Saturday, 26 January 2013

LEO FULL MOON - 26/27 January 2013

Exact on Sunday at 4.48am GMT, and Saturday @ 11.48pm EST!

This Full Moon could well bring some emotions bubbling to the surface as well as offering us opportunities to release some emotional pain or trauma, replacing it with joy and self-acceptance. The Full Moon is the time of the month when things reach an emotional climax, and whatever we might have been holding onto or suppressing has a tendency to burst into the open, illuminated in full by the bright light of the moon! As the tides swell with the Full Moon so do our emotions, and in the dramatic and heart-centred sign of Leo the emotions could be quite big and simply demand expression! There may well be be a few heartfelt conversations occurring in the days leading up to this moon, with emotions riding high. This Full Moon holds quite a mixed bag of opposing energies but I think that this particular combination is actually a recipe for some profound shifts and a lightening of the load which will help us take a big step forward towards realising our destinies.

The Full Moon falls in the heart-oriented sign of Leo, while the Sun sits directly opposite in the mind-oriented sign of Aquarius. The key to realising the full potential of a Full Moon is to balance the two opposing energies rather than having them at odds with each other. Leo is the inner child; the part of us that wants to unabashedly express ourselves. The inner child represents our subconscious or our authentic soul-self; it is who we truly are deep inside once we peel away the many layers of conditioning that we have experienced since childhood. The inner child knows far more than we do, which is why people spend so much time trying to get in touch with it! Leo is playful, creative and not afraid to take risks, especially when it comes to fun, creativity and romance. He has a sense of having a special purpose; a destiny that is his alone and a role that nobody can play but himself. Indeed, we all do have a unique and special purpose in this life that is ours alone. We may or may not consciously know what it is, but you can be sure that our inner child has a good idea!

While Leo seeks to express himself and discover his special talents and gifts, Aquarius shows how we can share those gifts with the world. Aquarius is a friendly yet slightly detached kind of fellow who is humanitarian and forward thinking by nature and thinks about the world at large. He is not so much concerned with himself personally as he is with the group and community as well as his vision for the future. Leo shows us what we have to offer and what we can create, while Aquarius shows how those unique talents can blend together with others' gifts for a common cause. What is the point of having all that fun creating something then keeping it all to yourself? How very selfish! Aquarius has the vision; the hopes and dreams, and shows us how we can all help each other and thus weave our destinies together to create something that is far bigger than ourselves.

This Moon is greatly enhanced and aided by aspects from benevolent and jovial Jupiter and lively Uranus, the Great Awakener. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is also about to turn direct having been away on holiday since October 4th,. As such, while we may have been coming up with all of these plans this January, setting a whole host of goals and intentions, how were we actually supposed to move forward and expand without the help of beneficial and growth-oriented Jupiter? He's the one that gives us the faith and confidence to move forward with our plans, and with out him it is not surprising that people have been feeling a bit stuck!

Well all of that is about to change and it's now full steam ahead! A fortunate aspect to both the Sun and Moon, bringing the possibility of surprising opportunities, sudden breaks and the very things that we have been hoping for suddenly falling in our laps. Let's just hope that whatever we asked for is what we really want! Jupiter gives us confidence and faith and wants us to grow and expand, while Uranus also wants us to move beyond blocks and limitation; to get out of our ruts, clearing out any stuck energy so that we can grow. Uranus wants us to keep things fresh and keep recreating ourselves so that we are lovely, flowing rivers instead of stagnant, smelly puddles, and this Full Moon is a perfect opportunity to blast through some of the blocks we have been experiencing lately.

The buoyant, optimistic and exciting energy of the Jupiter Uranus aspect is very much balanced by a challenging aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury from Saturn in Scorpio. On the one hand we could see Saturn's presence as a reminder to hold back a little and not get so over excited that we just jump after any opportunity without thinking about whether it is a) the right thing for us and b) within our capabilities. Saturn is the wise old sage who holds the reins and reminds us to proceed with caution and act with integrity. On the other hand Saturn is in the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio where he has been digging deep and bringing up a lot of long forgotten and buried emotional wounds and trauma to the surface in recent times. As Saturn is linked with the emotional Full Moon, it is likely that some more gunk may yet be unearthed in order for us to examine it under the light of the Moon, thus allowing us to accept the lessons it has taught us, forgive ourselves and others and, finally, let go so that we can move forward with a lighter step. It is quite likely that unresolved emotional pain and trauma is the very thing that has been causing any blocks that are preventing us from moving forward and fully realise our destiny and unique purpose.

This Full Moon has a feeling of a dam of blocked energy being released, with Saturn in Scorpio representing the emotional root of the block and Jupiter and Uranus providing us with the opportunity to open up the floodgates, thus allowing the emotional pain to be released and to be replaced by the Leo qualities of joy, childlike wonder and the realisation of our special gifts and destiny. Saturn has been gradually revealing the deeply buried emotional wounds which are holding us back from actually moving forward with the goals and intentions that we have set for ourselves; that which keeps us from realising our full potential. This Moon holds amazing potential for growth and movement out of limitation, especially as Jupiter turns direct on the 30th! The opportunities that we receive at this time may not be what we expect, but they will definitely be what we need!

Much love


PS – When Jupiter turns direct on January 30th, all of the planets will then be in direct motion, ie moving forward, so it is an ideal time to push forward in whatever way we feel we need to. They will all be in direct motion until February 18th, when Saturn turns retrograde. Jupiter going direct will bring a renewed sense of confidence, faith and purpose with which to realise our goals and expand our horizons, while the direct motion of all of the planets means that it is truly time to look and move forward. This only happens once a year, and how wonderful that it is occurring under the umbrella of the Sun in Aquarius, the forward thinking sign of humanitarian ideals and a shared vision of the future! So, if anybody has been feeling like 2013 hasn't quite started yet, the beginning of February should feel like the jump start we have been waiting for!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Capricorn New Moon

Friday 11 January, exact at 7.44pm GMT, 2.44pm EST

This particular New Moon is a perfect time to set some concrete goals for the year ahead as well as creating new structures for ourselves and shifting out of any habits or patterns which no longer reflect who we are becoming. There is a great emphasis on the energy of Capricorn during this New Moon, for there are five planets in this realistic, disciplined and goal-oriented sign, not just the Sun and Moon. Disciplined and ambitious Capricorn does seem very appropriate sign for the first New Moon of the year, when it is time to get back to business and think about what we want to achieve for the year ahead! New Moons signify the moment when the Sun and Moon join forces, melding together in the same degree of the same sign, symbolising a perfect time for planting seeds and setting intentions for what we want to create for ourselves. Intentions are different to resolutions, as they are merely guidelines for what it is we would like to bring in rather than putting undue pressure on ourselves to achieve a specific objective. This particular New Moon is a perfect time to sit down and have a good think about what we are doing and why, what we truly want for ourselves and how we plan to bring it about. Capricorn is the sign who has the tenacity to make our dreams into reality, through sheer hard work and determination! We just have to make sure those dreams fit within the realms of reality!

Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, discipline, authority, hard work and commitment; a cardinal sign which likes to set goals and is not afraid to follow through on them. Much like the sure footed mountain goat, he sets his sights on the peak of the mountain and climbs slowly but surely until he reaches the top, overcoming any obstacles he might find in his way through his firm resolve and commitment to his goal. Thus, Capricorn represents self-mastery, our ambitions and goals, and the peak of the mountain is our highest achievement and the integrity that comes with knowing that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Capricorn asks us to be honest about our limitations, realistic about what we are capable of and willing to follow through and put in the hard work necessary to fulfil our dreams. The simple act of committing to a goal or objective can set an energetic ball rolling, and this New Moon is an ideal time to do just that; to think about what we want for ourselves and not be afraid to commit to it. We just have to make sure that it is within the realms of possibility and a true reflection of who we are. We shouldn't have to force it; it should come naturally.

As well and the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in Capricorn, adding to the cautious, pragmatic and goal-oriented energy of this New Moon. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon, which makes me think that this is a good time to think about our goals and plan out strategies for the year ahead. Mercury in Capricorn favours logic and reason and is not a fan of pie in the sky fantasy and wishful thinking! The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, the Lord of Karma, who acts as a teacher, guide and task-master, helping us take responsibility for our lives and showing us where we need to put in some work in order to evolve and grow. Saturn is forming a challenging aspect to Mars, the planet of vitality, enthusiasm, motivation, drive and desire for experience. While Mars wants to push forward and put plans into action, the limiting energy of Saturn puts on the brakes, asking us to think twice about what we are doing and why we might be doing it. Saturn is the great teacher, so it is important to take note if we feel any resistance to our thoughts or plans, either internally or externally, and if we do we might want to question the validity of our desires. Mars/Saturn aspects have a tendency to squish our enthusiasm and curb our motivation, and as such can be a wee bit frustrating! This Moon seems to be more of a time for thinking, organising and planning, rather than charging full steam ahead!

While this New Moon does have quite a grounded, realistic tone to it there is also some magic involved as unpredictable Uranus, the planet of sudden change, forms a harmonious aspect to bountiful and benevolent Jupiter! When these two planets get together they bring forth a nice dose of optimism, excitement, inspiration and the possibility of changes of fortune, beneficial surprises and opportunities that seem to come out of the blue. Together they give us the faith that somehow everything is going to fall into place, exactly as it is supposed to, and that ultimately it is going to be just fine. Uranus is also forming a tense aspect to Venus, so there could be some upsets or surprises in the realm of relationships, money and values, as Uranus's energy shakes things up and makes us feel a bit restless. Aside from Mercury, Jupiter is the only planet forming an aspect to the Sun and Moon themselves, and this could cause us to become a bit scattered as we come up with so many possibilities that we can't make up our mind exactly what we want, so I think it is important that we hone it down to two or three concrete, realistic goals or intentions for ourselves. It is all well and good to get excited over the abundant possibilities of the future, but for this particular Moon it seems that some focus is in order!

This New Moon truly is a wonderful opportunity for thinking about what we might want to manifest for ourselves during the year ahead! There is some hope and optimism in the air combined with the recognition that in order to achieve our goals they must be realistic in the first place, and that a certain degree of commitment and responsibility must be involved. We are currently being asked to step into our power; our true power that comes from within, and to be the best that we can possibly be. This is the time to contemplate what exactly we want to find at the top of the mountain and how to go about making it happen. Are we ready to commit to whatever that may be? Are we ready to take on the responsibility that goes with it? To shift out of any habits or patterns that are holding us back from realising our full potential? I have heard that the act of writing down your goals and intentions endows them with more power to manifest, as it makes them more concrete than mere thoughts. It makes sense to me, as “committing” my thoughts to paper has always made them feel more real. As such, I think that writing down two or three concrete intentions for the year ahead is a good idea, and from what I can tell, Saturday is a better day to actually set the intentions than Friday, as they have more chance of manifesting. We can use this Moon to narrow down what it is we really want for ourselves, and then make a solid commitment to it. Phew.

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Much love