Wednesday, 28 November 2012



This is a very powerful Full Moon/Lunar eclipse, and I am most definitely feeling it; I was almost too overwhelmed to settle down and write this post! This is the last Lunar Eclipse in Gemini until 2020, and completes the series which began in December 2010. A lot has changed since that first one! Eclipses are incredibly intense Full Moons which have the potential to cause a shift or change in a particular area of our lives, and this one in particular has an enormous amount of planetary force behind it to help us change our lives for the better. As the Moon passes into the shadows, shielded by the earth from the light of the sun, we are pulled deep within ourselves to the core of our being so that we can discover who we really are. The Sabian symbol for this Moon at 6 degrees Gemini is “A well with a bucket and a rope under the shade of majestic trees”, which seems to be asking us to dig deep to connect to an inner wisdom and strength which lays waiting in the shadows. This water of life has been nourishing the trees from the roots upwards for centuries and centuries, and is in plentiful supply if we are only willing to tap into it. It is the wisdom of our ancestors; that which we already know and the root of who we are. It has always been part of us; we just have to bring it into our awareness and start consciously drawing from it.

This Full Moon illuminates the Gemini / Sagittarius axis, as the Moon in Gemini directly opposes the Sun in Sagittarius. As such we are being asked to find a balance between the energies of communicative, logical and detail-orientated Gemini and the truth seeking, intuitive and expansive Sagittarius. I noticed that the Sun entered Sagittarius just in time for Thanskgiving in America, kicking off the holiday season which is definitely a reflection of the qualities of Sagittarius; joviality, goodwill, abundance (of food and drink!), expansion and growth (of our waistlines!), optimism and joy. Gemini governs the rational mind and seeks to gain information and experiences from the immediate environment. Like a butterfly, Gemini collects information and then spreads it around. While Gemini is more logical and tends to focus on details, Sagittarius is more intuitive and prefers to look at the big picture.  Gemini rules the media, thoughts, writing, and all forms of communication, while Sagittarius rules beliefs, faith, religion, spirituality and philosophy. These are the realms we are dealing with during this Full Moon, and it is possible that we may be asked to examine our beliefs (Sagittarius), looking at them from different angles (Gemini);  focusing on the big picture and making up our own minds instead of  just following what we have always thought or been told.

As I said, Gemini is a rational, logical sign, and is also represented by the twins, which brings a sense of duality to the picture. The Moon on the other hand is emotional, feeling, intuitive, so the combination is always an interesting one! It is like they have a bit of a clash of interest! It is possible that the Full Moon will bring up some irrational feelings which will bring certain issues to our awareness so that logical understanding can follow.  We should definitely examine whatever thoughts pop up during this Moon, because things which may have been slightly hidden from our conscious awareness may be ready to reveal themselves now as the Moon brings things to a head. It is definitely true that our thoughts and feelings create our reality, on both a personal and global level. Negative thinking breeds a negative reality, while positive, loving thoughts create a much better outcome. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in soulful Scorpio, asking that we dig deep and really get to the heart of the matter, processing the painful stuff so that we can move on towards the new, lighter reality that awaits us. In general it seems like it is now time to start thinking with our hearts, not our heads, and to be true to our own principles, but first we must deal with the darkness of the past and let it go once and for all.

There is a lot going on with this Full Moon, as a few other planets are involved in the overall picture! The most prominent aspect is a Yod, otherwise known as a Finger of God, with the finger pointing at the Moon herself. There is a sense of fate or destiny with a Yod formation; it has been described as an invisible hand prodding you in the back, making sure we are moving in the right direction whether we like it or not! We might have to change course altogether and have to deal with old karmic issues which probably won’t be very comfortable. The interesting thing about this Yod is that it is going to be repeated on the Winter Solstice in a different form, so there is a sense that this Full Moon is starting a process that will continue or conclude then. As you can see in the chart, the players involved at the base of the Yod are a Mars and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and a Venus and Saturn conjunction in Scorpio with the finger pointing at the Moon, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith, who symbolises letting go. My sense is that it is a time to let go of old karmic residue from our past relationships, as both Mars and Venus are involved, combined with soulful Pluto and karmic Saturn. Mars and Pluto are an interesting combination; together they represent extreme desires of the soul and the powerful urge to move forward, but can also mean superhuman power and use of brute force, and in Capricorn this could be at the hands of authority. Venus and Saturn in Scorpio combined can mean digging deep and dealing with relationship karma in an emotionally honest way and letting go of old pain that may be holding us back, but can also mean serious and deep commitment to a relationship, path or set of values.  Combine all of this with the emotional nature of the Full Moon and we have quite powerful possibilities!

How this will manifest I do not know, but personally I am feeling the effects of this Moon very acutely, and I must say that I am not particularly enjoying writing this post! I have almost abandoned ship a few times to be honest, because this is all so complex that it is hard to explain in just a few paragraphs!  I will be very interested to see what happens over the next few days, both globally and personally, because the tension is definitely building. Uranus in Aries is also involved, forming a positive aspect to both the Sun and the Moon which brings the potential for considerable excitement; sudden and unexpected events, insights, moods and some possible acts of rebellion or revolution. Relationships or situations could suddenly end, or a bolt out of the blue may be the beginning of something beautiful. One thing to remember – everything happens for a reason, and it is all going according to the master plan, whatever that may be! Chiron, the wounded healer, is also forming a tense T-square with the Sun and Moon, meaning that some old wounds and insecurities may be exposed, which could be a bit painful but will ultimately be healing.

This Moon seems to be asking us to shift perspective a bit and look at things from a different angle, letting go or old beliefs that we may have just blindly accepted in the past. Gemini rules our immediate environment and communication on a day to day basis, and things may be a bit tense in the build-up to the Full Moon, as the deeply transforming Pluto and Mars conjunction is almost exact and may well bring up some quite turbulent emotions. Relationships may be strained and we may be a bit more sensitive than usual, meaning that it is a bit easier to hit each other’s sore spots. Ultimately we are being asked to face up to the pain of the past and let go of it once and for all so that we can move on with relationships which better suit that which we are becoming rather than who we were.  Our past relationships are what have made us who we are today, and it is very important that we lay them to rest with love and compassion, letting go of any anger, guilt or blame so that we can move forward properly with our current or future relationships. So often we carry the ghosts of relationships past with us so that they contaminate the present, and this simply will not do anymore. We must lay the past to rest as we walk towards the end of 2012 with a lighter step.

We are shifting towards a new way of being which involves a balance between Venus and Mars;  the divine feminine and the divine masculine.  We are moving towards a time when we must live from our hearts and dare to be open, giving and loving. No longer can the “us against them” mentality work, but rather we must recognise that we are all in this together. We all have a purpose, and Saturn and Pluto in each other’s signs for the next couple of years are asking us to own up to our responsibilities to that purpose and join together to rebuild the structures that are no longer working for us. These structures may be spiritual, physical, political, religious, societal or economic, personal or global, but if they are no longer functioning in a way that is true to what we are becoming, they’ve got to go! We are currently in the process of looking below the surface and digging out all that is rotten and outworn in our world, and people worldwide are united by a common cause. The protestors around the world are realising that they have very similar objectives, and global communication is highlighting that. The signs involved in this Yod are Scorpio (power), Capricorn (authority) and Gemini (communication) and the finger is pointing at communication. Quite a combination! On both a personal and collective level there is a sense that this Full Moon is pushing us to make some very necessary changes in our lives and I think that while it may be fairly uncomfortable and possibly quite painful,  ultimately it will be tremendously cleansing on an emotional level.

Much love

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scorpio New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse

Tuesday November 13th, exact at 10.07pm BST, 5.07pm EST!

This is an incredibly potent New Moon, as not only is it in powerful, intense and transformative Scorpio but it is also followed five minutes later by a total Solar Eclipse! And just to add to the strength and power of all of this, it is also a Perigie Super Moon, which means that the moon is closer to the earth so it has a greater than usual pull on the tides, the earth and of course our minds, bodies and spirits. Solar eclipses bring the potential for powerful and significant new beginnings and have a tendency to shake us to our core, waking us up to a new understanding of ourselves and our lives. New Moons also represent new beginnings and an opportunity to take stock of our lives and decide what we want for ourselves and what is best left behind in the dark of the Moon. With every beginning there must be an ending, and the energy of this New moon might bring some things to the surface that we have either been unaware of or avoiding so that we can examine them and truly let go once and for all. 

Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign who likes to dig deep and find the root cause of anything, really getting to the heart of the matter. She is the essence of transformation; the force which identifies and eliminates anything which may be  destructive, dead or decaying in our lives or psyches in order for something better and healthier to take its place. She is not afraid to delve around to find what lurks in the shadows; the underlying truth of who we are;  our fears, passions, desires and unconscious motivations, and bring it all out into the open so that the light of our conscious awareness can shine on it. Scorpio also represents real intimacy and asks us to let go and trust enough to be truly vulnerable, sharing our deepest hopes and fears and daring to show our tender underbelly and all that lurks beneath the surface, no matter how dark we might think it is. Not an easy thing to do, but without this kind of emotional honesty we are only scratching the surface and life is really quite superficial. We have all done things that we are not proud of and have all had bad things done to us, and it seems that this Moon will cause some muck from our pasts to come bubbling to the surface so that it can evaporate once and for all. Sometimes we don’t know what we are holding onto until we have let it go. This moon may help us recognise what it is and let it go.

As for the other planets involved in this Moon, Mercury has been retrograde since Tuesday the 6th Nov, and his retro-action is making us look back, possibly bringing up people, relationships, patterns, behaviours or thoughts that we need to revisit in order to better understand who we are now. Saturn in Scorpio has just started forming an aspect to Pluto which will continue to build in energy and is going to be a big part of the Winter Solstice. The two planets are in mutual reception which means that they are in each other’s sign, increasing the power and energy of the signs Scorpio and Capricorn. It seems it is the time for things to come up to the surface which have been suppressed, forgotten or ignored until now. Whatever comes up may be surprising and not all that pretty, but it is really necessary to become aware of it so that we can let go and move forward with a lighter step. This is a time for us to be emotionally honest with ourselves and do some deep inner work in order to eliminate any patterns, relationships or behaviour which may somehow be holding us back from moving forward. On both a personal and collective level we are being forced to shine light into the cracks and whatever we find there must be faced honestly so that we can move forward to the next step with integrity.

Neptune is forming an incredibly close and challenging aspect to our retrograde Mercury, meaning that things could get a little bit confusing during the few days before and after the Moon. In fact it could get downright weird! We may have intuitive thoughts or dreams which are hard to understand logically, but which could offer real insight if we can let go of the need to rationalise them. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little disoriented, as Neptune is the planet of illusion and smoke screens! Neptune is also positively aspecting Saturn in Scorpio, meaning that its’ energy may have a dissolving effect on our emotional structures, allowing us to become more aware of the root cause of any dis-ease in our lives. It is important to understand the actual source of any problems in our lives, because only then can we truly heal. Otherwise we are merely putting a patch on the wound and allowing whatever actually caused it to continue to fester beneath. Neptune will offer us a chance to look at our emotional landscape from a different perspective.

This Moon is likely to bring up some pretty mucky stuff for us to flush out so that we can replace it with something clearer and brighter. It seems to be a continuation of the theme of the times; we are currently being forced to confront our fears and the darkest parts of ourselves both personally and collectively so that we can move forward towards a more enlightened and conscious way of being. Some pretty disgusting and disturbing things have come to the surface in recent times, but it needs to happen if we are to move forward; the shadows simply must be confronted in order to fill the space with light. As we process and purge any painful memories which linger in the subconscious, poisoning our psyches, we are giving ourselves a chance to be born afresh as lighter, more joyous and fully present human beings. This is a wonderful chance to banish fear, guilt, negativity and pessimism and confront anything from our past which may be holding us back from true happiness and success.

Like snakes we must shed our skins, leaving all of the old, unconscious psychic garbage behind in the dark of the moon and move forward towards the light, all shiny and new! Without the hard protection of the old skin we are then able to be more emotionally honest with ourselves and others. What do we truly desire? What are our passions? When it really comes down to it, what do we want for ourselves? What do we need to change in order to be more light and joyous? What is holding us back from true happiness and success? These are all good questions to ask ourselves on this Scorpio, Solar Eclipse Super New Moon! This Moon is truly a chance for transformation; a time to dig deep and allow anything to pass away which no longer serves us, opening ourselves up to whatever must then take its place. The shedding process may not be easy, but I think we will be amazed at how much lighter we feel afterwards!

Much love


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mercury Retrograde November 2012

Tuesday 6 November, until Tuesday 27 November!

Mercury, the planet of communication, turns retrograde today having started slowing down considerably last Thursday the 1st of November, giving us a taste of whats to come! Mercury Retrograde is a time when we must be very aware of our communication, which of course can take many forms including verbal, written, through body language, the telephone, computers, emails, the media and of course texts.  I find that the most important thing to remember during a Mercury retrograde period is to maintain a sense of humour, because otherwise we will just get frustrated and there is no point in that! While Mercury is retrograde he simply becomes more of a pesky trickster than usual, so it is better to just accept rather than resisting it! I am sure that whatever does go wrong or break down during this period will do so for some higher reason that we may not be aware of, but is somehow all part of the grand master plan of this universe of ours! Mercury retrograde time is an excellent time to go back over things and redo them; in fact, anything with a re attached to it is appropriate, such as review, re-evaluate, revisit, rethink, research, reorganise, etc. As Mercury travels backwards so will our minds and thoughts, allowing us to catch up on things we may have been putting off as well as looking back and seeing what we may have missed.

Mercury represents the left side of our brain; the rational, logical part of our minds and also rules the nervous system, so this is a perfect time to give it all a rest! As Mercury goes backwards that part of our brain may not work quite so well anyway, making us less clear and focused while causing a bit of uncertainty and confusion, making it harder to get across what we are thinking. This is the time to slow down and relax so that we can see the wood for the trees, allowing our minds to rest and wander. Now we get the opportunity to give our intuitive, imaginative right side of the brain free rein and send the over-analytical, over-thinking left side off on holiday! Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for meditation and indulging in creative activity; a time to simply let go and be. The right side of our brain knows best anyway as it is our subconscious mind and will find intuitive and creative solutions which all the thinking, rationalising and analysing in the world couldnt even begin to come up with! We are now offered an opportunity to step back and see things from a different angle as we reflect, recharge, reconsider, regroup, and most importantly relax!

Mercury turns retrograde in the truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius who actually represents the higher mind and much favours intuition and wisdom over reason and intellect. He then heads back into intense and probing Scorpio on November 15th, where he will remain until the 11th of December. I guess he hadnt quite had enough of Scorpio yet and wants to go back in for another round of digging around and uncovering emotional truths! The combination of signs for this retrograde is interesting, as Sagittarius the archer likes to aim his bow so that the arrow hits the target of any matter, zeroing in on the truth, while Scorpio digs deep in order to find out what is buried beneath the surface of things, really getting to the heart of the matter. Mercurys recent tour through Scorpio involved a massive amount of information to come to the surface which had hitherto been buried; things that society hasnt liked to talk about and which involve people abusing power over those weaker than them. Scorpionic issues such as sex and power became extremely prevalent in the media in October, and I wonder what will come up when Mercury dips back in for his second tour of this deeply emotional sign. On a personal level it may mean a bit of a psychic clear-out as we dig out the emotional debris and certain emotional truths come to the surface. My sense is that this is the time to dig out the muck once and for all so that we can fill the space with light.

As Mercury is entering his retrograde period on the same day as the presidential election, I wonder what this will mean for America and indeed the world today. The last time Mercury was retrograde during an election was in 2000 for Bush versus Gore when they had to recount the votes in Florida, and it was an incredibly close race. Mercury the trickster caused all sorts of trouble back then, creating delays, errors and confusion, and in the end Bush was declared the winner even though Gore had the popular vote. This Mercury retrograde brings the possibility of something similar happening again, though I sincerely hope that the energy of Sagittarius wins out and that the truth shall prevail! It will be interesting to see what comes to light in the next few weeks once the dust has settled a bit.

While Mercury retrograde periods can brings delays, frustration and misunderstandings through communication, as long as we are aware of the possibility of such things occurring it helps us take it all with a pinch of salt. It is far better to make use of the time constructively and make an effort to relax the mind, spending time going back over things, clearing out the debris and reflecting on our lives. It is quite likely that something we might have missed will reveal itself, or that something or someone from the past may pop up so that we can re-examine and re-evaluate, gaining greater understanding of ourselves. Sagittarius may point out whatever it is while Scorpio will dig deeper and investigate the emotional truth of the matter. This is an excellent time for recall; for looking back with a different pair of eyes and recognising the missing pieces in the puzzle of our lives. Both personally and collectively this will be a time for peering behind the veil to see what lurks there and bringing it out into the light so that when Mercury turns direct on November 27 it can be released forever.

Much love