Thursday, 18 December 2014


Winter Solstice – Sunday 21 December, exact at 11.03pm GMT, 6.03pm EST

Capricorn New Moon – Monday 22 December, exact at 1.36am GMT, Sunday 21 December, exact at 8.36pm EST.

This year the Winter Solstice and Capricorn New Moon are only a couple of hours apart so this will be a very potent time for setting some concrete and realistic intentions for ourselves. This New Moon is the third of three New Moons in the first degree of the sign they are in, which strengthens the sense of new beginnings and fresh, raw, vibrant energy. The Solstice is the longest night of the year and is a good time to perform some kind of ritual which involves turning inward and honouring the darkness within so that we can transform it into light. The rising of the sun on the Winter Solstice, out of the darkest day of the year, symbolises the birth of the light from the dark. Combined with the energy of the New Moon, this is a time for planting new seeds and contemplating what we really and truly want for ourselves as we move forward. This is a time for recreating ourselves; for wiping the slate clean and starting over.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, turns direct just minutes before the Solstice and when this happens he is closest to the earth so his energy is at its strongest. Uranus in Aries is the rebel revolutionary and demands that we stand up for our right to be completely and utterly who we are. He awakens us to our full potential and asks us to step outside of normal parameters and shake things up a bit, even if it is a bit uncomfortable. This energy will be very present throughout the Solstice and the New Moon. We are being asked to stand up and be counted! Uranus has a tendency to make everything a bit unsettled but he is really good at blowing the cobwebs away and forcing us out of stagnation. He helps us release ourselves from whatever chains might be holding us back from achieving our full potential. We can expect this Solstice to be quite electrically charged and there is the possibility of some amazing breakthroughs and epiphanies as we receive messages and insights out of the blue. Uranus is the planet of sudden change, so expect the unexpected!

To add to the excitement, Mars in Aquarius is forming a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries and not only that but they are in mutual reception, which strengthens the energy of both planets. These two are both pretty feisty planets as well! Mutual reception means that the two planets are in each other signs, so Mars is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus and Uranus is in Aries which is ruled by Mars. Energetic revolution! Mars is the Warrior and Motivator and will give us the energy for fight for our ideals, our dreams and the right to be ourselves instead of the person we have been conditioned to be. It may be a bit shocking for those who have got used to us being a certain way, but it is far better to be authentic and true to ourselves instead of conforming just to keep the peace or please others. Mars is very brave and combined with Uranus is wilfully individualistic. Together they could produce sudden bursts of energy and the urge to fight for our individual rights, both collectively and personally. This energy will certainly help us step outside of our comfort zones and create positive and healthy changes for ourselves.

The Solstice represents the moment when the Sun moves from Sagittarius, a mutable sign, into Capricorn, a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs symbolise new beginnings and initiate change. A couple of hours later the Moon catches up and forms her monthly union with the Sun in earthy, realistic and responsible Capricorn. This is the sign of slow, persistent progress towards some kind of concrete, realistic goal we have set for ourselves. Capricorn is the sign of the goat who slowly but surely, with steady feet, makes his way up the mountain until he reaches the peak. Indeed, Capricorns can be quite ambitious as they set their aims very high and aren’t afraid to put in the hard work necessary to make their dreams come true. They have an enormous amount of discipline and are determined to master whatever they choose to focus their energy on. Mastery takes time and dedication and doesn’t happen overnight. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is Cronus, Father Time who tests and challenges us so that we can achieve wisdom, maturity and self-mastery.

For this New Moon we are asked to set some realistic intentions for ourselves and figure out some kind of strategy, introducing some structure into our lives which will help us slowly work towards achieving our goals. Capricorn is quite a solitary creature and, more than most signs, needs time spent alone, often so he can fully concentrate on whatever project he is working on. He represents authority and when take too far can have a need to control, or at least to be in control. He is certainly not a fan of losing control! Capricorn energy can be quite austere and can sometimes mean that we have to deny ourselves something in order to achieve our dreams. Capricorn is the king of discipline and self-denial leading to self-mastery!  It is no coincidence that Capricorn season carries on into January, when so many people put themselves on diets and deny themselves pleasure after the gluttony and over indulgence of the Sagittarius holiday season. Sagittarius is jovial, optimistic and jolly and has a tendency towards excess, then Capricorn comes along and forces us to be a bit more serious, realistic and disciplined and put our heads to the grindstone. The Sagittarius Archer may shoot for the stars but Capricorn is the one who is willing to put in the hard work and take on the responsibility that success entails.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is in the very last degree of Scorpio for this Solstice and New Moon. He will move into Sagittarius on December 23rd. As such it is our last chance to dig up our deep rooted fears and go deeper on an emotional level. Since October 2012 Saturn has been challenging us to master all things Scorpio, which includes true emotional honesty, facing our deepest darkest fears, dealing with trust and lack of trust and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and show our tender underbellies enough to experience true intimacy. Admitting our darkest secrets and things we are most ashamed or afraid of is not an easy thing to do, but it does allow people to get to know us so much better and strengthens the bond and connection. Scorpio represents all the taboo subjects that people would rather not talk about, and in the last couple of years Saturn in this emotionally intense sign has brought a lot out into the open that has hitherto been hidden. On a global level it began with Jimmy Saville which set a powerful ball rolling. Now we have a last push before Saturn heads into Sagittarius on the 23rd, the day after the New Moon. The last degree of a sign is as powerful as the first degree, so this New Moon has some very potent energy for endings and beginnings.

This really is a Capricorn party, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus all in this down to earth, serious and responsible sign. Mercury and Venus are sitting either side of Pluto, which could make things quite intense and helps Saturn in Scorpio in his effort to create deeper intimacy and soulful connection. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and how we attract money and people into our lives, is a big part of the picture during this Solstice and New Moon. She is sitting right next to powerful Pluto, challenged by Uranus, in harmonious aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer and is squaring the Nodes of the Moon. That’s a lot of Venus! On a relationship level it means that we might experience some turbulence and be asked to be utterly truthful and authentic even if it means shocking our loved ones or putting their noses out of joint. There is the possibility of things coming to a head as any tensions that have been simmering away come up to the surface to be aired. Uranus could create sudden shifts and changes in our relationships which could be a bit unsettling. We might try something new on for size which is more in keeping with who we really are. On a financial level we may struggle between Uranus’s need for freedom and change and Venus in Capricorn’s tendency to play it safe for the sake of security.

Pluto and Venus together is a very passionate combination which demands that we are emotionally honest and relate to each other on a much deeper, soul level, even if it means that we reveal the not so pretty side of ourselves or tuths that others may not want to hear. Pluto in Capricorn is encouraging us to empower ourselves by standing in our own truth, not by taking someone else’s power away from them. My sense is that we are going to be very “real” in the way we relate with one another this weekend and we will know each other much better as a result. The soul bonds will strengthen! We have been slowly, over the past few years, shedding old skin and becoming closer and closer to the truth of ourselves. This has been quite uncomfortable and we are still finding our way with the new self that is emerging and are learning how to relate to people on another level. Pluto demands the truth, no matter how ugly it is. Luckily Chiron is around to help heal whatever comes up and also help us with issues of self-worth. Venus and Chiron together is very tender and reminds us that we are loveable not matter what comes rising to the surface when Pluto, Uranus and Venus get together. There is the possibility of our relationships being deeply transformed during this Solstice and New Moon as well and the possibility of them moving onto another level somehow.

Well, there is certainly a lot going on this weekend! There is the potential for epiphanies, shifts in perspective, truths being revealed, standing up for ourselves and our truth and deepening our intimate connection with one another. Uranus brings the possibility of shocks and upheaval and a breath of fresh air that will blast us out of stagnation and break the chains that bind us! Capricorn represents control while Uranus will not tolerate any form of control whatsoever! Saturn wants us to face our fears once and for all; namely our fear of revealing ourselves, warts and all. So if there is anything we have been avoiding through fear, now is the time to face up to it. Capricorn wants us to contemplate what we want for ourselves and come up with some kind of plan to actually help us work towards our goals. He does have a tendency to be a bit hard on himself, however, so be aware. We can only do our best. No more, no less. The important thing is to have a clear idea of what we want for ourselves and then we can slowly but surely start working towards it. The Solstice is a very powerful energetic moment of death and rebirth, when we transform our inner darkness into light and recreate ourselves. The Solstice, combined with the New Moon, brings the potential for some powerful endings and beginnings. If you could wipe anything out completely and start anew, what would it be?

Much love


Picture: Lock and Chain by Alex Burg

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

GEMINI FULL MOON – 6 December 2014

Exact at 12.27pm GMT, 7.27pm EST!

This Full Moon certainly has some sparkle to it, lifting us out of the intensity and heaviness of the past month or so! We are officially in Sagittarius season now, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all travelling through this enthusiastic, cheerful and fun loving sign. Woo hoo! Not that this Moon is without its challenges, but just that it is a bit more lively and upbeat and not so emotionally intense. It is quite likely that this Moon will involve a lot of chatter and interaction with others. It is supported by Uranus, the Great Awakener, which could add some quite exciting, electrical energy to the picture, while it is being challenged by Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which could force some of our wounds and insecurities out into the open so we can talk about them. In the meantime the Pluto Uranus square is building in strength in the background, bringing about change and transformation on a very deep level, both personally and collectively. This Moon seems to be asking us to think about what we need to change and take the plunge ourselves, rather than ignoring it and having change hit us around the face!

The Moon is in versatile, chatty, curious Gemini, sitting directly opposite the Sun in optimistic, adventurous and freedom loving Sagittarius. Full Moons ask us to find the balance between the energy of the two signs and in this case we have Gemini’s quick witted ability to engage and gather information compared to Sagittarius’s search for the truth and meaning in life. Gemini is very curious and wants to learn about everything but can get bogged down in too many details, while Sagittarius can see the truth of the matter and concentrates on the bigger picture. Gemini is a very rational sign and looks at the hard facts, while Sagittarius is more intuitive and sees the deeper meaning behind the data or facts. There is a lot of monkey mind chatter with Gemini energy, while Sagittarius energy is more straightforward, silent and direct. Gemini represents the city and is quite sophisticated and street smart, while Sagittarius is the countryside and can be quite blunt and coarse.  There is a sense of diversity to Gemini and a sense of simplicity to Sagittarius. Gemini is logical and likes to figure things out, while Sagittarius is based on faith and belief. The polarity between these two signs highlights any lack of balance between our right and left brain, or higher mind and lower mind, or our rational or intuitive selves. Do we favour one more than the other?

Full Moons tend to bring anything up that has been bubbling below the surface in the weeks beforehand. The Moon represents our unconscious, instinctive, irrational, emotional, habitual tendencies and when it is full we may have less control over these tendencies and anything that may have been bothering us may come spilling out with less of a filter than usual! During this Moon we must be aware that while the Gemini energy will make it easy to talk about whatever comes up, we must use our Sagittarius energy and sit with the feelings for a while rather than over-analysing them. Emotions aren’t rational so it is important to honour them rather than trying to rationalise them. Gemini can get quite scattered and we could feel a bit all over the place during this Moon, so it is important to centre ourselves and slow down. Underneath all of the Gemini chatter is the Sagittarian truth.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is in Sagittarius sitting right next to the Sun during this Moon, which will add to the lively, communicative energy and will also help us have a more expansive, philosophical viewpoint. Mercury in Sagittarius is forward thinking and able to see the bigger picture. We may find ourselves “thinking big” during this Moon and it is likely that it will be a very sociable, jovial time. We won’t hold back about sharing our thoughts with others, that’s for sure! Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, is stationing direct the day after this Moon, getting ready to go retrograde on the 9th of December. This means that his energy is stronger than usual and Jupiter in Leo wants us to open up and expand our self-expression and creativity. He invites us to get in touch with our inner child, take some risks and playfully express who we really are! As children plunge head first into whatever they decide to do next, so must we! No hesitation or holding back!

Uranus, the Great Awakener, Rebel and Revolutionary, is forming a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, adding a hint of excitement to this Moon and somewhat of an electrical charge. Uranus in Aries wants to awaken us to our own unique potential and purpose and during this Moon we could have some amazing epiphanies, insights, realisations and breakthroughs. We could also come up with some ideas which are quite off the wall and unusual. Uranus helps us to think outside the box. Mars has also just gone into Aquarius and so we are being asked to be brave enough to stand out in the crowd in all of our glory! Mars is in Uranus’s sign, Aquarius, while Uranus is in Mars’s sign, Aries. This means they are in mutual reception, which strengthens the revolutionary energy and urges us to break out of the mould and try something new on for size. Comfortable ruts will not be tolerated! We all have a something special that we are here to do that is unique to us and it is more than time to step up to the plate!

The Pluto Uranus square is getting very close to being exact and this Moon gives us an opportunity to be brave and bold, taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zones of our own accord rather than having change forced upon us. The energy of the Square means that powerful changes are taking place on a very deep level, both personally and on a global level and the best we can do for ourselves is ride the waves rather than resisting them. This Moon could help us realise what needs to change in order for us to be more fully ourselves. Over the past few years we have been slowly shedding our old selves and stepping into the truth of who we are and while this is unfamiliar territory and not very comfortable at times, it is time to take another step forward before we get pulled along by the tide! Resistance is futile!

Chiron in Pisces is challenging the Sun, Moon and Mercury during this Moon, making us all feel very human indeed. Our frailties, vulnerabilities, weaknesses and insecurities may be quite obvious to us and could make us feel a little less confident than usual. It could also be a good time for clearing outworn beliefs about ourselves and life that are holding us back, allowing some deep healing to occur. Messages that we received when we were very young can cause us to believe all sorts of things which aren’t appropriate! There is something quite beautiful about this aspect, even though it has the potential to bring some pain to the fore, because it brings a sense us people sharing their wounds with one another and allowing their more human, vulnerable side to show itself. It is important not to be too hard on ourselves during this Moon and to show ourselves as much love, compassion and forgiveness as we would our friends or loved ones. We can be so hard on ourselves!

My sense is that this Moon could bring up some collective and ancestral wounds to be healed as well, not just personal ones. Pisces represents universal consciousness after all. We all carry within us the wounds of humanity through the ages as well as feeling whatever pain people are feeling elsewhere on this planet at the moment. We are all connected and what happens to one happens to all. We may not be conscious of it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Overall this Moon definitely has a light hearted, party-like atmosphere to it with lively, sociable Gemini and fun loving, jovial Sagittarius being such a big part of the picture! Not only that, but jolly Jupiter in Leo is inviting us to find the part of ourselves who likes to play and fully express all that we are. Together with Uranus he is urging us to have the faith to move forward and take risks and not be afraid to be utterly ourselves, even if it means sticking out a bit. Uranus and Chiron could also clear away and heal any old beliefs that might be holding us back from embodying our truth. We now really need to believe in ourselves and our higher purpose and make a deeper commitment to the new self that has been emerging. There is a sense that we are being given an opportunity to make a leap of faith and step outside of our comfort zones of our own accord. If we don’t, something might happen to force the necessary changes and that will be far more uncomfortable! This Moon could make it all too apparent what needs to change and what we need to let go of in order to do so. There are things that we want for ourselves that would definitely help us move forward and grow. The question is, are we brave enough to make them happen?

Much Love