Saturday, 27 June 2015


Exact at 3.19am BST, Wednesday 1 July, exact at 10.19pm EDT!

It is very unlikely that this Full Moon will go by unnoticed, that’s for sure! Full Moons rarely do, as they represent the time in the month when whatever was planted during the New Moon comes to fruition and whatever might be occurring in our lives or psyches tend to come to a head as the Moon reaches its peak. This Moon has some extra ammunition, in the form of Pluto, the planet of the Soul, power and transformation and Mars, the ambassador of the soul and our desire nature. These two planets definitely add some weight and the possibility that this Moon could have a profound and metamorphic effect on our lives and relationships. Despite the potential emotional intensity, however, we do also have a beautiful, flowing aspect from Neptune to help us approach whatever comes up from a more compassionate, understanding place, which is truly a blessing! Not only that, but Venus is joining Jupiter in Leo for this Full Moon, helping us to see the bigger picture and express ourselves from our hearts. So, there is a nice balance here between some potential emotional catharsis and some really expansive, caring, growth-oriented energy.

The Moon is full in responsible, disciplined, authoritative Capricorn, the sign that represents our greatest achievement in the external world. This serious Moon is sitting directly opposite the Sun in nurturing, homely, family-oriented Cancer, the sign that represents our sense of emotional security. The key to the Full Moon is to find a balance between the energy of the two signs. It makes sense, of course, that if for whatever reason you are lacking in emotional security, it would be hard to go out into the world and make something of yourself. Cancer acts as somewhat of a springboard to send us out into the world, so anything that may have happened in our childhood that didn’t support our emotional security will of course make us more fearful and less effective in the external world. These early wounds go on to create unconscious emotional patterns that can sabotage our adult relationships because they are so ingrained that we are completely unaware of them. This Moon has the capacity to bring some of these patterns out into the open so that we can take responsibility for them and then maybe they won’t have so much power over us anymore. We have a chance to transform them into something that works for us instead of against us.

This is where Pluto and Mars come in. Between the two of them they bring the potential for some raw honesty that exposes the flaws in our emotional make-up and the way we approach life and our relationships. Whenever Pluto is involved we have a chance for some real transformation and soul growth, while Mars gives us courage and motivation to face ourselves and our shortcomings. It will be hard to hide from ourselves during this Moon and it is quite possible that we might come up against some uncomfortable truths. Face them we must, however, if we are to grow and move beyond the shackles of emotional patterns that simply do not serve us anymore. They had a purpose once, as we put them there to protect us as little, vulnerable children. The time has come to let them go, however. What originally protected us now only sabotages our relationships and creates barriers between us and the world. We’re not vulnerable little children now and it is time to truly be all that we are – to embrace our natural, authentic selves and step into our power. And that does not involve taking someone else’s power away. Quite the opposite, in fact. When we are truly empowered it radiates outward and we empower everyone around us.

The Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto are all forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon, forming a Grand Square. The North Node is currently in Libra, asking us collectively to move forward into equal and balanced relationships based on the spirit of compromise and fairness. We are being asked to really take the needs of others into account and not come from such a self-serving place. Libra’s mottos should be “There’s no I in team!” This Moon could help us move closer to that Libran ideal within our relationships, albeit we may have to be really honest with ourselves and willing to own the not so pretty parts of ourselves in order to do so. If we keep in our minds eye the “ideal”, so to speak, then whatever comes up will merely serve to help us to understand ourselves better, which in turn will benefit our relationships rather than being destructive or hurtful.

Neptune is here to help us. He is in his own sign, Pisces, forming a positive, harmonious, supportive aspect to the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Mars and this aspect is very strong indeed during the Full Moon. Neptune will help us rise above any pettiness and see the bigger picture. He helps us to connect on a higher level and remember our own and each other’s sacredness. His presence will help us meet ourselves and others with true compassion and remember who we really, truly are, deep inside. How beautiful! Neptune reminds us that we are perfect, just as we are. He helps us see each other true spirits more clearly, right through to our essence; our higher selves.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also in Pisces, forming a challenging aspect to Mercury during this Moon. On the one hand this could mean that we have to say or hear something that is potentially hurtful or painful to hear, which could open up wounds and trigger our insecurities. This is in keeping with the energy of Pluto and Mars, bringing things out into the open that are important for us to face if we are to move past them. On the other hand this aspect could help us know and understand what we have to offer on a higher level and discover gifts we didn’t know we had. It is a very healing aspect which, while it could bring things up for us, could really help us understand and forgive ourselves and let go of old hurts and stuck, emotional patterns.

Finally, we have Venus, the planet of love and beauty, who shows how we relate to ourselves and others, joining forces with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. What a lovely pair these two make, and in the self-expressive and heartfelt sign of Leo no less! This aspect will be exact on Wednesday and will have a big impact on this Full Moon. This, combined with Neptune, will help us to be kind to each other and relate to each other in a generous and heartfelt way. We should find it easy to connect to each other with warmth and playfulness and also to express what is truly in our hearts. This is the kind of energy which is perfect for any kind of performance or creative endeavour, not to mention declaring our love to each other! It is joyful, expansive and open, which is truly a beautiful thing!

The Sabian symbol for the midpoint between the Sun and Moon, at 10 degrees Libra, is “Having passed safely through narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm waters.” Well, that bodes well! It promises that if we are willing to bravely face ourselves and whatever crisis or turbulence might arise in the coming days then we have the potential to find some peace, calm and real understanding. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in 10 degrees of Capricorn is “An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor”. This image gives a sense of a relationship based on a mutual respect and understanding between these two being, whereby each have let go of fear and found trust. This reminds me of Neptune’s influence on this Moon, as the sailor and the albatross have seen past appearances and glimpsed each other’s true essence. This symbol gives me a lot of hope for this moon, as it shows real love and compassion.

This is what we must remember in the coming days. We all come from the same melting pot. We all have insecurities and emotional patterns built on old hurts long forgotten and buried deep within our psyches. Whatever comes up during this Moon has the potential to truly help us to own up to and move beyond these patterns so that we can not only step towards a healthier way of relating but also help us move closer towards fulfilling our true purpose in the world. To truly achieve our “ideal” takes courage, work and commitment. We may have to go through some rapids, but calm waters await on the other side!

Much love



Photo: Poppy Bursting by Dan Leak

Friday, 12 June 2015

GEMINI NEW MOON – 16 June 2015

Exact at 3.05pm BST, 10.05am EDT!
We now have the New Moon in Gemini, planting new seeds for the month ahead. A New Moon represents the potential for the coming month and is an amazing opportunity to birth new energy and set intentions for the coming weeks. It is a very powerful time of the month, when the Sun (our consciousness and will)unites with the Moon (our unconscious, instinctual awareness), birthing a new energy and giving us a chance to leave whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the Moon and start anew. We are living in exciting times and the pace is quite rapid at the moment, it being Gemini season and Gemini being a very curious sign who wants to know; to gather as much information as he can and pass it on to others. Mars is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon during this New Moon, creating more drive, passion and motivation to learn and communicate as much as we possibly can. 

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is at 6 degrees Gemini “Frost covered trees against winter skies” which gives the impression that it might be a good time to pare away whatever isn’t important and to focus on the essentials. As it feels like the information has been coming hard and fast in recent times, with the pace quickening and life taking us for a ride somewhat, so maybe now is the time to decide what is really important to us and what needs to go. It is time to get back to basics and start from there. This is not time for superficiality, but rather is a time for going deeper.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, has just finished his retrograde cycle on the 11th of June and now is the time to digest all that we have learned during this time. This was an interesting retrograde cycle indeed, with much opportunity for looking back, rethinking, revisiting and tying up any loose ends which might have been left dangling. I know I have learned a massive amount in the past few weeks and have experienced many blasts from the past and revisiting old information that had been forgotten or left behind. It has been quite overwhelming in fact, so this Moon’s Sabian symbol does resonate with me, in that it is now time to strip down all that I have learned and get more of an understanding of the bare bones that lay beneath all of the information. Less is more.

The Jupiter Uranus trine has been building in recent weeks and will be exact on June 22, so its energy is very strong right now. This will definitely be adding to the atmosphere of excitement, because between the two of them they make us feel like anything is possible and bring the potential for us to blast through some blocks and release anything that may be preventing us from growth. This duo really has the potential to help us strip away anything that is stopping us from being absolutely ourselves and bringing our gifts into the world. Combined with the Gemini energy at the moment we could find ourselves brimming with lots of wonderful ideas and being very excited about releasing them into the world! We have opportunities abound for moving past any chains that bind us, but we have to be open and aware in order to make the most of them.

Saturn has just gone back into Scorpio for one last time, from June 14 until September 19. He is also forming a somewhat challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon for this New Moon. Saturn shines the harsh light of reality on whatever sign he is in, and in the case of Scorpio we are being asked to delve deep and recognise where we hold ourselves back from truly participating in life. This transit has the potential to bring up any fears we may have regarding intimacy and show where we are blocked, forcing us to face up to the not so pretty parts of ourselves that we find hard to admit or accept. This energy can force us to be brutally honest with ourselves.

We have yet another chance to do some serious soul searching and recognise where we might hold ourselves back from participating in the greater whole, whether that be through our intimate relationships, joint ventures,  the community or humankind. When we enter into partnership with another we always run the risk of sacrificing a part of ourselves and Saturn could make us feel this quite acutely right now. Saturn in Scorpio could also highlight where we are prone to feeling powerless or vulnerable and to contemplate the whole concept of commitment to something bigger than ourselves. Obviously we need to go back in and explore some Scorpio themes. Saturn isn’t quite done teaching us lessons in this area, obviously! It’s time to dive deep beneath the surface and dig some more muck up!

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury, the New Moon’s ruler, is “Workmen drilling for oil”. This also suggests that it is time to go deeper in order to find what we are looking for. Much like the New Moon’s Sabian symbol, there is a sense of us needing to let go of anything that isn’t essential and to go beneath the superficial layers to find what lurks beneath. This is reinforced by Saturn going into Scorpio, asking us to look beneath the surface of our reality and face whatever we find there, even if we don’t like what we find. The Jupiter Uranus square definitely gives us the chance to release ourselves from our blocks so that we can really blossom and grow, but not without having a good understanding of how we hold ourselves back from all that we truly want for ourselves. You can’t break the chains unless you recognise what they are!

Much love


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