us to listen to our hearts and follow our joy and he will be pushing this point home during this Moon, making us all too aware of where and how we are simply putting up with things through fear and keeping ourselves small. Jupiter in Leo is supremely confident and he may push us to take some risks and have enough courage and “heart” to face our fears and empower ourselves so that we can find the path to true joy. He wants us to shine in all our true glory.

What a powerful Full Moon this is, with such potential for truth and transformation! A lot could come out into the open that has hitherto been hidden, but the presence of Neptune and Chiron ensures that it will be done in the spirit of kindness and compassion and for the higher good of all involved. It is quite possible that situations that we have been putting up with will somehow become intolerable and we will be forced to be completely honest with ourselves and others in order to make the necessary changes to set us back on the right track. There is the potential for some deep insight and understanding to occur and for us to face some of our darkest fears so that we are free to follow the path towards true joy and fulfilment.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us;
It's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we're liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson

Much Love


Photo: Phoenix by Big Stock

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

ARIES NEW MOON – 18 April 2015

Exact at 7.58pm BST, 2.58pm EDT!

This truly is the New Moon of new beginnings; a blank slate for us to write whatever we like on! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this is the first New Moon since the Spring Equinox, so it represents new life and is an opportunity to start afresh. It reminds me of the Fool in the Tarot, Card 0 in the Major Arcana, who is starting his journey, full of unlimited potential and the spirit of adventure. He carries with him the wisdom of the gods and the innocence of a child. The Fool is shown jumping off the cliff with a big smile on his face, full of faith and trust that he will be guided along the way. This is the energy of this New Moon – we have an opportunity to really be brave and enter into uncharted territory, letting go of the old and outworn and trusting that we will somehow be held and supported as we jump off the proverbial cliff! To truly live up to our true potential we must be willing to take a risk or two and this is definitely the Moon to do it! This Moon represents the end of the Eclipse season, throughout which many of us have had some quite intense experiences that have enabled us to shift and move forward on an energetic level. Now it is time to start fresh, as if we have been reborn.

The Sun and Moon are joining together in the heavens in the courageous, energetic, boisterous sign of Aries. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign and represents bold action and pioneering spirit. He has a tendency to act first and think later, which can help or hinder, depending on the circumstances! He acts though pure instinct and this is the kind of energy we need to harness during this Moon. This is a time to be brave and be willing to move past our fears and into the light! Aries energy doesn’t dwell on the past, but rather it encourages us to live very much in the moment. It represents birth and new life and offers us an opportunity to look upon life with new eyes and a fresh, unjaded perspective. Aries literally invites us to spring into action, full of enthusiasm, courage and passion! He is the leader, the pioneer, who boldly goes where nobody has ever dared to go before, venturing into new, uncharted territory with the trust and innocence of a child. Aries doesn’t hold back and this is our opportunity to stand firm, assert ourselves and be the brave warriors we are all capable of being! Aries also knows how to look after his own needs and is the master of self-love and self-care.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is also a big part of the picture during this moon. Mars is currently in Taurus, reminding us that while we should be brave and not be afraid to take a risk or two; we don’t have to rush into things too quickly. Taurus likes to chew the cud and take her sweet time; she is patient and has both feet fully planted on the ground. Taurus will ensure that whatever changes we make now have a good chance of taking root, as her energy is strong, solid and able to really fix things in place. So, while Aries is very impulsive and quite rash, Taurus is much more stable and hesitant to upset the status quo. Security is important to her. We are definitely being asked to be brave during this Moon, but are also urged to be somewhat sensible and grounded about it!

Mars is also building up to a conjunction with Mercury in Taurus, which adds to the sense of us needing to consider what we are doing before we leap! Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication, while Mars is the planet of energy and action, so when you put the two together we have the potential to put our thoughts into action and to be able to really listen to our gut. Mars is very instinctive and decisive, while Mercury likes to rationalise and think things through, so combination should help us let go of the monkey mind chatter and just do it! Mars and Mercury could also help us to assert ourselves and speak our truth. If there is something that needs to be said that until now we have been afraid to voice, this could help us find the courage to express ourselves without holding back. This really is a good time to speak our minds, though sometimes the truth can hurt! Mars and Mercury will complete their merger on the 23rd of April, but the energy of the conjunction will be felt during this Moon

Mars is making aspects to two other planets during this Moon – Jupiter and Pluto. The aspect to Jupiter is a challenging one, which could give us quite a kick up the bum and inject us with a big burst of enthusiasm, optimism and confidence. We just have to be careful we don’t think that we are superheroes and over extend ourselves, thinking we are capable of more than we are. We may also have to watch we are not too overzealous about our beliefs. This will give us a lot of energy and the faith that whatever we do will work out alright, but we just may have to be careful we don’t overdo it or over exert ourselves.

Mars and Pluto together make a very intense combination and luckily these two powerful and forceful planets are forming a harmonious connection with each other during this Moon. Pluto represents the soul, transformation and power and really gets to the nitty gritty of things, revealing the truth that we may prefer to hide in the shadows. His energy is extremely strong at the moment because he turns retrograde on Thursday 16th and is closest to Earth right now.  Mars is the ambassador of the soul and acts out our deepest desires. This combination brings with it the possibility of deep personal transformation and empowerment, as well as allowing us to act from a place deep within us. Mars and Pluto together could give us superhuman strength and the ability to really take charge of our lives.  During this time we will be much more willing and able to face our shadows and also to act from a place of emotional truth. There is amazing potential for empowerment and transformation here. It is a perfect opportunity for actively purging anything from our lives that is no longer necessary or serving us. It really cuts through to the bare, naked truth of the matter! This aspect is exact on Wednesday the 22nd of April, so the energy will peak then.

Neptune in Pisces is forming a harmonious aspect to Mercury, which will help us use our imaginations and align our thoughts and words with our higher selves. It gives us a good balance of logical and intuitive thought. This aspect will help us to see the bigger picture and understand the hidden, more subtle meaning underlying whatever is happening to us. This is a great aspect for meditation and will help us to understand our dreams. As New Moons are a time for setting intentions, we are helped here to envision what we want for ourselves. The Aries/Mars energy can make it happen, but Neptune is the one who dreams and fantasises and comes up with the vision! This combination will also help us to think and communicate with compassion for ourselves and others as well as an awareness that we are all in this together. We could have some quite gentle, heartfelt, empathetic interactions during this time, even with people we have never met. It should be easier to connect with others on a deeper level. This aspect will be strong on Saturday and will peak on Sunday.

Neptune is also forming a challenging aspect with Venus, which means that we could suffer from some disillusionment in our relationships during this time. It may be difficult to see them clearly, as we may be looking at our partners though rose tinted spectacles rather than in a realistic light, or vice versa. We should be aware that things might not be as they seem and that mixed signals are possible. Neptune makes us overly idealistic towards our loved ones and also could mean that someone feels like they are the victim or the scapegoat. This aspect also brings the possibility of over indulging in drugs or alcohol as a form of escapism.

It is time to be brave and try something new on for size.  New Moons are a time to set intentions for the month ahead and there is a sense with this one that we are starting fresh, approaching life from a new perspective, as if we are seeing everything with new eyes. Having just experienced a big shift in our energy systems during eclipse season, it is time to make a leap forward into the light with the courageous enthusiasm of Aries. If we don’t take a risk in life then we prevent ourselves from growing and blossoming into our full potential. We only get so far by playing it safe. During this Moon it could be good to meditate on what we really, truly want for ourselves, even if it involves taking a giant step outside of our comfort zones. Like the Fool, we are standing on the edge of the cliff right now, full of infinite potential. All we have to do is take one step and everything could be completely different. It is amazing how difficult that one step can be sometimes! It is only fear that holds us back. F.E.A.R – False Energies Appearing Real. It’s all in our mind.

Much love



Picture – The Fool from the Osho tarot deck.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Exact at 1.06pm BST, 8.06am EDT!

Well, this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse is quite an event, that’s for sure! We are in the midst of Eclipse season, which is a time of major shifts in consciousness and transformation when there is the potential for major endings and beginnings. This total Lunar Eclipse is the third in a series of four which started last April, all occurring in the Aries/Libra axis. As such, the way we relate with one another is up for review and we are being encouraged to become more conscious of the way we interact with those close to us, especially our intimate partners. This is the axis of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and these eclipses will make it all too apparent where there is a lack of balance between the two principles, both in the world and on a personal level. This Eclipse is linked to the Total Lunar Eclipse on 8 October 2014, so it is important to look back and contemplate what might be being repeated now. It is also linked to the Lunar Eclipse 19 years ago, on April 4th 1996, which is the last time there was an eclipse in exactly the same degree of Libra. We may now experience something similar in energy to whatever was going on for us at that time, which could have been an ending, a beginning, a shift or some kind of culmination within the realm of our relationships.

The Sun, Mercury, Uranus and the South Node of the Moon are all bunched together in independent, assertive and courageous Aries, while the Moon and the North Node are sitting opposite in balanced, peace loving and harmonious Libra. A Full Moon represents the time in the month when the Sun and Moon directly oppose each other and bring to the surface whatever may be out of balance in our lives between the energy of the two signs. Often whatever has been bubbling below the surface comes to a head as the Moon becomes full, bringing any underlying tension out into the open for us to face full on. It is important to be aware that the moon is not rational and represents our unconscious emotional patterns, so whatever comes up might come from a very emotional place which doesn’t make an awful lot of sense! It is far better to get things out into the open, however, rather than having it simmering below the surface, as that is far more destructive. In the case of Aries and Libra, it is quite simply the way we relate to others that will come into focus.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior, the pioneer, the Divine Masculine. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, the Divine Feminine. As our relationships come into focus this week we are being asked to find a healthy balance between the energy of the two signs. Aries is adept at the art of self-love and tends to put his own needs first. In the extreme he is selfish, inconsiderate and ego driven. His is the sign of “I am”. Libra is adept at the art of compromise and tends to put the needs of others, and the relationship, before her own. In the extreme she is a doormat and overly dependent on other. Hers is the sign of “I balance”. Somewhere in the middle is the key to a healthy relationship; knowing when to be a bit selfish and when to focus on the other’s needs. It is a fine balance that takes consciousness and awareness!

Aries is very independent and assertive and can be a bit pushy or aggressive in the extreme. Libra is relationship oriented and likes to keep the peace at all costs, which means that she can be guilty of giving way too much for the sake of harmony. She can always see both points of view, while Aries has a tendency to think he knows best. Again, it is important to make sure we assert ourselves, but in the spirit of love and not simply because we want to get our own way. This axis brings up the issue of co-dependency, reminding us that a healthy relationship involves us having our own independent life and identity while at the same time having a genuine desire to do whatever we can to make sure the relationship itself and our partner both flourish. Two independent (but not too independent!) people who know how to make themselves happy and fulfilled is ideal, for we all should know by now that another person is not ultimately going to do it for us, as much as they may try.

The infamous Pluto Uranus square is a huge part of this Full Moon, as Uranus is sitting right next to the Sun in Aries, while Pluto is forming a T-square to both the Sun and Moon, creating dynamic tension. We had the last of the seven squares on the 17th of March, but the energy lingers on and is very much brought back into focus for this Eclipse. The Square has been breaking down the structures of our lives and forcing us to let go of anything which is no longer serving us so that we can be more aligned with our soul’s purpose. Old, entrenched patterns have had to be released so that we are free to be more completely who we truly are rather than who we have been conditioned to think we should be. What does this mean for our relationships, however? Here we are, standing in our truth and authenticity, more resolute and empowered than we have ever been and becoming more aligned with our true purpose. Now we have to navigate our way through our relationships with conscious awareness, because two people standing in their truth and power are not as likely to simply acquiesce for the sake of peace and quiet! This Moon is going to highlight this question, and the answer is, I believe, to remain as self-aware as possible and to always listen to our hearts. We are learning a new way of being and relating and each day involves yet another step into uncharted territory.

During this Full Moon/Eclipse, there is definitely a predominance of planets in fiery, independent, assertive Aries. This includes Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, who entered Aries on Monday and who will be making our minds race somewhat and will bring a tendency to talk first and think later! Just something to be aware of during this Moon, as Aries is quite impulsive and so it will be hard not to speak our minds and assert our point of view during this time. Aries is very honest and forthright and so this could be a really good time to get everything out into the open. We just have to remember that sometimes the truth hurts and be aware that we might be a bit more pushy with our thoughts and opinions than usual. Aries isn’t exactly known for being sensitive in his delivery, as he prefers the direct approach.

Uranus is also in Aries, sitting right next to the Sun, so we could find ourselves a bit more wilful and reactive than at other times. Uranus in Aries demands the right to have the absolute freedom and to be utterly and unapologetically ourselves! What might this bode in the arena of our relationships?! His energy can be quite erratic and even shocking at times and he will not tolerate restriction or stagnation of any kind. This Moon could make us all too aware of where we might be in a rut or lacking the freedom to be ourselves and we could potentially experience some upsets or a bit of a shake-up in the realm of our relationships. Ultimately it will bring a breath of much needed fresh air and we could find ourselves breaking through to some kind of next phase of our relationships. They could potentially break up altogether, but only if they are already on unstable ground. Again, it is important to remain conscious, aware and heart centred during this time of shifts and change.

Pluto is bearing down on both the Sun and Moon during this whole affair, which could make things quite intense! He is getting ready to turn retrograde at the moment, so his energy will be much stronger, more apparent and obvious than usual. Pluto is the planet of the Soul, Power, Transformation and he has a tendency to break down or take away anything which is not serving us on a soul level so that something healthier can be built in its place. He digs deep and finds the rot, making us all too aware of the not too pretty parts of ourselves. Our relationships, intimate ones in particular, can provide us with quite an uncomfortable mirror to look in at times, because the closer we get to someone the more of our guard comes down and the more we show of ourselves, warts and all.  Methinks that this could be one of those times! Pluto in tense aspect to the moon could bring up some very intense emotions which could cut very deep. We have the potential for some emotional honesty that could leave us feeling quite raw and exposed but which will ultimately allow for some deep cleaning to occur on a soul level.

Our shadows, fears, destructive habits and unconscious patterns could be much more apparent than at other times, as we get a good long look in the ugly mirror! As we are forced to face our fears, vulnerabilities and the darker parts of ourselves we also have an opportunity to find some buried treasure! Pluto’s presence could also help us see our tendency to control or be controlled and the role that power, persuasiveness and manipulation play in our relationships. There is a big difference between being empowered from within and making ourselves feel more powerful by making someone else feel small. We may also gain real insight into how we keep ourselves small. There is amazing potential for some deep healing here, as whatever we see in the mirror is then able to come into the light of our awareness instead of eroding our relationships in the form of unconscious emotional patterns. We have an opportunity to move past our fears, bringing the darkness out into the light. While the process could be quite uncomfortable, ultimately it has the potential to free us from old entrenched patterns, beliefs or habits which quite simply have no place in our lives anymore.

The good news is that Jupiter in Leo is on hand to help us through any stickiness we may experience! The planet of hope, wisdom, expansion and growth is forming a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, helping us to see the bigger picture and remain in our heart’s centre. Jupiter in Leo is very joyful, optimistic, confident and playful, so his presence should help us to maintain a sense of humour and, above all, approach whatever comes up with genuine kindness and generosity of spirit. He reminds us to be true to the calling of our heart and to do what brings us joy. We should be able to embrace whatever comes up during this Eclipse as a learning experience which will ultimately help us grow and shine more brightly. He will also help us understand the deeper meaning underlying anything that may come bubbling up, ensuring that we have a philosophical attitude towards the whole process. Above all else, however, he will help us stay connected to our hearts.

So, this is quite a moon! It has the potential to bring a lot out into the open in the realm of our relationships, especially anything that may be holding us back from soul growth or unconsciously sabotaging the relationship. If you like drama then this could be the Moon for you, as it certainly brings the possibility of some intense emotions, catharsis, power struggles or battles of will! It could, however, be quite a powerful detox of our relationships, highlighting where we are out of balance in the way we relate and making us all too aware of any destructive tendencies we may have. We have been through a series of significant shifts in consciousness, breakdowns and breakthroughs in the past few years and we are not the same as we were before. As such, our relationships are a whole other ballgame now and we are learning how to navigate through them as the empowered, authentic beings that we are becoming. As long as we keep our hearts open and are willing to look at ourselves honestly then this process has the potential to be incredibly healing and opening.

As we go through the shifts and changes that a Lunar Eclipse combined with the Pluto Uranus Square will inevitably bring, we must remember to go with the flow and be as adaptable as possible. To resist the tides of change will only make it harder, because change is only necessary when we are out of alignment somehow and something is preventing us from truly blossoming. To resist change is to prevent necessary growth. There is a sense that we are completing a process which began six months ago, during the last Lunar Eclipse in October of last year. In the same token, the effects of this Eclipse will last for another six months, until the next Lunar Eclipse in October of this year.

Stay heart centred everyone!

Much Love


Picture - Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine by Lisa Hoffman -