Monday, 21 December 2015

CANCER FULL MOON - 25 December 2015

Exact at 11.11am GMT, 6.11am EST!

Well, we have a Full Moon on Christmas day this year, which hasn’t occurred since 1977 and won’t happen again until 2034! A rare occurrence indeed! Not only that, but this particular Full Moon is in Cancer, the emotional water sign that relates to family, the home, childhood and our ancestral roots. How appropriate! As if this time of year isn’t emotional enough already! Full Moons tend to bring things to a head emotionally, and anything that may have been bubbling away under the surface since the New Moon comes rising up, illuminated by the light of the Moon. Very interesting for a day spent with loved ones and family; the people who know us best! It could be very easy for us to revert into a childlike state! The Moon actually rules Cancer, so it is a very natural place for her to be. It could definitely bring out our emotional, sensitive, domestic, nurturing side, which is quite appropriate for Christmas, as long as things don’t get too emotional! Cancer like to create a warm, cosy nest and a sense of belonging.

During this Full Moon the Sun is in responsible, disciplined and controlled Capricorn, sitting directly opposite the Moon in emotional, sentimental and nurturing Cancer. Cancer represents our inner world, our home life and our psyche while Capricorn represents success in the outer world. It makes sense that whatever happens in our childhood, positively or negatively, will have a direct bearing on how we carry ourselves in the external world. It can make or break us. The key to the Full Moon is to recognise how we might have veered too far in one direction and to find the balance between the energy of the two signs. With the South Node currently in Pisces we may tend to wallow in our victimhood and blame our childhood for anything that might not be working in our adult lives. This is true to a certain extent, because whatever happened in our childhood does then create unconscious emotional patterns that become blind spots and can have a sabotaging effect on our adult lives and relationships. At a certain point, however, we need to take responsibility for our emotions, letting go of the child and becoming an adult. Capricorn helps us to grow up and also to recognise that we actually chose our parents in order to learn certain important lessons that would help us grow on a soul level. With this awareness we then take back our power and the control over our own lives.

It is quite possible that our emotional patterns could come rising up to meet us during this Moon and we may have a chance to look back into the past and recognise where they came from. Cancer is quite a nostalgic sign, so we could have a few trips down memory lane while spending time with our families! If emotions come up, which they probably will, it is important to acknowledge them and recognise that they are amazing guides and can teach us a lot about ourselves. We don’t have to drown in them or react defensively, allowing them to rule us, but rather we should see them as our teachers. Capricorn teaches us self-control and encourages up to just “get on with it”, which is good as long as it doesn’t too far and lead to us suppressing our emotions. That can be equally damaging as it makes us internalise the feelings, which can affect our health and relationships. This Moon could give us a good opportunity to gain more understanding into our ancestral roots because often patterns, traits and karma are passed on, generation after generation, until someone manages to break the cord, thus healing the family line. When we work on ourselves and heal these inherited blind spots we send healing back through the family line and also help future generations.

There is another planet making itself known during this Moon which could make things interesting – Uranus, the Great Awakener and harbinger of change is turning direct a few hours later, having been retrograde since July 26. When planets station direct they stand still for a few days and their energy is at its strongest due to being closer to the earth. Uranus has a very erratic, electrical energy that can stir things up considerably, so this is definitely an interesting addition to the emotional nature of this Moon! It is quite likely that anything that has been suppressed or bottled up could come bursting out, which could be very liberating and enlightening at the same time as potentially quite upsetting. Uranus in Aries really wants us to be utterly authentic and really live our truth and as such some raw truths could be exposed that might bring emotional catharsis, but how freeing it is to have the truth out in the open! This is supported by a challenging aspect between Mars and Mercury, which could give us the courage to be honest with ourselves and others and say things that we would normally shy away from.

Uranus cannot abide comfortable ruts. He is the planet that blows away the cobwebs of our lives and creates sudden change that can be very uncomfortable and unsettling if we resist it. His presence during this Moon can help us to blast through any emotional patterns that may be holding us back and force us out of our comfort zones so that we can try something new on for size. Uranus will come fairly close to another square with Pluto (but not quite), so this is another opportunity to make sure that we are on the right path. We all know, deep inside, where we are not being true to ourselves and our journeys and this Moon could very well force us to own up to it. If we play it safe and resist whatever is needed for our growth then the chances are that it will happen anyway at some point. It is far better to ride the wave rather than being slapped in the face by one going the opposite direction! This Moon is a perfect opportunity to be brave and make positive changes in our lives.

The Sun and Moon are unaspected for the most part, meaning that the energy of Cancer and Capricorn is not influenced or changed by the energy of other planets. Neptune, however, is forming a positive aspect to both of the luminaries, bringing the potential for some unconditional love and having our higher hearts involved in the picture! Neptune will attune us to each other on a higher level and help us to connect from our hearts. If there is any planet we would want to have involved in this Full Moon, Neptune is the one! This will heighten our sense of compassion empathy and forgiveness and help us to act for the highest good of everyone, not just ourselves. It will also help us to trust each other with the more vulnerable, tender parts of ourselves. How beautiful! This is supported by a positive trine between Mercury and Jupiter which will help us to keep an eye on the bigger picture and maintain a sense of humour. It reminds us that anything that comes up during this time is ultimately for our highest good.

We are approaching the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year and a time to go within and face our shadows. It is known as the dark night of our souls, from which springs the new spark of hope. A new cycle is now beginning and this Full Moon will certainly help us to let go of anything that no longer serves us. Cancer and Capricorn may prefer to play it safe, but Uranus has other ideas in mind! Instead of reacting emotionally or defensively, re-enacting our childlike tendencies and patterns, we should maybe take a step back and consciously react from a more mature, adult position. We are not responsible for how anybody else behaves, but we are responsible for ourselves. It is important that we act with integrity, from a place of authentic truth. It may be a bit uncomfortable initially, but what is it that Jesus said? “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season and see you in the New Year!

Much Love


Artwork: “Liberation - Tibetan Dream” by Lori McNee

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON - 11 December 2015

Exact at 10.29am GMT, 5.29am EST.

Well, this New Moon seems to be pulling us in all sorts of different directions at the same time! New Moons are the quiet time of the month, when we turn inward and contemplate how we want to move forward. It is a time of endings, so we can begin anew as the Moon starts to grow again. Energy levels are generally lower when we are in the dark of the Moon and we need more sleep than at other times of the month. Not to mention that we are now moving towards the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which is the darkest time of the year.  It is time to turn inward.

The Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius, the sign of the traveller and seeker of truth and meaning in life. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist who has absolute faith that everything is going according to plan, even when it seems to all be going terribly wrong! Somehow even the most difficult of times afford us the opportunity for growth and learning. Uranus is forming a positive aspect to the Sun and Moon, indicating that this is a time to think outside of the box and see past limiting beliefs so that we can move forward and grow. Uranus offers us a different perspective, helping us break free of old patterns of self-judgement and sabotaging beliefs that we have picked up along the way from our parents or society. Sagittarius is a very opinionated sign, so it is quite likely that we may be surrounded by a multitude of opinions and people declaring the “truth” but we have to rise above it all and find our own. We all possess some of Sagittarius’s inner knowing, his intuition, his gut instinct, and this is most certainly the time to access that part of ourselves so that we have a sense of how to move forward. This is a very forward looking sign, so during this New Moon we must foster an optimistic outlook and faith in ourselves and the ultimate benevolence of the universe.

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, however, which is raining on his parade somewhat! Saturn is the planet of limitation and boundaries, and has a tendency to shine the harsh light of reality on whatever sign he is currently in. In a very literal sense, Saturn is creating a lot of fear around the Sagittarian concept of travel in recent times, since the attacks in Paris. Fear seems to be darkening the landscape and squishing the Sagittarian principles of freedom and faith in a positive outcome. The Saturn/Neptune square is now waning but its energy lingers on in the form of strange fears, anxiety and even paranoia. It’s an interesting world we are living in right now and it is very hard not to have a certain sense of foreboding. Propaganda is rife right now. It is, however, important not to play into it all and allow ourselves to be held back through fear.  F.E.A.R - False Energies Appearing Real. Indeed, this could be a very good time to explore the concept of fear within ourselves and recognise how it can so easily rule our lives and the choices that we make.

As I mentioned in my last post, there is a battle going on at the moment, both globally and within ourselves, between fear and the illusion of separation versus One Love and the fact that we are all connected. It is also a battle between societal control versus the spiritual connection and ultimate love and trust between living beings.  It is very important that we keep the Sagittarian faith that somehow it is all going according to some master plan and that whatever is happening is for a very good reason that will reveal itself in due time. Sometimes things have to completely fall apart in order for something better to take their place. I must admit that I am starting to wonder exactly how far it has to go, however!

Jupiter is the ruler of this Full Moon and is part of a tense T-square involving the Sun/Moon conjunction and Chiron the Wounded Healer. This could definitely highlight how our negative beliefs can so easily create fear and lack of confidence which prevents us from moving forward. With Chiron involved, our old wounds, shame and insecurities could feel very acute indeed and could so easily bring up fear and anxiety within us. Optimistic Sagittarius has a bit of a struggle on his hands at the moment but I have no doubt that he shall prevail! This is a good opportunity to recognise how our old stories block us from realising our full potential. We may have to experience some discomfort in order to do this, as our vulnerable spots could be easily triggered, but it is amazing potential for some deep healing! We must remember to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and others, as we are all in this together, albeit we may be experiencing the energy in different ways.

This is where Neptune and Venus come in, as they are forming an exact trine to each other during this New Moon. This is the aspect of unconditional love. On the one hand we have Uranus, Pluto and Mars forming a tense T-square with each other, bringing the potential for an extremely unsettled and volatile atmosphere, while on the other hand we have Neptune and Venus helping us to open up to beautiful, cosmic connection with one another. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, so together they help us to trust and open our hearts and to feel compassion and empathy for our fellow beings. The Pluto/Uranus/Mars T-square, however, is instigating massive shifts and profound transformation, both personally and collectively. Mars is the warrior planet who acts on our unconscious desires, and in aspect to Pluto, the planet of the soul, power and transformation and Uranus, the planet of revolution and sudden change, we could be experiencing some inner and outer turbulence!

This is a time of amazing soul growth, when we have a chance to break free of old, limiting patterns and beliefs that have long out grown their usefulness. Uranus’s involvement in this Moon brings the potential for us to challenge the status quo and find out where we stand versus what we have been told to think and believe. Jupiter is currently sitting on top of the North Node of the Moon, which means that we have a chance to make great strides with our soul growth, both personally and collectively. This could well involve us having to step outside of our comfort zones, beyond our fears and perceived limitations, towards something that is completely unfamiliar to us. As uncomfortable as change may be, if we don’t embrace it we don’t grow. We just stagnate. It is far better to instigate change ourselves rather than having it forced upon us. We all know, deep down, what needs to change, but it is the fear of the loss of a familiar sense of security that can so easily hold us back. And sooner or later, if we resist the tides of change, a massive tidal wave comes along and pulls us along anyway.

Possibly, during this Moon, we should have a good look at how we hold ourselves back. Sagittarius wants to shoot for the stars and truly believes that anything is possible. The only thing that holds us back is our own beliefs. These are turbulent times we are living in and there is a pervading sense of fear dominating the landscape, so this grants us an ideal opportunity to recognise how easily fear plays into our old wounds and insecurities and can change our whole outlook on life. We have a chance to break free of our cultural and parental conditioning and familiar patterns, but it could bring up a lot of old gunk, so it is very important that we are kind to ourselves. We are likely to be feeling very sensitive indeed during this process, so forgiveness and unconditional love for ourselves and others are very welcome and important ingredients indeed!

Much love


Photo: Unknown